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Energy Efficiency, Like 
Sacramento's Summer,
Is Heating Up!  
Facilities and building managers should take a moment to congratulate themselves. A number of recently released studies and surveys show that investment in energy efficiency in general - and commercial buildings in particular - is growing steadily.

Now, during the peak of the summer heat, is not the time to stop looking for energy savings.  As the articles below discuss, managing plug loads and vigilance over the building operations will help continue the energy saving trend.

Highlighted in this issue of "TRENDS" we are profiling our client, Raley Field, and the installation of over 60 "Pelican" brand mesh-networked thermostats to increase energy savings and gain precise environmental control of a unique complex of buildings.

We are pleased to announce the promotion of German Juarez  to Director of Sales as well as highlight a recently completed project at the Rogers Family Coffee production facility.  Enjoy your Summer &  Stay Cool!

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Pelican Thermostat in Raley Field Suite with Logo
Hitting Homeruns at Raley Field with Pelican T-Stats
Pelican Mesh-network Thermostat at Raley Field Raley Field is a unique and challenging set of buildings and environments. The facilities have the needs of an office building and a hotel, as well as the special needs of a data center and huge heat generating equipment (like an enormous scoreboard). To manage these diverse needs and physically spread out locations, COAC delivered a solution that provides energy savings, full, flexible and immediate controls from anywhere at a very affordable price. The solution was the Pelican Wireless System.

Pelican Mesh Network Graphic The Pelican system automatically creates an advanced mesh network where all the thermostats communicate with each other and the gateway simultaneously. This enables thermostats to be controlled even if they are not directly connected to the gateway.

The system allows owners and property managers to access a simple-to-use, dynamic and powerful management platform for their building with full diagnostic and trend data right on any internet enabled device, including their smart phones. This is a user-friendly solution to more enhanced building controls at a relatively budget price.

For more information, watch a live demo or to see if the Pelican System is the right solution for your building, contact COAC's John McAlpine at 916.381.4611.
Keeping buildings efficient through constant monitoring
Are You Sure Your Building Is Running Efficiently?
Organizations spend a lot of money deploying energy efficiency systems and "tuning" buildings to peak efficiency. These, of course, are good steps to take. In a sense, though, they are just the beginning.

The key is to follow those moves with common sense steps that maintain those initial gains. The logical reality is that a building that is working at optimal efficiency at one point in time won't continue to be unless great care is taken it to make course corrections along the way.

The article estimates that 20 percent to 30 percent of inefficiencies "are purely from operational pieces that have nothing to do with capital improvements." This is good news for building managers. The author points out three things that "go out of whack" in building operations:  1. Building Scheduling,  2. Peak Demand Management, and 3. Building Changes.  READ MORE
Not Exciting... But Effective
Energy Efficiency Through Plug Load Control  
Plug Load Management Leads to Energy Savings 
Control of plug loads, which is far from the glitziest tools in an energy manager's tool chest, can be one of the most useful. A July article in Automated Buildings pointed out that in some cases 40 percent to 60 percent percent of electricity flow through the plugs.
Cutting just a bit of use through plug load monitoring and electronic control - a strategy that is coming more easily accomplished due to the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) - can add up to tremendous savings over time. READ MORE
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July 2016
German Juarez COAC Sales Manager
German Juarez Promoted to Director of Sales 
COAC announced this week that veteran Senior Account Manager, German Juarez, has been promoted to Director of Sales. German will take on the duties of managing the sales team, increasing revenues and aligning the efforts of our sales team with the constantly changing marketplace and our customer's needs. We are confident German's 35 years of HVAC experience and in-depth market knowledge will help our team provide even great value to our customers.
Roasting Coffee Beans
COOLING the Coffee 
Last week, COAC's install team installed a new commercial exhaust fan at the Rogers Family Rogers Family Coffee Logo Coffee production facility. The Rocklin-based coffee roaster is increasing their roasting capacity with a new multi-story roaster that required a new roof-top exhaust fan. A special thanks to pilot Eric Vandegriff of A&P Helicopters for the perfect lift in breezy conditions.
COAC Flys in New Fan for Rogers Coffee COAC Lands New Exhaust Fan For Rogers Coffee
New Roaster Needs Exhaust Fan
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