Newsletter - September 2019
The Word of the President
Dear Members,
I hope that you have had a great summer break and are well rested to rejoin the CO 2  Value community. We heard from many of you during the first half of the year as our topic has gained significant momentum due to heavily accelerated climate discussions, the Fridays for Future movement and policy makers finally recognizing that it takes more and larger scale industrial efforts to begin to reverse the effects of global warming.
Consequently, we have been very busy at CO 2  Value Europe and I am pleased to share with you an overview of the activities so far this year.
Our first General Assembly took place in March in Cologne, Germany. It was a big success with over 100 participants and great input gathered from members. Please continue to actively comment and give us feedback as it helps us improve our still young industry organisation. We already welcomed 8 new members this year and have presented at more than 10 international events on our work to create a CCU industry as a key pillar of the sustainable transition.
We believe that we need to use the current momentum to mobilize funding for selected CVE activities. This is why the Board is currently working on a fundraising strategy that includes strategic thinking and a sharpening of our key messages towards policy makers, industry and key stakeholders. We will provide you with more information on the outcomes and possibilities to contribute during our next General Assembly.
I am also pleased to announce that our third CO 2  Value Day (including General Assembly) will take place on 5 November. It will be hosted and sponsored by the Port of Rotterdam. I hope that many of you will be able to attend and I am looking forward to seeing you there to continue to build together a successful CCU industry!
And lastly, I am glad to announce the addition of 3 persons to our team in the Secretariat … very warm welcome to them !

Stefanie Kesting
President CO2 Value Europe
New members
We are happy to welcome 8 new members who joined our association since January.
  • AirCapture, a manufacturer of CO2 Direct Air Capture technology;
  • Carbon Clean Solutions, an engineering company specialized in CO2 capture technologies;
  • EEW Energy from Waste, a large company specialized in energy production through waste management & treatment;
  • EPFL, a university focusing, among others, on systems engineering for sustainable energy technologies and industrial processes, as well as on industrial symbiosis;
  • Hysitech, an engineering company specialized in the design, development, optimization and industrial implementation of process technologies and equipment;
  • Leitat, a research and technology organisation focusing, among others, on innovative and advanced technological solutions in chemistry, energy, environment, materials and biotechnology;
  • Saipem, a large industrial company specialized in infrastructure of large onshore and offshore projects
  • Zeton, an engineering and process development company focusing on the design and construction of production plants at lab, pilot and demonstration scale with modular approaches
March General Assembly and CO 2  Value Day  
On 19 March 2019, 105 members and stakeholders gathered in Cologne for the second CO 2 Value Europe Day. The event started with the first annual General Assembly of the year, during which members approved changes to the association’s bylaws, new members and the Activity Plan for 2019. It was followed by speed pitch presentations by all members and topical workshops.
Participants particularly appreciated the possibility to present their respective company and to listen to the introductions and projects of other members. Plenty of networking time was allowed after the presentations for exchange between participants. Over the last few months, we have heard that several ambitious multi-stakeholder R&I projects were initiated that day! You should hear more on this during the Innovation Fund workshop on 19 September .
Read the press release .

Check the event’s video and pictures.
Were you interviewed during the event? View your interview on our Linkedin page !
Save the dates

Revised version of the ETS Innovation Fund.
 The European Commission recently announced the launch of a revised version of the ETS Innovation Fund (see diagram below) which will provide €10 billion over the next 10 years to support innovative low carbon projects that can provide significant climate mitigation benefits. Our Secretary General Damien Dallemagne was invited by the Commission as official representative of the “CCU sector” to the Committee of Experts that contributed to the design of the new version of the Fund. The good news is that Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) technologies are now included within the scope of this important European funding instrument, which was not the case in the first version of the Fund (called NER300).
The Fund is designed to support demonstration projects with grants covering up to 60% of the additional capital and operational costs linked to innovative technologies that can be combined with financial support from other EU or national sources.
As the legitimate representative organization for the CCU sector, CO 2 Value Europe has been asked by the Commission to stimulate the emergence of a maximum number of ambitious demonstration projects across the CCU value chains in preparation of the first call that will be organized in the second half of 2020.
A webinar took place on 13 June during which DG CLIMA presented the Innovation Fund’s objectives, scope, eligibility, selection criteria, application and selection process. An innovation workshop will now be organized on 19 September for all interested CCU project developers. 

More details are available on the Innovation Fund page, in particular via a summary presentation and a FAQ .
How CCU should be integrated in the revision of the ETS system
One of our members, The Nova Institute for the German government (Umwelt Bundesamt), produced the report of a study on how CCU should be integrated in the revision of the ETS system , as part of the MRR (Monitoring and Reporting Regulation. The report is a key element that should be taken into consideration for our advocacy work (via Working Group WG2). We already used it in contacts with CEFIC, the federation of chemical industries, who is interested to partner with us to push for the inclusion of CCU in the ETS revision

Impacts9 (Implementation Plan for Action on CCUS Technologies in the SET Plan, Working Group9) update
IMPACTS9, a Coordination & Support Action (CSA) project funded by the European H2020 program under Grant Agreement No 842214, officially started on 1 May 2019 and will run for 3 years. IMPACTS9 will support delivery of the R&I activities outlined in the SET [1] -Plan Implementation Plan for CCUS through the provision of coordination and support services to the relevant key public and private stakeholders at European and Member State levels who want to accelerate the industrial deployment of CCU projects.
The first General Assembly of the project consortium took place on 21 June. The consortium members have started working on their different work packages, including the creation of a SET Plan CCUS website and the organization of specific workshops . 1 st workshop is to be held on 19 September .

[1] Strategic Energy Technology  
Past events where CO2 Value Europe was represented
  • Sustainable Energy Conference, 23 January, Dunkerque, France. Speaker: Damien Dallemagne
  • BNP Paribas Learning Expedition, 7 February, Oslo, Norway. Speaker: Damien Dallemagne (read Damien’s interview to BNP Paribas Fortis)
  • 7th Nova conference on CO2 as a feedstock, 20-21 March, Cologne, Germany. Speakers: Damien Dallemagne and Stefanie Kesting
  • BNP Paribas CCUS Day, 28 March, Brussels, Belgium. Speaker: Damien Dallemagne
  • GRD Meeting, 3 April, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. Speaker: Damien Dallemagne
  • EnOp Interreg project workshop, 7 May, Geleen, The Netherlands. Speaker: Damien Dallemagne
  • GreenWin Conference, 8 May, Charleroi, Belgium. Speaker: Stefan Gielis
  • CO2 Reuse Summit, 8 May, Berlin, Germany. Speaker: Damien Dallemagne
  • Energy Transition World Forum, 16 May, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Speaker: Damien Dallemagne
  • Sotacarbo Summer School, 11 June, Cargonia, Italy. Speaker: Damien Dallemagne
  • SUNRISE Stakeholder Workshop on 17-18 June, Brussels. Speaker: Damien Dallemagne
  • EU Sustainable Energy Week, CCUS Workshop, 20 June, Brussels, Belgium. Speakers: Damien Dallemagne (moderator), Carl Berninghausen, (Sunfire), Anne-Frédérique Demaerel, (Port of Antwerp) and Rob van der Meer, (Heidelberg Cement)
CO2 Value met the European Commission on 22 May
On 22 May, Stefanie Kesting, Jean-Yves Tilquin, Damien Dallemagne and Stefan Gielis met Peter Dröll, Director for Prosperity at DG Research and Technology, to discuss the need for EC’s continued support for ambitious CCU R&I projects. On 20 August, Jean-Yves Tilquin, Damien Dallemagne and Stefan Gielis met Tudor Constantinescu, Senior Advisor to Ditte Juul-Jorgensen, the new Director General of DG ENER, to discuss how CCU can make a major contribution to the sustainable transition of the European energy systems. Our message was very well received by the two Commission officials and we ensured them of our members’ desire to actively cooperate in favor of a sustainable Europe.

Madrid Forum
On 5 and 6 June 2019, the 32 nd meeting of the European Gas Regulatory Forum – the so-called Madrid Forum – took place. During this meeting, a specific report on the potential for CCS and CCU in Europe was presented. The report was coordinated by IOGP and drafted by a dedicated ‘Madrid Forum CCS-CCU Taskforce’ of which CO 2 Value Europe was an active member, to ensure that CCU is properly recognized as a key contributor to the sustainable transition of the European energy system.
The report focuses on technical, economic and public acceptance considerations of CCS and CCU. Together with several other stakeholders, CO 2 Value Europe identified the barriers, incentives and public financial support that should apply to individual segments of the chain (capture, transportation, and utilization or storage). The report covers both CCS and CCU and states that “they are mutually supportive solutions, since both require access to capture facilities and to gas infrastructure and transportation services. They should both be seen as technology options to cost-effectively meet the EU’s climate targets for 2030 and 2050”.
The full report is available here
Cooperation GCI (Global CO 2 Initiative) – CVE
Our President Stefanie Kesting has been invited to join the Board of the Global CO 2  Initiative (GCI) at the University of Michigan. Over the last two years, our Association has actively cooperated with the GCI which is positioning itself as a global authority in the challenge of defining global standards on how to conduct Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of CCU projects. 
After sponsoring the publication of the first “ Techno-Economic Assessment & Life-Cycle Assessment Guidelines for CO2 Utilization ”, GCI will continue to work in this direction, with support from CVE, pushing in particular for the integration of appropriate guidelines in European policy making instruments such as the Innovation Fund and the RED II directive. A workshop is planned for 1 October 2019 in Brussels, for which all members of CO2 Value Europe will receive an invitation.
CO 2 Value Australia inspired by CO 2 Value Europe
CO 2 Value Australia (CVA) was born in the beginning of the year. It is a group of corporations and research organizations involved in accelerating the emergence of a CCU industry in Australia. The new association was inspired by the creation of CO 2 Value Europe last year and the two organizations plan to collaborate in the future.
CO 2 Value Europe is interested to cooperate similarly with like-minded carbon-to-value organisations in North America to stimulate the development of the CCU industry at the global scale.

Join us in Rotterdam for the 3rd CO2 Value Day
The next CO 2 Value Day and General Assembly will take place on 5 November in Rotterdam. As always, the program will combine a progress review of our activities, keynote presentations, interactive workshops where members have the opportunity to contribute, and of course plenty of time for networking.

More details on the program will follow. Please block the date in your agenda for yourself and relevant colleagues (up to 3 participants are allowed per member organization). 

If you would like to sponsor the event, please contact Ariane Bruinen

Thank you to our gold sponsor :
The Port of Rotterdam Authority wants to play a leading role in the energy transition. Rotterdam has a high concentration of raw materials and residual flows from numerous industrial and logistics activities. Combined with its good accessibility, this creates an excellent foundation for the broad introduction of circular production and consumption processes .
New staff members at the Secretariat
The secretariat team has grown with the addition of Anastasios Perimenis as CCU Officer , Ariane Bruine n as T eam A ssistant , and Greta Beckers as Business Intern. They bring complementary forces to Damie n Dallemagne, Secretary General, Françoise Maon, Association Manager and Stefan Gielis, EU Affairs Manager. 
Anastasios Perimenis
Greta Beckers
Ariane Bruinen
C O2 Value Europe AISBL
188A Avenue de Tervueren, Post box 4
1150 Brussels