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Celebrating Women's History Month
"When women and girls are empowered to participate fully in society, everyone benefits." 
- Melinda Gates

As part of the celebration of Women's History Month in March, there will be many stories recounting significant moments in women's history.  Living in upstate New York - commonly described as the birthplace of the women's right movement - there are many historic sites reminding us of the important role women have played in shaping our nation's history. 

The Central New York Women's Bar Association, which seeks to advance the rights and opportunities for women generally and of women in the legal profession, has its own rich history.  CNYWBA's history  highlights some of the amazing women, including Karen DeCrow, who paved the way for women in the profession and fought for equality of all races and genders.  This March, we pay tribute to Karen, as well as CNYWBA's other founding members, whose contributions have proved invaluable to those of us in the profession. 

In honor of Women's History Month, it is fitting to recognize not only the founders of our organization, but also those who continue to work towards the objectives of advancing the role of women in society and in the legal profession.  If you know a member of the judiciary or legal community deserving of such recognition, we encourage you to nominate that individual for the Central New York Women's Bar Association Karen DeCrow Award, which will be presented at the Annual Meeting in April.   

- Nicole Marlow-Jones, 2018-19 CNYWBA President
Karen DeCrow, an ardent feminist, fought for women's full and equal participation in the world outside the home - from the courtroom to the boardroom to the halls of political influence.  She actively sought a world where "the gender of a baby [would have] little or no relevance to future pursuits or pleasures - personal, political, economic, social and professional."  She was an activist, lawyer, mentor, international lecturer and author.  Karen was the founding member of the upstate chapter of the National Organization for Women and served as the organization's fourth national president.  She was a founding member of the Central New York Women's Bar Association and remained an active member throughout her life.  Her influence extended beyond feminism alone to challenging gender role stereotypes, solidifying men's parental rights and promoting social equality for all races, creeds, ethnicities and sexual orientations.  Karen believed civil rights were human rights that should be extended to all, and she devoted her life to fighting for them through legal process, political activism, education and debate.   
The annual Karen DeCrow Award is presented to a member of the judiciary or legal profession who works to advance the principles that Karen promoted throughout her life.  Candidates must meet geographic eligibility criteria for membership in the CNYWBA, but need not be a member of the CNYWBA.  An awards subcommittee (convened and chaired by the Chair of the CNYWBA Standing Membership Committee) solicits nominations in February of each year.  The subcommittee may solicit nominations from CNYWBA membership, local bar associations (OCBA, Federal, etc.), members of the judiciary or other community leaders as it sees fit.   The Membership Chair will submit an award recommendation on the subcommittee's behalf to the CNYWBA Board of Directors for a vote. 
The CNYWBA presents the award to the winner at its Annual Meeting in April.  The winner is invited to attend the Annual Meeting with his or her family, and is asked to select the person he or she would like to have introduce them.  The winner is presented with a commemorative plaque.  CNYWBA will also issue such member communications, press releases and statements as may be appropriate to honor the recipient in the legal community as well as the community at large.     
Please submit your nomination(s) by March 1, 2019 to CNYWBA Membership Chair, Brittany L. Hannah .  Thank you.  
CNYWBA Celebrates Read Across America
March 1, 2019

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for Read Across America. Members of the Central New York Women's Bar Association are reading to children in two local schools to support literacy and to honor Dr. Seuss today!

MARCH 19, 2019 
Instituto Cervantes, 211 East 49th Street, New York, NY
The priority theme of the 63 rd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women is "Social protection systems, access to public services and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls."  This panel will assess the extensive debate and advocacy surrounding the profound impact that recent developments in U.S. immigration policy will have on immigrant women and girls. 

RSVP by March 8 th to Fay Parris  (seating limited)

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Women in Law Summit and Reception




Chief Judge Janet DiFiore


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

In accordance with  Article VI, Section 2(C)  of the  By-laws   of the Central New York Women's Bar Association,  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN  to the CNYWBA membership of the Nominating Committee's Recommendations for the CNYWBA 2019-20 Officers and Directors, as follows:


President                            Laurel Eveleigh
President-elect                   Shannon O'Connor
Vice President                    Jillian McGuire    
Treasurer                            Brittany Hannah
Secretary                            Colleen Gibbons 
Immediate Past President  Nicole Marlow-Jones 


At-Large                                      Jane Zhang
(one-year term - expires 2020)    Melissa Swartz

At-Large                                      Whitney Kummerow
(two-year term - expires 2020)    Hon. Deborah Karalunas

At-Large                                       Emanuela D'Ambrogio
(two-year term - expires 2021)    Sara Lowengard 

Directors with Standing Committee Chairs

Membership                       Leah Witmer
Programming                     Erin Phillips
WBASNY                          Taylor Baker 
                                           Maureen Maney
                                           Samantha Riggi
Communications/PR          Annaleigh Porter
Pro Bono Projects              Samantha Aguam
Judicial Screening              Suzanne Galbato
                                           Kelsey Shannon 

Ex-Officio                          Hon. Rosemary Pooler
Any member in good standing may nominate a person or person(s) as Officer(s) or Director(s).  Pursuant to Article VI, Section 2(D) of the By-laws, such nomination(s) must be in writing, delivered to the Secretary on or before March 1, 2019, and must be accompanied by a statement that the consent of such person(s) to serve, if elected, has been obtained.
Notice of the Annual Meeting scheduled for April 11, 2019 will be provided to the membership in March, together with notice of any additional nominations submitted by members of CNYWBA and the nominees for the 2019-20 officers of the Women's Bar Association of the State of New York.
Syracuse Zonta Foundation 100th Zonta Anniversary Gala

Saturday, April 6, 2019,  6:00 p.m. Cocktail Hour,  7:00 p.m. Dinner
Persian Terrace,  Marriott Hotel Syracuse

A Crystal Award will be presented to 
Assistant United States Attorney Lisa Fletcher

Membership Renewal for the 2018-19 Membership Year


If you have not already done so, please renew your membership in CNYWBA for the 2018-19 year: Invite your friends and colleagues to join! 

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