January 11, 2021
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Office News
Building Hours
Just a reminder that the building does not open until 8:00 a.m. Students who are dropped off prior to that time will be waiting outside until the door unlocks. With winter approaching and the weather getting cooler, please make sure that your child has the appropriate attire for the elements.

Student ID Badges
ID badges are mandatory when purchasing items in the cafeteria to meet the required contactless food purchases. Due to the increasing number of students forgetting/losing their ID badges, students will now be required to go to the office during that lunch period to have a replacement badge made. The cost for the replacement ID badge is $5. This fee is posted in Skyward Fee Management. Please encourage your student to wear their badges at all times.  

CMS Attendance Sign In/Out Procedures
 1-Parent/Guardian will push the intercom button and let the CMS Employee know your reason for visiting the school. Please have your Driver’s License ready to show to the camera for verification. Upon verification, our receptionist will buzz you into our lobby.

2-On the table to the left inside the lobby you will see a QR Scan code and an iPad. You may use either method to sign your student in or out. 

3-Fill out the Google Document and submit.

For Sign Outs:
1-The Attendance clerk will receive the notification and retrieve your student for sign out. The student will meet you in the lobby entrance.

For Sign In:
1-If your student has a doctor note, they can sign in on the QR Scan code or iPad then proceed to the Attendance window to drop off the note and receive an admit slip back to class.

2-If your student does not have a doctor note, the parent needs to sign them back in on the QR Scan code and the student will proceed to the Attendance Window to receive an admit slip back to class.
Dress Code
Please remember that there is length requirement for shirts being worn over leggings. Shirts must be long enough to reach past the first knuckle on one’s hand when one’s arm is resting at one’s side. Shorts, dresses and skirts must also meet this length requirement.
The shorter shirts are in style now but dress code states that no skin may be exposed at the midriff. In other words, shirts must be long enough.
Yearbook Information
Retake Orders
If your child retook a picture last month, you should have received an email from Glamourcraft with the proof and ordering directions. If you did not or have questions, please call Glamourcraft at 817-923-9901.

Pictures Needed
Any sporting event
Giving back during the pandemic
Off-campus PE participants
Summer vacations/Staycations
Submit your pictures to ReplayIt. Please include information about the picture: identify the student(s), the activity, when it took place, where it was, who took the picture. Just click on the link below.
Animal Science News
We are looking for any donations of vegetables (lettuce, collard greens, peppers, carrots, cucumbers) that might be expiring soon and you know that you won't be using them. We used to get some supplies from the cafeteria, but they do not have as much any more so our supply runs low quickly. If you are able to bring up any that you know you won't be using, instead of throwing it away, it would be much appreciated if you could donate it for our animals in class.  

You can reach me at for more information or drop off arrangements.

Lori Cashon
Nurse Bonczyk Notes
Dear Parents,
We have a Well clinic and a Sick clinic, which is called the waiting room. The waiting room is where kids who have any of the symptoms listed below will wait for their parent or emergency contact to pick them up. These two rooms are completely separate to limit cross contamination.  Per the TEA and Tarrant County Public Health Guidelines, your child must be sent home for additional monitoring and observation. It is strongly recommended that you 1. Isolate your child at home, 2. Avoid unnecessary contact with others and 3. Contact your child’s physician for further guidance.

Covid-19 like Symptoms include:
Sore Throat
New uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing or in a diagnosed asthmatic or chronic allergic student, a change in baseline
Abdominal pain
Abnormal taste or smell
New onset of severe headache

Additional relevant symptoms include:
Congestion or runny nose
Significant muscle pain or ache

Please have a plan in place every morning for how you will pick up your child should you get a call. If neighbors or friends are your emergency contact, please make sure they will be available if you are not. We are expecting your student to be picked up ASAP and within 30 mins.

We are asking parents to be extra vigilant this year and not send your child to school with any of the above symptoms. Remember to screen (including temperature) every morning and fill out your Sunday evening screening survey.

We are discouraging the use of as needed meds as it could mask symptoms. It will depend on the circumstances surrounding the clinic visit. Please call to discuss this further if you have concerns.
If your child has seasonal allergies, please start medicating with a daily allergy medication now and consider a daily nasal spray. Developing a good routine now will help cut down on their symptoms later and will avoid me from having to send your child home unnecessarily. 

Per CDC, AAP and TEA, nebulizer treatments for Asthmatics are not recommended. We are only accepting inhalers this year.

Please try to anticipate your child’s needs and send water bottles, lip balm, snacks and hygiene products. We are trying to keep the amount of students who visit the clinic to sick and urgent matters.

It is important to have a clean mask every day. Consider having multiple masks to be worn during the week to be laundered over the weekend. Paper masks can air dry in a brown paper bag over 2-3 days.
Please make sure your primary number is the one you want us to call first, should your child need to come home. Consider saving CMS number 817-949-5400 in your phone as a recognizable contact.
Parents if you still need to drop off emergency meds to the clinic like Epi pens and inhalers, there is a medication bin in the mantrap.

Thank you for your understanding and for your cooperation during these unprecedented times.
Susan Bonczyk, RN, BSN
Extended Day
Need to make up a test or quiz? Want a quiet place to study? Need help on homework? Join us in Extended Day! We are open:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays
3:55-4:50 p.m. 
CMS Library
General guidelines:
Students who join for studying or homework must arrive in the library by 3:55 with all materials needed for their time in Extended Day, such as laptops. These students stay until 4:50 to provide a concentrated and distraction-free study hour. 
Students who need to make up tests or quizzes will come to Extended Day, where a teacher will have left a paper test or instructions to log on to computers to take the assessment. Students who come to take tests or quizzes may leave as soon as they're finished or they may choose to stay and study until 4:50.
Extended Day staff is made up of CMS teachers who can help your students with homework or concepts if they ask for it.
Attention DVA Students and Parents
You can reserve a library book and pick it up curbside. Please see the information on the CMS Library Canvas page or contact Ms. Kosev at

Brittney Kosev
CMS Librarian
Social Media
Please sign up for the Carroll Middle School Spirit Shop Facebook page and follow CMS on Twitter to receive information regarding the Spirit Shop. We will have previews & pre-sales of upcoming merchandise.
Purchase Tickets
Tickets for games in the district can be found by visiting this website. All tickets are to be purchased online this year due to Covid Restrictions.
Please see the spectator guidelines for fans for ALL CISD athletic facilities:
  • Spectators must self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms as outlined by TEA and UIL. Spectators must also be symptom-free before arriving at the athletic facility.
  • Masks or face coverings are required as you enter, exit and move around the athletic facility as outlined by the Governor’s order and/or CISD Safety Plan.
  • Spectators will practice social distancing and sit at least six (6) feet away from other groups.
  • Spectators will not sit on any seat marked with tape.
  • No passes are accepted at the gate.
  • No one is allowed on the field or court of play.
Boys Basketball
No Games the Week of 1/4

Anthony Van Buskirk
Boys' Athletics Coordinator

Coaching Staff:

Girls Basketball
No Games the Week of 1/4

Lauren Sullivan
Girls' Athletic Coordinator

Coaching Staff:

Interested in middle school wrestling?
Contact Coach Ian Semelroth
District Information
AP Boosters Host A Night With Carroll Grads
Join the AP Booster Club as they conduct a virtual roundtable of Carroll Alum on January 12 at 7 p.m. Hear from former Dragons on topics about AP courses and college experiences. To learn more about this event, click here.

Bus Pass Information
Parents just a reminder that Spring Semester Bus Passes aren’t effective until Monday, January 11. They will be sent out to campuses for distribution Friday, January 8. For more information visit the Transportation Department page on the district's webpage.