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March 2018
Photo by Elena Zhukova
Dr. Raymond Zilinskas.
Photo by El├źna Zhukova

Russian spy poisoning highlights Moscow's secret labs
With Russia largely believed to be behind the poisoning of an ex-spy and his daughter in England, Chemical and Biological Weapons Program Director Raymond Zilinskas's research is proving exceptionally germane.  

Beyond interviews with Dr. Zilinskas in the Washington Post and the BBC, the journal  Nature published an acclaimed review of his latest book, Biosecurity in Putin's Russia, coauthored with Philippe Mauger. The book was also a central feature in a recent report by Newsweek.

On April 20, Dr. Zilinskas will be a featured speaker at Stanford University's event " Russian Biodefense Efforts and Their Likely Objectives." 

Jeffrey Lewis on PBS, February 28,  2018
Primetime spotlight on CNS
This month, both PBS Newshour and  NBC News ran separate feature primetime stories highlighting  the work of CNS researchers in analyzing open-source intelligence to "decode" North Korean propaganda.

East Asia Program Director Jeffrey Lewis--with assists by Melissa Hanham and Dave Schmerler-- walks the journalists through how he and his team do what they do, and why. 

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Mr. Trump Goes to Pyongyang(?)
When South Korean National Security Adviser Chung Eu-yong announced on March 8 that the leaders of the United States and North Korea agreed to meet, the phone lines, Twitter accounts, and email inboxes of our crack DPRK team went into overdrive. 

In less than three days, CNS and VCDNP experts' insights fed into reports in Bloomberg, Al Jazeera,  CNNHuffington Post, a Slate podcast, All In with Chris HayesMSNBC Live with Katy Tur, Radio FM4, and more, as well as op/eds in Foreign Policy, the Washington Post, and the NY Daily News

And Rachel Maddow retweeted a tweet thread by Jeffrey Lewis (a.k.a. @ArmsControlWonk), which was then retweeted 15,000+ times with over 33,000 likes. Not too shabby for a wonk. 

Amb. Piet de Klerk, former MTCR chair
Commemorating 30 years of the MTCR
On February 15, CNS and the Arms Control Association held an in-depth discussion of the work of the Missile Technology Control Regime, now celebrating its 30th year of efforts to slow the spread of unmanned systems able to carry WMD. 

The discussion looked back to review the accomplishments of the regime and looked ahead to consider current and future challenges to its mission. Speakers included Ambassador Piet de Klerk, Tom Countryman, Dr. Richard Speier, Michael Elleman, and Rachel Stohl, with a keynote address from Vann Van Diepen.
CNS Deputy Director Elena Sokova
CNS Celebrates International Women's Day
In honor of International Women's Day 2018, the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation is proud to celebrate the outstanding work and achievements of our many women leaders, researchers, and staff in Monterey, Washington, and Vienna. We featured each of these extraordinary professionals in a series of tweets on March 8, 2018, using the hashtag  #IWD2018 .