CNN – Are They Pushing the
United States Into Civil War?

By Theodore Wilson
September 25, 2020

Does CNN have a political agenda that will alter the future of the United States and the media that will sacrifice our country’s future to obtain it? 

Take a peek at the past. De Bows Review before the Civil War published article after article about the economic differences between the North and South, inequities like the miles of railroad track, canals, and the National Bank created by Congress and owned privately by northerners, Northern congressmen pushing for higher tariffs, all in the interest of “cheating the South out of their commerce,”  De Bow declared, whether the economic capital would be in New York City or New Orleans. The suggestion of succession originated in the magazines and newspapers as early as the 1840’s.

The press continued using their power to curb Washing politics. The Spanish American War, often called the Hurst War, because their owner, William Randolph Hurst saw Cuba as the next new state. He sent a reporter there to take pictures for the New York Journal and he suspiciously organized events to drive Americans to demand the war. He got what he wanted.

Again, during the War in Europe of 1914, American companies loaded passenger ships with war supplies for England and the German dock workers in New York kept the Kaiser informed of those ships leaving our harbor to their enemies. The German submarines sunk those ships. The American press deliberately kept citizens in the dark, campaigned Congress to declare war, and to the bewilderment of many citizens, they declared war. During that vote, Jannette Ranken, our first female Senator, said, “I want to support my country, but I must vote No.”

On other issues, they supported McCarthyism, the Vietnam War, and most recently, burning of our cities by anarchist. You see, Yellow Journalism, a term used to describe the New York Journal at the end of the 19th Century, has guided American politics for generations, and they are at the heart of our problems today. They slant, misrepresent, distort, and even make up false news to control the minds of the readers.

In the Twentieth Century, information was delivered to us mostly through literature, radio, and motion picture clips, then television and computers took over, and now, small presses have disappeared and a handful of monopolies control the media

Anarchism, Socialism, Fascism, and Communism have been in our shadows since the last half of the 19th Century, they reappear during difficult times, leave their marks on our government, and slip back out of our sight, but not empty handed. Unemployment compensations, food stamps, crop subsidies, welfare are just a few of the socialistic policies we practice. Fascism on the other hand, socially engineers the behavior of citizens to achieve the goals or philosophy of one group over another through government control. It appears in ways that are contrary to common sense, logic, and sometimes the convictions of religion. So many times, list’s surface on the internet that humorously point out contrary government policies that don’t make sense, we read them for amusement, but they are not funny.

Title Nine, enacted in 1972 and fortified in 1978, shows how fascism altered the future of a multitude of young people. Supported by the Supreme Court, it requires all federally funded colleges to offer women the same number of sports as men. That decision wiped out hundreds of men’s teams in minor sports, and today, no collegiate conference in the United States has a compliment of teams in any minor sport outside of cross country. Swimming and wrestling shrunk by 50%, water polo and gymnastics all but disappeared, because women don’t have the same desire to compete in sports as men. Forty years later, countless numbers of American have lost their opportunity to compete in these collegiate sports.

Reverse discrimination is the by-product of fascism, we see it in every facet of life, and the victims have no recourse, and most of them are white males.

Our forefathers believed that laws should not be oppressive, harsh, or unjust, and legislation should follow the rule of reason. So, we ask ourselves, how does CNN fit into this picture. Well, their empathetic support of anarchist burning our cities day after day caused mayors and governors to be afraid to take action to protect the innocent victims who hopelessly watched their property being destroyed. The Democrats followed suit with CNN.

Does CNN hate President Donald Trump? Fascist do not rely on common sense, they forbid freedom of speech, and destroy the opposing positions. CNN will not stop at anything until Trump has been deposed. Will they fuel violence if Trump is re-elected? The proof already is in the pudding, but the fierceness will accelerate, and the number of Americans who are likely to die will sky rocket.   

Conservatives already know this. They fear it, talk about it, write about it, but what will they do to protect the constitution? Nothing!  Conservatives by their own philosophy, live within the law and rely on the government to keep order. Liberals, on the other hand, re-write or bend law to suit their own needs, thus not surprising that most attorneys are Democrats, the farther they can stretch a statute, the bigger the salary.

As soon as fascist liberals have gained control of the government, they will disarm citizens. People who resist will be shot and buried in massive graves, an event not covered by the media. The United States will become perfectly “straight.” Words like Colonial, Mediterranean, Country French, Italian, and Oriental will disappear from our language. All of the woodwork in the houses will be white, the furniture and cabinets will match the stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer, and the walls decorated by kitsch décor. Our grandchildren will be socially engineered, programmed strategically by media strategist who dictate government policies, free thinking will disappear, and the nation will exist as a state of socio biological clones. (E.O.Wilson’s Social Conquest of Earth)

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