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We have lots of info for you in this e-news so we'll get right to it: this enews will contain info on the multi horse clean shooter, online entry start date for the Appalachian Championship, cavalry courses, new CMSA Scoring program updates, The World Championship, and more!

Multi Horse Clean Shooter: New for the CMSA scoring program, clubs now have the option to offer a multi horse clean shooter! This clean shooter jackpot option will allow contestants to enter up to 3 clean shooter horses (you could also designate one to be your main match horse). This is a great opportunity to get some of your young horses experience, or to win more cash at an event! The payout method will be similar to the regular 1 horse clean shooter: the payback percentage is split equally between those that are clean. If you're interested in running in a multi horse clean shooter, please contact your local club and let them know.

CMSA & AQHA World Championships: For the past few seasons, competitors did not have to qualify for the World Championship. After monitoring shoots for the past few seasons, competitors will be required to qualify for the CMSA World Championship per the rulebook this year. This will also apply for ancillary events. For the AQHA World of Mounted Shooting horses, competitors will not be required to qualify. We'll have more details about this great event soon!

Cavalry Stages: The CMSA Cavalry committee, along with input from the National Advisory board, have come up with the following stages to be approved for the cavalry class in CMSA events. These stages will allow match officials to choose patterns to allow time for flap holster gun changes. The following stages are now cavalry approved stages: 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28, 31, 36, 43, 47, 49, 52, 64, and 79. CMSA clubs shall now use one of these courses for cavalry at their events.

Subscribing to CMSA Club events: Don't forget, on the CMSA website you can subscribe to a local club to be emailed whenever one of their events is approved! This way you won't miss out on registering for events in your area! Go to the CMSA website, and after logging in visit the club page. Find the club you want then click the subscribe button!

New CMSA Scoring Program: We've made a lot of progress lately on the new CMSA Scoring Program, and we're excited that we are having a handful of local clubs test out the software at their events. Soon, we'll release it out to more clubs for further testing!
CMSA Rocky Georgia Durango Boots Appalachian Mountain Championship: Online entries for the Appalachian Championship will open Friday, May 13th! The event details will all be posted online before Friday.
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Note: For many years, CMSA has been able to keep major event fees the same. However, due to the rising costs of balloon setters, fuel costs to maintain the arena, and blanks, the major event office fee will temporarily change to $75.
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