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      "Good ideas are common - what's uncommon are
        people who'll work hard enough to bring them about"

                   - Ashleigh Brilliant

Great ideas can bloom from may different places and not necessarily within your own industry purview.  This issue of COAC's Trends newsletter explores some new ideas that are geared to help you save energy, improve your asset control, and give you a glimpse into the future of advanced energy-saving building materials.

We are also proud to show off our new video clip showing a 3D virtual walk-through of a new project for NASA's Ames Research Center. Advanced 3D modeling of mechanical systems is not just for NASA these days. We are using these advanced planning tools for a variety of new projects. Check it out.

We want to thank all of you who joined with us to "Knock Out Cancer" with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Sacramento (see some pictures below). We encourage you to participate in the Stanford Youth Solutions "King for Kids" event on Sunday, Feb. 8th. Join with COAC and pose with "The King" and watch our own Sacramento Kings take on the Phoenix Suns.
Our goal is to bring you new ideas and to keep you informed about trends in our industry. We want your feedback. If you have any ideas or comments about the newsletter please contact -
Ideas to Slash Plug Loads
Ideas to save energy on Plug Loads The drain on energy budgets by plug loads is on the rise, and there seems to be no decrease in energy rates or devices in use anytime soon. The New Building Institute warns that plug loads are by far the fastest growing segment of energy users. The good news is that there are effective strategies to help reduce this energy load by up to 40% with occupant participation and low-cost technologies.  Read More Here

For more information on some effective best practices to reduce plug loads :
Quick-Start Guide to Plug Load Reduction
Plug Load Best Practices Guide
SMUD's energy-saving guru, Bruce Baccei, discusses ideas for saving energy with your roof-top HVAC units
Add-on Variable Speed Controls for RTUs
Catalyst Variable Speed Fan Controller Installed

In a recent article published at the EnergyCentral website, Bruce Baccei of SMUD's Energy R&D, discusses a topic that he has devoted years of his professional life to, HVAC efficiency.  In particular Bruce reviews the results of a Sacramento field test on a technology that averaged an energy savings of over 39%.

The addition of variable speed controllers to existing single speed HVAC units has proven to dramatically reduce energy consumption and the technology has other significant benefits. Products like Catalyst, also provide the value of fault detection, measurement of energy savings, adjustment of controls, email alerts, viewing performance and Demand Response all by way of the internet. Read Bruce's article here.

For more information or an on-site survey showing how Variable Speed Controls, like those discussed in the article, can save your energy dollars contact COAC's John McAlpine
Take A Virtual Flight Through A New NASA Cooling Tower Project
NASA Ames Research Center COAC's in-house engineering and design team have developed a 3D virtual fly-through of a new NASA Ames Research Center cooling tower. The brief video showcases the detailed measurements and quality of pre- construction planning needed for this high-profile project.
COAC 3D Annimation Virtual Walk Around   NASA N233 CT2
COAC's 3D Animation: A Virtual Walk Around of the new
NASA Ames Research Center N233 Cooling Tower 2
For more information on how BIM (Building Information Modeling) can assist you with you next project, contact COAC Engineer Gary Storck at
A Cool Idea - Electricity Free Air Conditioning 
New materials may change the way temperatures are regulated

Power hungry Air Conditioners A Stanford University research team has invented a way for buildings to dump their heat without the needs for pumps, fans or compressors. This idea, described in a recent issue of Nature, is simple and provocative - radiate the heat back into space. The materials used for this process are still in the prototype stage and in the end would probably not eliminate all of a building's cooling needs. The idea could be the start of something really cool.  Read More Here
COAC New or Recently Completed Projects
COAC continues to grow and take on new clients and more challenging projects. Listed below is just a sample of some the recent project highlights:
NASA Ames Research Center - Design build new cooling tower complex
Vanden High School - Building remodel with new efficient VRF system 
Fremont Mercedes Benz - New showroom construction 
Consumnes River College - Hydronics and Industrial piping project 
VSP - New manufacturing facility  
Stockton EDD - New water source heat pumps for office space 
Dignity Health - MRI scanning rooms HVAC upgrades 
WellSpace Health - HVAC redesign for OSHPD certification
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Partnering with
the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to "Knock Out" Cancer

Jan. 16th was Cancer Awareness night at the Kings Game. COAC partnered with LLS to help bring the fight to save lives from ravages of cancer to the fans. COAC's "The King" was there and posed for knock out pictures with the fans.
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Police help fight cancer
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