Report from the CMS Board of Directors - July 10, 2020
Dear colleague:

I and your colleagues on the Colorado Medical Society Board of Directors are honored to represent you in all matters that affect your practice of medicine. Once again, today’s Board of Directors meeting was exclusively held virtually, making it easier than ever before for any interested member to attend. We’re thankful to those who took the time to join us and encourage all members to engage with your medical society in a way that fits your interests and time.

Today, the board reviewed and/or took action on issues of critical importance to us all:

  • Potential loss of confidentiality around peer assistance services provided to physicians. 
  • Colorado Medical Society is advocating for physicians with Gov. Polis and the Department of Regulatory Agencies to address these concerns and ensure these critical safe-haven protections remain. The board also explored potential roles CMS could play to meet these needs. 

  • Impact of COVID-19 education.
  • CMS has hosted 17 webinars for a total of nearly 11,000 hours of free CME to physicians around COVID-19
  • CMS members have been able to claim up to 6 COPIC points each for participating in Virtual Grand Rounds

  • Wins in the 2020 legislature.
  • Threats against Colorado’s stable liability climate were pushed back again 
  • Telehealth (SB20-212) – makes permanent important changes that were made during the initial response to the pandemic, like allowing all HIPAA-compliant technologies to be used including telephone calls
  • Immunizations (SB-163) – requires a standardized form and education module to claim a non-medical immunization exemption 
  • More coverage (SB20-215) helps fund the reinsurance program with a new fee on carriers and includes an assessment on hospitals

  • Discussion around pathways to strengthening unification between component societies and the Colorado Medical Society through the work of the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA).

  • Work by the Task Force on Committee Evaluation to craft guidelines for CMS committees, work groups and task forces that will improve the effectiveness and functionality of these groups for the benefit of our volunteer physician leaders.

  • Approval of the financial report.

  • CMS response to COVID-19 to assure continued support for our members with resources while advocating for their ability to practice medicine in this pandemic and every day.

  • Reports from individual board members on the great work they and their component societies are doing in their districts.

Thank you for your membership and your work caring for patients, which continues to show the value of physicians and the unique and vital role we play in society providing high quality care, advocating for patients, and being a trusted and knowledgeable voice on health care. As always, I invite you to contact me at with any questions or concerns.

David Markenson, MD, MBA
President, Colorado Medical Society