Newsletter - July 2021
The Word of the Secretariat

Dear Members, Dear CCU enthusiasts,

We hope you are all in good health.
Before the summer break, we are very happy to share with you the latest news on CVE’s activities over the last months.
Two new H2020 projects on CCU have been granted by the European Commission and CVE will lead their work on communication and dissemination. This brings the number of EU projects with CVE’s participation to five.  
In April, we have hopefully opened the path to the birth of many more projects by co-organising a workshop on EU funding opportunities related to CCU with our partner SUNERGY.

At the same time, we have participated as expert reviewers in the review of the IPCC AR6 WGIII to ensure an appropriate coverage of the scientific literature on the state and impact of CCU technologies.
On the policy front, the Commission has published last week the “Fit-for-55” package, encompassing a series of legislative acts that will provide the policy framework to reach EU’s climate goals by 2030 and 2050. Preliminary analysis indicates that CCU is gaining recognition, but our team is now thoroughly analysing all instruments and will prepare a summary on the CCU-related elements.
And last, but not least, we have just welcomed two new members in our team. A very warm welcome to Ana and Tudy, our new Senior Policy Managers, who you will be presented at the end of the Newsletter.
We wish you a safe and carefree summer break, we are looking forward to continuing the work with you after the holidays with a lot of new opportunities coming.

Enjoy the reading !
Welcome to our new members
3B-Fiber, is a leading developer and supplier of glass fibre products and technologies for the reinforcement of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers
Neuman & Esser  is a leading manufacturer of compressor systems. They bundle new business areas including different products and services in the upcoming H2 and green gases economies.
IIT, the Italian Institute of Technology focussing on the development of innovative low carbon and energy efficient chemicals, materials, and processes.
D-CRBN is a spin-off company from the University of Antwerp, developing atmospheric plasma technology to convert CO2 and CO into valuable products. 
Lyondell Basell is one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world, producing materials and products that are key to advance solutions for modern challenges.
Lafarge Holcim is a multinational company manufacturing building materials (cement, concrete,…). They offer global solutions to enable carbon-neutral constructions. 

Axens Solutions is a technology provider of Carbon Capture solutions using amine based processes

Save the date 
CVE day
Our 5th CVE day is planned to take place on the 25-26th of November 2021. We ask all our members to save the dates in their calendars. Depending on the sanitary situation we are planning for a hybrid event combining physical presence (in the Dunkirk industrial port area, pending confirmation) and virtual attendance. Our members will shortly receive an email including a survey to know if they wish to join virtually or physically, in case the sanitary situation allows it.

Upcoming events

Past events with CVE representations

Together with INITIATE and Take-Off, already announced in the last newsletter, other two Horizon 2020 EU projects which includes the participation of CVE have started. CO2SMOS - Advanced chemicals production from biogenic CO2 emissions for circular bio-based industries,led by CARTIF, has been launched in May 2021. Its objective is to develop a set of innovative and cost-competitive CO2 conversion technologies for bio-based industries, allowing them to replace fossil-based chemicals with more sustainable, CO2 based ones, and achieve zero or even negative carbon emissions. See the launch Press Release here. On the same topic, VIVALDI has started in June 2021. The project is entitled innoVative bIo-based chains for CO2 VALorisation as aDded-value organIc acids and it aims at integrating circular carbon- and bio- economy principles to bio-based industries. VIVALDI proposes integrated solutions to convert biogenic CO2 emissions into added-value organic acids. In this way, not only BBI’s carbon emissions and the exploitation of key resources will be reduced, but the production of organic compounds that today is very energy intensive will become cheaper and more sustainable. Find the Press Release of its launch here.
INITIATE Website is live
The Horizon 2020 EU project INITIATE has now an official website to give access to key information, updates on the projects, news and events related to the project and its topics. The project, launched in December 2020, aims to demonstrate the conversion of residual gas from the steel industry into valuable products such as ammonia and high purity urea. Visit the official website by clicking here. 
CCU in the next IPCC report
Earlier this year, CVE, together with members of our Scientific Advisory Committee have participated as expert reviewers in the review of the Second Order Draft of the 6th Assessment Report (AR6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). CCU has never been discussed as such in any earlier IPCC reports, therefore our internal and external scientific experts have done a thorough review of the scientific literature on CCU and shared it with the IPCC Working Group 3 (WGIII) focusing on “The Mitigation of Climate Change”. The results of this intensive effort should be part of the final IPCC AR6 WGIII to be released next year. This very exhaustive document as well as its Summary for Policy Makers will serve as basis for policy makers in the coming decade when it comes to climate change mitigation.
To make you benefit of the scientific knowledge gathered during this review work, CVE will organize a campaign on “CCU, the scientific basis” in the early fall. Stay tuned and follow us our social media (see icons on the bottom of this Newsletter)!
CCU Policy Update
Undoubtedly, this period is one of the most crucial periods in EU’s environmental policy. On the 14th of July, the Commission has published one of the most comprehensive legislative package that will guide EU’s efforts to reach its 2030 and 2050 climate goals, the “Fir-for-55 package” This comprehensive framework includes the revision of existing instruments like the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII), the Energy Taxation Directive (ETD), the Effort-Sharing Regulation (ESR) but also the introduction of new instruments like the RefuelEU Aviation for the support of sustainable aviation fuels, the Fuel EU Maritime for the support of renewable fuels in the maritime sector and others. These instruments, some more than others, will influence the development of the CCU industry and CVE works on ensuring that CCU will be properly and consistently acknowledged. A preliminary analysis of the published versions of those instruments has shown that CCU is gaining recognition, e.g. with the introduction of separate share for synthetic aviation fuels, the introduction of shares for renewable fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBO) in industry, the recognition that CO2 that is chemically and permanently bound in a product is excluded from the obligation to surrender emission allowances; but there is still a lot of work to be done to arrive to a framework that is fully supportive of the deployment of CCU technologies and the uptake of CCU products. CVE is analyzing as we speak the ”Fit-for-55” package and will communicate soon a summary of the main points that are relevant for CCU.
Did you attend our latest thematic workshops on EU Funding opportunities?
On 29 April 2021, over 200 participants attended the online workshop we organized together with our partner SUNERGY “Fossil-free fuels and chemicals for a climate-neutral Europe”. The joint brokerage event presented the various EU-funding opportunities for CCU projects. Experts from the various EU funding instruments offered an overview of Horizon Europe, European Innovation Council (EIC) and Innovation Fund opportunities related to CCU technologies and the production of fossil-free fuels, chemicals and materials in light of the EU’s strong engagement in mitigating climate change. The meeting also allowed participants to pitch their ideas and to participate in B2B and round-table discussions.
The recording and all material related to the event as well as the booklet gathering Horizon Europe and EIC calls for proposals are available here.
Innovation Fund
The first calls of the Innovation Fund (large-scale and small-scale) have attracted major interest by project owners. Some indicative statistics for the large-scale call show that 292 eligible proposals were evaluated and 70 of them, requesting a total of 6.7 billion € and with a potential to avoid 402 MtCO2-eq over 10 years, have advanced to the second stage that has closed on the 23rd of June 2021. More than 20% of those 70 projects contained a CCUS element, of which almost half was specifically on CCU. Many of our members are among those projects and we cross our fingers that all of them will see their projects funded. Results are expected by the 2nd half of November.
DG CLIMA is already organizing the second calls and the expected for opening and closing are October 2021 – March 2022 for the large scale call and March 2022 – August 2022 for the small-scale call.
You can find very interesting information on the principles and modalities of the Innovation Fund, the meetings of the Commission’s Expert Group where CVE participates, complementary funding schemes and much more here. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.
Solar Impulse 1000 Solutions
More than 20 CCU solutions have already been labelled by Solar Impulse and this number continue to rise.
In May, CVE has started to present these solutions each Friday on its social media, so do not hesitate to have a look and learn more about it.
The Solar Impulse Foundation, created by Bertrand Piccard, aims to label 1000+ solutions to address sustainability challenges and enable a clean economic growth.
If you are an innovator and if you have created a clean, efficient and profitable solutions which has reached the maturity stage of at-scale prototype testing in a laboratory, take your chance and apply here. Do not hesitate to contact Célia if you have any questions on the evaluation process (
TechTour: Take your chance to meet investors

CVE is supporting and participating in the Tech Tour Energy 2021 which represents a unique chance for innovators to meet investors.

The Tech Tour Community brings together investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders onto one collaborative platform to share the connections, inspiration and strategies needed to foster world-class innovation. This year, CVE is co-organising a thematic session on CCU, bringing developers (start-ups, growth companies) closer to private investors.
Entrepreneurs can apply to pitch their ideas/solutions in front of other experts, thought leaders and investors in order to get advice, develop partnerships and grow their market recognition.

The selection process for the pitches is based on the following criteria:
·      Business potential - The potential market of customers for the presented product is attractive and the business model is strong
  • Team experience – Your Company/project team has skills and experience to grow the business and can work with industry & research entities
  • Product / Technology merit - Technology or product solutions developed are state-of-the-art and well advanced compared to competitors
  • Competitive position - The intellectual property of your company/project and its competences and strategic relations are outstanding
  • Investment or partnering interest - Offer to invest in or partner with your assigned company is well defined and attractive for interested parties
  • Project profile quality - Information available from company/project profile sheet is complete, clear, balanced and convincing

We invite all our SMEs members to benefit from this opportunity and apply for pitches!
Deadline for application is the 31st of August 2021. Register here.
News from the secretariat
Our CVE secretariat is glad to welcome two new members in the team who will both work as Senior Policy Managers: Ana Cláudia Manuelito and Tudy Bernier. Ana started her career at the Portuguese Embassy in Brussels and, over the last 5 years, she worked for EURATEX (The European Apparel and Textile Confederation) leading its policy and advocacy work on Trade and Internal Market policies. Tudy previously led the work of UNESDA, the association representing the soft drinks industry in Europe, on government relations and EU public policies related to environmental sustainability, climate policies and taxation. Together, Ana and Tudy will play a key role in further developing and implementing the advocacy strategy of CO2 Value Europe while supporting the positioning of the association on important regulatory issues. Our new colleagues will also support policy activities in several EU projects where CO2 Value Europe is a partner. Do not hesitate to contact them at and

Time for a welcome, but also for a goodbye to our former EU affair managers Stefan Gielis, who has worked for the association since its early days in establishing our advocacy activities. Thank you for your work Stefan and all the best with your next career steps.
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Avenue de Tervueren 188A, 1150, Brussels (BE)
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