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October 2017
WSJ screenshot of DPRK Decoders
"Decoding North Korea" in the Wall Street Journal

The  Wall Street Journal  produced an eleven-minute video highlighting how CNS experts use exciting new tools such as satellite imagery and 3D mapping to analyze North Korea's military capabilities. 

The team, led by East Asia Program Director Jeffrey Lewis, looks for "the clues that reveal the capabilities of a North Korean missile" to determine bluster from reality. Dr. Lewis also offers the  WSJ  sobering conclusions of where to go from here.

The video has been viewed well over half a million times, and counting.
The Nuclear Ban behind the Nobel 
The 2017 Nobel Peace Prize went to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons for their work to push governments to negotiate the Nuclear Ban Treaty. William C. Potter's Survival (August/September 2017)  article, "Disarmament Diplomacy and the Nuclear Ban Treaty,"  is the most comprehensive analysis to date on the international politics that led to the ban treaty.

For more analysis and insight into the ban, see:
 Google Earth Outreach tweets about Geo4nonpro presentation.
Google Earth Outreach tweets about Melissa Hanham's 2016 presentation.
Googling for Good
As part of Google's "Google Earth Outreach" (Geo) program, CNS Senior Research Associate Melissa Hanham led a workshop at the Geo for Good User Summit to demonstrate ways that CNS and others are using Google Earth Pro to crowdsource nuclear, chemical, and biological nonproliferation work. 

She gave an overview of the team's current projects, how they've implemented Google Earth Pro, and lessons learned.
Fall 2017 Visiting Fellows with CNS Deputy Director Elena Sokova and Margarita Kalinina-Pohl _left to right_ Li Nan_ Merkeb Yimesel_ Javiera Herrera_ and Alimzhan Akhmetov.
Fall 2017 Visiting Fellows with CNS Deputy Director Elena Sokova and Margarita Kalinina-Pohl (left to right) Li Nan, Merkeb Yimesel, Javiera Herrera, and Alimzhan Akhmetov.
Fellows from Asia, Africa, and South America Undergo Nonproliferation Training
During the Fall 2007 semester, CNS is hosting four visiting fellows from Chile, China, Ethiopia, and Kazakhstan. The fellows' independent research projects cover a broad range of topics related to cybersecurity, UN Security Council Resolution 1540 implementation in Africa, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and combatting nuclear terrorism.

Andrea Berger
Spotlight: Andrea Berger
Women in Foreign Policy, an initiative aimed to inspire girls and young women to choose a career in foreign policy, recently highlighted the work and career of CNS Senior Research Associate and Senior Program Manager Andrea Berger, who co-manages CNS's work on East Asian nuclear issues, export controls, and sanctions. 

In addition to her recent appearances in the Washington PostFrontline, and National Geographic, she was also published by the Canadian International Council

Rewriting the Nuclear Horror Story 
On Friday the 13th, the Writers Guild of America, East streamed a Facebook live panel discussion, hosted by Hollywood, Health & Society, on nuclear threats and innovative solutions. 

CNS Program Director Jeffrey Lewis joined Ploughshares Fund President Joe Cirincione, former UNIDIR Director Theresa Hitchens, NUKEMAP Creator Alex Wellerstein, and screenwriter Mark Bomback for a lively, creative, sometimes scary, sometimes hopeful discussion.