COBRA Enhancements
OCA Adding Online Payment Options For COBRA/Retiree Participants
Earlier this week OCA's COBRA team announced our ability to now  remit COBRA premium payments via ACH (Electronic Funds Transfer) back to employers. The work didn't stop there!
Yesterday, we finalized our efforts  to allow COBRA and Retiree participants to make their premium payments online. COBRA and Retiree participants may continue to pay via check, but given the current state of affairs we are actively promoting the new online payment option(s). 

OCA's new online payment service provides 3 different online payment methods. The available methods include (click here to view payment guide):
  • Credit/Debit Card Payments - 3% credit/debit card surcharge will be added
  • One-time Bank Account Draft (Participant Initiated) -$2 per ACH draft fee will be added
  • Auto Bank Account Draft (Scheduled Payments)- Coming Soon
The OCA team has already begun an email campaign to all of our COBRA & Retiree participants informing them of these new payment options.  We are here to support our clients any way we can!  If you have any questions, please call us at 855-622-0777 or email us at
OCA COVID-19 Email History

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