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Efficiency vs Effectiveness headling This issue of COAC's TRENDS offers some ideas about how to be both efficient and effective in managing one of your organization's most valuable assets: the buildings themselves. What happens when we pick the efficient  thing to do but wait too long to implement?  Two articles - one on Teaching Your Old Building New Tricks and another on Combating Deferred Maintenance provide some options.   Is your automation system as effective as possible?  This issue's article on Best Practices assures you are in control of your control system.   

COAC can help your systems be both effective and efficient.  We hope you find our continued offerings on industry trends and best practices to be of service.  Ideas? Comments?  Please email us at
"Share the Power of a Wish"
It is a rare Sacramentan who has not been touched by the work of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Their mission is to Make A Wish logo"grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions" in order give them hope, strength and joy.   After Make-A-Wish became a customer of COAC in Nov. 2013, it became our wish to support their work in some tangible way.  On Wednesday, September 21, we will spotlight their organization at our Customer Appreciation Luncheon.  We hope you will join us to share in street tacos from Tacos Locos, delicious concoctions from the Cowtown Creamery Ice Cream Truck and fun raffle prizes, with proceeds going to Make-A-Wish.  A few COAC vendors have already generously donated items for this raffle.  If your organization would like to make a contribution, please contact Judy at 916.381.4611.

We hope you can be there when we celebrate you as a customer of COAC as well as this treasured community organization. Your complimentary lunch will be served between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM on Wednesday, September 21 at our offices -- 6250 Sky Creek Drive, between South Watt and Florin-Perkins.  Just look for the cool, blue awnings.  

Please RSVP by September 14 at 916.381.4611
so we'll be sure to bring enough tacos and ice cream!
Deferred Maintenance
Four Ways
to Combat
Deferred Maintenance
The cost of deferring a single repair may not seem large at the time, but as those minor costs compound, it grows to a substantial expense that can wreak havoc on a facility executive's budget. One problem turns into multiple major problems, buildings and equipment become faulty, and facility managers and owners are faced with serious fiscal and tangible consequences. Here are four options that can help tackle the growing list of needs. READ MORE
BAS graphic BAS Best Practices
Are you receiving the maximum benefit
from your building automation system

Are you deriving the most benefits from the system that drives and monitors your entire building? Understanding what is happening with you lighting, HVAC, energy use or any other system your BAS controls, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the analytics. This article offers four solid tips on keeping you in control of your control system. 1. Start Small, 2. Build Bigger, 3. Visualize Trends, and 4. Target Problem Behavior.   READ MORE
Old office made new
Your Old Building New Tricks

Think older buildings can't handle modern equipment systems? You're not alone-but this is a misguided notion. Many facility owners and managers assume that retrofitting older buildings with smart building systems and management tools involves too much capital investment and not enough return. While that may have been true in the past, cloud computing and affordable technologies like real-time data and analytics software, submetering, and wireless sensors have changed the financial equation.   
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September 2016
New Video Push to Play COAC's New Video from the Perspective of the exhaust fan
Recently, COAC's install team installed a new commercial exhaust fan at the Rogers Family  Coffee production facility. The Rocklin-based coffee roaster is increasing their roasting capacity with a new multi-story roaster that required a new roof-top exhaust fan.  Here is the video of that unique lift from the perspective of the flying exhaust fan.
Gary Pertle Joins COAC
HVAC veteran Gary Pertle comes to COAC with proven expertise in training, technology, and customer service across the industry.   Gary's experience as a Facility Manager, as an HVAC business owner, and as the director of the Center for Employment Training (where he also taught HVAC technicians), gives him both a wide and deep understanding of HVAC concerns.  His breadth of experience makes him a versatile choice as COAC's new Manager of Special Projects.  Please join us in welcoming him: or directly at 916.520.7606.
1902 Printing Press
The first air conditioning system, designed by Willis Carrier in 1902, wasn't designed for human comfort at all.  It was installed in a printing company to reduce humidity so the paper on the printing press would be sure to register correctly between color runs.
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9/13   SRBX NEXT Brew Bike

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9/22   IFMA Luncheon

10/5   SRBX Quarterly Connect

10/13  CREW Luncheon

10/27 BOMA Luncheon

10/28  IFMA Beer Tour

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