September 10, 2020
CMS Principals' Update

Virtual Friday
Friday, September 11 is our first official Virtual Learning (VL) day for all CMS students.

VL Fridays are intended to support both individual and small groups of students. Students do not need to meet with each of their teachers virtually unless a teacher requests them or they need additional assistance. However, they are responsible for completing the learning activities that each teacher will be posting in their Schoology courses.

Here is the general outline for Virtual Learning Fridays:

7:30-8:30 Teachers will be reaching out to students/families to invite and/or remind about small group or individual support sessions.
8:30-9:30 Drop-in Synchronous for ALL students - This time is available should students need to meet with their teacher(s) for any reason. A virtual conference link will be located in each teacher's Schoology course during this time period. (Schoology Conference, Google Meet or Zoom)
9:30-11:30 Academic Flex Time for individuals and small groups - This time available for individual and small groups of students to receive support from their teacher(s). It is by invitation only.
11:30-12 Lunch
12:00-3:30 Planning/Preparation time - In general, teachers are unavailable during this block of time as they will be planning for the upcoming week.
Every Friday, students should also access their Schoology 7th Grade OR Schoology 8th Grade course as there will be school-wide activities to complete periodically, in addition to announcements and extra-curricular opportunities. Look for this icon in Schoology Courses:
Attendance Procedure for Fridays ONLY
Beginning Friday, September 11th students will mark their attendance in Infinite Campus. Attendance can be entered from the student's Campus home page and will be able to be logged from 12:01 am until 11:59 pm each Friday.
Curriculum Night
On Thursday, September 17 from 6-8 pm, we will be hosting a virtual curriculum night. In advance of the evening, we will provide you with access to 3-5 minute videos from each staff member detailing important information about each CMS course. Look for more details next week.
Building Access
During the hours of 8:00 am and 1:45 pm access to CMS is only available from the Wallace Road entrance. Please use door 42 which is located on the Southeast corner of the building.
Required login times for Hybrid/EP Online
When students are learning virtually (not in-person), they will be required to connect with their classes each day. Here is the schedule:

Period 1 & 2 - 8:15 AM
Period 3 & 4
A Lunch - 10:45 AM
B Lunch - 10:15 AM
C Lunch - 10:15 AM
D Lunch - 10:15 AM
E Lunch - 10:15 AM
Period 5 & 6 - 12:45 PM

EP Online:
Period 1 & 2 - 8:15 AM
Period 3 & 4 - 10:15 AM
Period 5 & 6 - 12:45 PM
Monday, September 14:
Cohort A will attend CMS in person
Cohort B and EP Online will learn virtually

Tuesday, September 15:
Cohort A will attend CMS in person
Cohort B and EP Online will learn virtually

Wednesday, September 16:
Cohort B will attend CMS in person
Cohort A and EP Online will learn virtually

Thursday, September 17:
Cohort B will attend CMS in person
Cohort A and EP Online will learn virtually

Friday, September 18:
All groups will learn virtually
Picture Day
Students will be having their photos taken using the following schedule:

  • Monday, October 5 and Tuesday, October 6: Cohort A will have photos taken during the school day.

  • Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8: Cohort B will have photos taken during the school day.

  • Friday, October 2: EP Online Students only. Photos will be taken in the west gym at CMS.

*EP Online families please attempt to follow this schedule as closely as possible: A-EL 8:00-10:00 or 4:00-4:30 EM-KR- 10:00-12:00 or 4:30-5:00 KS-RA: 12:00-2:00 or 5:00-5:30 RB-Z: 2:00-4:00 or 5:30-6:00.

Yearbook is looking for pictures from the first days of school. If you have photos that you would like to share with yearbook please send to
Central Middle School
8025 School Rd
Eden Prairie, MN 55344