Newsletter - May 2020
The Word of the President

Dear readers,

In these challenging times, I hope that you are well and healthy and that your companies and institutions are coping as good as possible with the current situation. While this crisis brings uncertainties for the future of our economy, it also shows us how fast and efficiently our world is able to change. So now the time has come to think about the new start, where innovation, sustainability and circularity should become the ground of political decision making. More than ever, CVE is ready to engage in this direction to promote the development of CCU towards a more climate friendly industry.
CVE has been very active in advocating for CCU, especially in the context of the new Green Deal and I am pleased to announce the creation of our Manifesto, which now serves as a guiding framework in our communications with policy makers. Next to our advocacy efforts, we are also engaged in the expert group of the EU Innovation Fund and constantly working on new funding opportunities (e.g. H2020, Horizon Europe, IPCEI, private investors).
Not only focussing on advocacy and funding activities, CVE attaches great importance on basing its strategy on high-level scientific evidences, especially when discussing the role of CCU in the climate context. In that purpose, I am pleased to announce the addition of our new member of the secretariat, Célia Sapart, who is now working as Climate Expert and Communication Officer. She will be in charge of developing our communication strategy, and of strengthening and coordinating the evidence-based communication and dissemination activities of our Association. Do not hesitate to contact her ( if you have any news to share or any questions!
Unfortunately, our CO 2 Value Day (including General Assembly) originally planned on the 14 th of May, had to be moved to the 10 thof November 2020. It seems very far away, but we very much hope to have a lot of good news to share with you by then and above all that we will meet you all in the best conditions possible.

Warm greetings on behalf of the board and best wishes of good health.

Stefanie Kesting
New date for the General Assembly and CO 2  Value Day
Considering the situation with the COVID 19, the next CO 2 Value Day, originally planned on the 14 th of May 2020, has been moved to the 10 th of November 2020. The 2020 General Assembly, including the elections of the Board is also postponed and will take place on the same day. The event will be organised in Brussels, but more details on the location and on the program will be communicated in June.
The 3rd CO 2 Value Day and General Assembly took place last November in the Port of Rotterdam. A summary of this day as well as pictures and videos are available here .
Climeworks, third winner of the innovation award "Best CO 2 Utilisation 2020"
 Congratulations to our member Climeworks for winning the third “Best CO 2 Utilisation 2020" award with its first commercialized direct air capture (DAC) technology. This award, jointly organised by the Nova-Institute and CO 2 Value Europe and sponsorized by Covestro, aimed at the promotion of the work of all CO 2 recycling inventors and innovators. The nominees have shown the broad applications of CO 2 use in making surprising products such as air vodka, yoga mats, bracelets and watches. All these innovations give the consumers the choice to opt for products made out low impact materials. More information on these amazing technologies here .
New members
We are happy to welcome 2 new members this year:
  • PKN Orlen is a large polish company active in oil & gas, petrochemicals and electricity production.
  • Air Products is a large Belgian company that provide industrial gases and related equipment to industries.

Save the dates
Due to the spread of the Corona virus in Europe, some of the following conferences have announced new dates and we anticipate that others will be rescheduled too:
CVE Manifesto available for your advocacy activities
One of the key roles of CO 2 Value Europe is to unite forces to advocate towards EU (and national) policy makers for the creation of a favorable landscape for a rapid development of the nascent CCU industry .
CVE has created a Manifesto to structure its advocacy work. It provides an introduction to our Association and a justification of the importance of CCU for a sustainable Europe. It highlights 3 main areas where the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States should work together with the industry to achieve the ambitious goals of the E uropean Green Deal.
In short, this document describes “WHAT” is required from EU policy makers to boost the growth of the CCU industry ; and “ HOW” this will be done in relat ion with each of the 15 proposed topics that will be defined together with all interested CVE members in the coming months.
This Manifesto should be disseminated as broadly as possible and used as a guiding framework for all future interactions with EU and national policy makers by the Secretariat, CVE Board and all CVE members involved in advocacy actions .
Past events where CO 2 Value Europe was represented
The Green Deal, presented by the European Commission in December 2019, will have several consequences for our sector, as one of their commitments is to develop several legislative packages related to CCU activities. Therefore, our Working Groups on advocacy for CCU-based fuels and advocacy for mineralization have been very busy working on several key policy and legislative instruments over the last months.
The Emission Trade System (ETS) has been high on the agenda of both Working Groups. The Monitoring and Reporting Regulation (ETS MRR) is being updated and CVE will share their views e.g. by responding to the upcoming public consultation. The Working Groups have been cooperating on developing an extensive position paper that is being finalized.
The Working Group on advocacy for CCU-based fuels has been preparing a position paper on the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II). Note that the RED II has been revised in 2018 and is now awaiting for the implementation of several delegated acts as well as for the review of the European Commission by June 2021.
Apart from these two key topics, CVE has been responding to two European Commission Roadmaps, one on Circular Economy and the second one on Sustainable Aviation Fuels.
CVE is also closely following and monitoring developments on several other policy issues, such as the Innovation Fund, the European Climate Law, EU industrial Strategy, the Industrial Emissions Directive, the Energy Taxation Directive, the Carbon border Adjustment Mechanism and the Sustainable Taxonomy Finance.
Innovation Fund Update
DG CLIMA and the mandated consultants are preparing the methodologies for the selection criteria of the first call for projects in the context of the Innovation Fund. One technical workshop took place on 5-6 February 2020 and focused on the GHG emission avoidance and the cost efficiency methodologies. A second technical workshop was held virtually on the 12 th of March and focused on the methodologies for the degree of innovation, maturity, scalability, due diligence, project development assistance and knowledge sharing. All presentations and webstreams from these workshops can be accessed at the IF’s website
CVE and its experts have participated (and will continue to do so) in the workshops and debriefed their members (web briefing 12 February, web briefing 20 March) on any developments. In both occasions we have sent our feedback and concerns to DG CLIMA and we are liaising with other Associations that have similar concerns (ART Fuels Forum, Hydrogen Europe, European Association for the Storage of Energy) to bring these concerns forward in a common way.  
The Expert Group on Innovation Fund, where CO 2 Value Europe is represented, will reconvene in May and DG CLIMA will give a further update on the preparations. The first call is expected to open in June/July with a deadline for the Expression of Interest (first stage) in September/October 2020.
Please check our youtube channel for some video recordings of the CCU Innovation Fund workshop.
Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI)
IPCEI is a support instrument for large scale transnational projects where Member States receive permission from the European Commission to support industrial actors at levels that would otherwise not be allowed by State Aid regulations. IPCEIs are based on the of Strategic Value Chains (SVC), i.e. value chains of systemic importance and with a clear contribution to EU’s growth, jobs and competitiveness. Among the different SVC, “Hydrogen Technologies” and “Low CO 2 emissions industries” could very well include CCU projects.
To further understand this instrument, CVE organised a webinar on the 24 th of January 2020 with the participation of Mr Charles Plaigin (Ministry of Economy, Employment and Research in the Walloon Region), Mr Marc Isabelle (Director of European Economics) and Mr Fabrice Stassin (Director Government Affairs Electromobility in Umicore). According to their expertises, they explained the point of view of a Member State, a specialised IPCEI consultancy firm and an IPCEI participant.
Following this webinar, the Belgian authorities have published an o pen call for expression of interest for projects under the Hydrogen Technologies IPCEI (deadlines on 5 May 2020 and 5 June 2020 for first and second stage, respectively). As this instrument is very country-specific, we encourage our members to reach out to the public administration of their respective countries for more information on similar calls.  
Become Expert Reviewer for the IPCC report
The reports of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) provide international policymakers with regular scientific assessments on climate change and its implications, but also on the adaptation and mitigation solutions associated. The large majority of climate projections presented to limit climate change well below 2°C contains carbon direct removal options. While the concept of carbon capture and storage is recognized for a long time as potential climate change mitigation option by the IPCC, no discussion on CO 2 utilisation has been taken into account to date, despite the growing amount of scientific publications on this subject over the last years. To change that, all experts on CCU technologies and related themes are invited to contribute as expert reviewers to the next Assessment Report (AR6). The AR6 is divided into several working groups and CCU should be part of the Working Group 3 (WG3) (“Mitigation of Climate Change”) . The review of the second order draft of this WG3 AR6 will occur between the 19 th of October and 13 th of December 2020. Please find more information on the role of Expert Reviewer here and do not hesitate to contact our new Climate Expert ( ) for support and further discussions on the subject.
CCUS SET-Plan update
CVE is a project partner of IMPACTS9, a H2020 funded project that contributes to the realisation of the targets of the Strategic Energy Technologies Plan (SET-Plan) concerning the development of CCU and CCS technologies. IMPACTS9 is the operational arm of the CCUS SET-Plan and its objective is to accelerate the deployment of large scale CCU and CCS projects across Europe to achieve the European goals for climate neutrality by 2050. The work within the CCUS SET-Plan is organised under 5 subgroups: full chain projects, capture, storage, utilisation and modeling. Each sub-group is composed of various stakeholders (industrial actors, Member State representatives, scientific entities) that analyse the current situation of CCUS development and the ways to overcome hurdles. CVE is co-chairing the utilisation subgroup and is leading the communication and dissemination activities of the project. The website of the project has been recently developed and provides further information. Please visit it and stay tuned for further news.   
News from CO 2 Value Australia
CO 2 Value Europe and Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding in January acknowledging their intention to work together to promote the development and deployment of sustainable industrial solutions which transform captured CO 2 into valuable products as we move towards a low carbon world economy. A Services Agreement has also been signed by the two parties with the objective that CVE will assist CVA in the promotion of CCU in Australia and internationally. The agreement started in January for 12 months and is renewable. For this year, it has been agreed that CVE will:
  • provide regular updates to CVA on CCU policy and thinking, especially in Europe
  • assist CVA in influencing government policies and programmes
  • facilitate contacts between CVE and CVA members who wish to work together
  • encourage members which have operations in Australia to join CVA where applicable
  • consider CVE experts travelling to this part of the world also coming to Australia to help with CVA’s CCU promotional activities
  • consider including CVA in international outreach actions where appropriate.
 More information on CVA can be found here .
SUN-ERGY, the creation of a new initiative
The SUNRISE initiative and Energy-X, two large scale research initiatives on CCU and PtX technologies, have joined forces to create SUN-ERGY . CVE is closely following the development of this new initiative and participates with other major industrial actors in its Industrial Board. If you also want to support its activities, consider participating with a voluntary membership fee (see details ).
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News from the Secretariat
The secretariat team has grown with the addition of Célia Sapart as Climate Expert and Communication Officer . Anastasios Perimenis, CCU Officer will act as Secretary General in the absence of Damie n Dallemagne until September. Françoise Maon, Stefan Gielis and Ariane Bruinen continue supporting the association respectively as Association Manager, EU Affairs Manager and Administrative Assistant.
Damien Dallemagne
Secretary General
Anastasios Perimenis
CCU Officer, Acting Secretary General
Célia Sapart
Climate Expert and Communication Officer
Françoise Maon
Association Manager
Stefan Gielins
EU Affairs Manager

Ariane Bruinen
Administrative Assistant
C O2 Value Europe AISBL
188A Avenue de Tervueren, Post box 4
1150 Brussels