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April 2014

The mission of Colorado Kids 1st is to promote the health & safety of Colorado's children. We're able to help children across CO by the sales of our license plates. Your donations directly fund grants to
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You can purchase a copy of "Off Limits," on the Parenting Safe Children's website:

Parenting Safe Children (PSC) offers workshops for parents, relatives, teachers, childcare givers and anyone else that spends time with children. The main objective is to teach adults how to prevent children from being sexually abused. These workshops are held in CO and nationwide. Feather Berkower, founder of PSC, focuses on 3 essential topics in her workshops:
  1. Parent Education
  2. Child Empowerment
  3. Caregiver Screening

Visit the PSC website to read Feather's blog, watch videos, register for a workshop, purchase her book, and sign up for her free e-newsletter.

We are partnering with Achieve Gymnastics for a fantastic fundraiser!

Dream, Believe, Achieve - this is the motto of Achieve Gymnastics in Aurora. Alan Herron, President & Operations Manager, takes pride in providing a safe, nurturing, and healthy environment.  Kids of all ages can have fun, compete and celebrate each other's accomplishments.


Colorado Kids 1st is proud to partner with Achieve Gymnastics in a fundraising and awareness program. Gymnasts have the opportunity to sell our plates and for their efforts, they will receive the full $30 donation, that will go directly into their gymnastics account to help pay their fees. As an extra incentive, the first 20 plates that are sold by 5/31, will receive a matching grant - that's $60 for a gymnast's fees! By selling our plates, it will raise awareness about Colorado Kids 1st and our goal of keeping children safe, healthy and happy!


This is a win-win for everyone! To learn about Achieve Gymnastics, see:


Have you noticed the trees are starting to bud and the bulbs are beginning to emerge, to soon bring us beautiful, bright colors? What a glorious time to be outside with your children, taking note of how nature is going through it's annual rebirth of Spring!

It's easy to notice the obvious things that surround us. However, as parents, we must always be paying close attention to the behavior of those that care for and spend time with our children. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. We have honed in on child sexual abuse - a silent epidemic in this country. Our "Dr. Mom" answers questions on what type of conduct you should be concerned about so you can prevent your child from becoming a victim.

We also want to share with you an exciting, new partnership that we've established with Achieve Gymnastics in Aurora. Their gymnasts have the opportunity to sell our license plates and they get to keep the $30 donation for their gymnastics fees!

Wishing you a warm and joyous spring time!

All my best,
Dr.Lisa Purple Ballpoint
Lisa Van Bramer, MD, MSPH
Rocky Mountain Research and Prevention Institute



April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and we want to support all adults in speaking up when witnessing behaviors that may be putting children at risk for sexual abuse. 



We're very grateful to our contributor, Feather Berkower, Colorado's leading expert in child sexual abuse prevention. Here's to keeping Colorado's kids safe - you have the power!


Feather Berkower, M.S.W.

Parenting Safe Children




Q.  What is Child Sexual Abuse? 

A.   Child sexual abuse is an epidemic: one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused by age 18. Child sexual abuse includes touching and non-touching behaviors, and photographing children for pornographic uses. The offender is usually known to the child and counts on our silence. 


Q.  What are Behaviors of Concern?


A.   Notice adults who insist on hugging, kissing, tickling, or wrestling a child, when the child does not want to, or who turns to children for comfort or activities normally shared with adults. Likewise, notice children who display knowledge about or behaviors that are adult-like, or who engage in emotional coercion with other kids. Teens can also abuse children; pay attention to teens who hang out with kids instead of peers, or who expose children to sexual material. 
Q.  What Should I Do if I See Concerning Behaviors?

A.   Trust your gut and speak up, wherever you see behaviors of concern - in a family, neighborhood, or youth organization. When approaching the person about whom you are concerned:
  • Use "I" statements.
  • State your feelings.
  • Request that the behavior of concern stop.

For instance:"I'm uncomfortable talking about this, but think it's important. I notice you are tickling a couple of children at nap time. I feel uncomfortable with that. I'd really like you to respect the children's body-safety rules and the school's no tickling policies." 


If you observe the concerning behavior in a youth organization, also tell the administration - and keep telling until someone takes it seriously. If you don't get the response the situation warrants, report it.



Q.  What if a Child Discloses Sexual Abuse to Me?
A.   It is never a child's fault or responsibility when he or she is sexually abused.


  1. Believe the child or teen: "I'm sorry this happened to you and I'm so glad you told me."
  2. Respond supportively: "It's not your fault and it's okay to be scared (mad, sad). I love you. We're going to get through this by talking to some special people who help keep kids safe."
  3. Call your local police department or social service agency.
  4. Obtain help for medical and psychological needs. 
Q. When Should a Parent Believe a Child's Disclosure?


A.   Children rarely fabricate stories about sexual abuse. Young children do not have the language or the knowledge about sexual acts unless they have been exposed to or have experienced them.


Child sexual abusers count on our silence, 

but we have the power to 

break the silence by speaking up! 

"Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear." - Nelson Mandela 
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