Quarterly Newsletter from the Canadian Network of Asset Managers
A Message from the Membership Committee Chair
Darla Campbell, Membership Chair
As membership chair for CNAM, I am pleased to share with you some "news" on membership at CNAM.  

We have added a new category of membership that provides a stepping stone for student members. A Recent Graduate is defined as a recent graduate or junior level professional who has graduated from a post-secondary program within the last 5 years and has no more than 5 years of professional or work experience in any field. Recent Graduates are welcomed to CNAM at a discounted rate of $100 for an annual membership.

Recognizing that asset management is a team sport, we are now encouraging organizations to look at supporting three or more CNAM members. Being part of a Team Membership entitles your organization to a 20% discount on the registration fee for all members.

Your renewal period came up this fall, or for some newer members, perhaps in the spring. Moving forward, new memberships will be on an annual basis based on the month that you joined.

We invite you to spread the word about membership at CNAM and hope you enjoy exploring the new CNAM website!

Top 5 Reasons to Be an Active CNAM member
1. Asset management is part of my job
2. Asset management is part of my organization
3. I can attend Virtual Networking sessions for members only
4. I can attend Knowledge Pod sessions for members only
5. I have access to webinars and conferences at a special promotional price
BONUS: I have access to the Members Only section of the CNAM website for resources that help me with #1 and #2.
NEW! Check out our Team Membership option for 3 or more members from the same organization which rewards you with a 20% discount on your membership renewal rates.

Darla Campbell
CNAM Membership Chair

CNAM Virtual Networking/Knowledge Pods
Join us in a virtual networking session in a Knowledge Pod format today at 2pm ET. Each breakout room will focus on a topic of interest for Asset Managers with a moderator to guide the conversation. 

You will choose which room to join based on the topic of greatest interest to you right now.

  • Bring your own questions to the session
  • Bring your own experiences to share with others

Topics will vary from month to month - for October session will include:
  • climate change
  • asset management policy
  • state of infrastructure reports
  • condition assessments

Registration is available to paid active members of CNAM only. There is no fee to register but advance registration is required.

Les francophones sont les bienvenus. Une salle de discussion sera ouverte à ceux qui souhaitent échanger en français.

We are excited to announce that CNAM's brand new website is live and ready for our members.

What you need to know: members will need to log in to the new website and update their profiles/complete their renewal if applicable.

  1. Visit the NEW WEBSITE
  2. Follow these instructions to access your account.

CNAM 2022 Annual Conference
We are thrilled to announce that the CNAM 2022 Annual Conference will be located at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in London, Ontario on May 2-5, 2022!
The past two years have been challenging on many levels but CNAM rose to the challenge and embraced the change to successful virtual events with its 2020 and 2021 Virtual Conferences. We are proud of our community for sticking together through this challenging period.
As we transition back to in-person events, the 2022 Annual Conference will be a hybrid format. This gives you as a guest, the choice of attending in-person or continuing to attend virtually.
Stay tuned for further information!
AM Capacity Needs Survey 2020 Final Results Released
As part of the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP), delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada, the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) conducted a national survey on the current needs and demand for workforce capacity and capability development of asset management in Canada.
We have released a report of the final results from the survey, available for free download below. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in the survey to help CNAM and the entire Asset Management industry to better understand the current landscape!
Click here to download the report: https://cnam.ca/am-capacity-needs-survey-2020/
Come join us around the AM campfire, November 24th at 12:00 – 1:30pm EST.

Member – FREE
Non-Member – $50

Date: September 29, 2021
Time:  12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT

More details to come soon!
Featured Event - AM Campfire Stories - People as Assets: The Good and the Bad and the Interesting
Join us to hear first-hand stories from 5 speakers on aspects of people as assets, including succession planning, onboarding new staff with awareness of asset management, challenges with getting buy-in for AM, sourcing AM training for small remote organizations and other AM campfire stories.

Each speaker will provide a short talk then we will facilitate and open discussion forum for participants to ask questions or add stories of their own whether they are successes or challenges. The format will be relaxed and informal sharing with opportunity to learn from what others have done, get helpful advice for your current challenges, or offer advice with your own good news story.
Visit our Upcoming Events page for a complete list of all events happening within the next few months!
More Upcoming Events
October 27, 2021 – CNAM Virtual Networking/Knowledge Pod: CNAM hosts a virtual networking session in a Knowledge Pod format.

December 14, 2021 – Virtual Workshop Implementing CNAM's AM Competency Framework in Your Organization: A half-day workshop to introduce CNAM’s AM Competency Framework (AMCF) to municipalities and other public sector organizations. We will show what CNAM”s AMCF can do for your organization, and teach you how to implement a Competency Management Program based on the AMCF in your own organization.
Job Postings
There are a number of Asset Management positions on our website.

Senior Project Manager, Asset Management
Region of Halton, ON

Specialist, Asset Management
Town of Georgina, Keswick, ON

Asset Management Officer
Corporate Services, Valleyview, AB

Job postings are complimentary to CNAM members and $100 plus GST for non-members. Please forward your short job post description (must provide a descriptive paragraph) and a PDF of the full job posting and contact information to Membership Services at [email protected]

What's on Your Mind?
Got something to share? Help us decide on our next webinar or suggest an article or topic for the next issue of the CNAMer. You can vote for one of the topics noted below or suggest something different – what’s got you thinking?
  • Making the case for asset management investment
  • Balancing investment needs: growth, enhanced levels of service, and maintenance
  • Climate change and resiliency
  • Other topics

Members of CNAM enjoy many benefits such as:

  • Discounted registration at CNAM’s Annual Conference

  • The opportunity to be nominated for the prestigious CNAM Awards, which celebrates and recognizes individuals and organizations in the asset management industry. More information…

For more information membership benefits, please visit our website.
The CNAM Board
CNAM Executive

Katie Geoghegan, Chair, Director

Leanne Brannigan, Vice Chair, Director

Patrick Kelly, Secretary-Treasurer, Director

Matt Dawe, Past Chair (Non-Voting)
Executive Director

Douglas Cutts
CNAM Directors

Gabriel Bruneau, Director (Quebec)
Jennifer Duncan, Director (East: NS, NL, NB, PEI)
Lee Anne Harder, Director (Prairie)
Sudhir Jha, Director (Territories)
Jude Pillainayagam, Director (West: BC, Alberta)
Irving LeBlanc, Director (Indigenous Public Sector/Community Rep)
Cassandra Pacey, Director-at-Large (Public)
Chris Klos, Director-at-Large (Public)
Pierre-Louis Beaulieu-Bellemare, Director-at-Large (Non-Public)
Robert Price, Director-at-Large (Non-Public)
Darla Campbell, Director-at-Large, (Non-Public)
Bernadette O'Connor, Director-at-Large (Non-Public)
Duane Nicol, Director (Municipalities Under or Around 100,000)
Leslie Nanibush, Chair, New Professionals Network (Non- Voting)