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Wednesday, October 25, 2023 |

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This Week's Topics of Interest

* Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association Expo

* Campground Owners Expo

* Preparing for the Robot Take Over? Meet Campy!

* Thank You for Your Loyal Membership

* Tengo Internet

2023 WMA Convention & Expo – October 23-26

The Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association kicked off its 2023 convention on Tuesday. This year's theme is “WMA – Defender of Our Property Rights!”


This week CalOHA President and CEO, Dyana Kelley, was in attendance for the Western Manufactured Housing Association’s (WMA) annual Convention and Expo at The Peppermill Resort Spa and Casino in Reno, Nevada. This four-day event brings mobile home park owners from all over California together to glean the information presented and visit suppliers, attorneys, and other park owners. 

This year’s convention provided an assortment of Educational Seminars covering topics from asphalt repair and maintenance to insurance information and terminating tenants. Supplier Partner and one of CalOHA’s leading attorneys on our Legal Hotline team, John Pentecost of law firm Hart, Kienle, Pentecost presented, “The Future of Long-Term Leases – What Now?” while Paul Jensen of Hopkins and Carley sat on a panel discussing best practices in creating, building, maintaining & destroying tenancy files.

Representatives from Housing and Community Development (HCD) were on hand with updates on codes and standards. Mitchel Baker, Deputy Director and Matthew Weise, Chief of Field Operations spoke on Tuesday morning and provided insight on their ongoing staffing issues, solar arrays, permitting, and the upcoming management training program. A focus group for the certification program will begin work in February and CalOHA should be able to roll out their program by mid-2025. All parks will be required to have at least 1 person in a management capacity complete the course by May 2026.  

While not directly RV park related it is a great event to attend if you have hybrid parks or are interested in obtaining a mobile home park. If you missed out this year, do not fret, they’ve already begun planning for 2024. WMA will be hosting next year’s convention at the M Resort Spa Casino in Henderson, Nevada on October 14-17, 2024.

The Special Occupancy Parks Act, under which RV parks are regulated, is a subset of the Health and Safety Code that governs mobile home parks providing overlaps between the code and legislation and could have an effect on our industry. 

Learn More About WMA

Campground Owners Expo’s Coming Up!

The Third Annual event is happening November 29 through December 2 in Branson, Missouri.

The 2023 Campground Owners Expo (COE), owned by Severson & Associates, a Management, Training, and Consulting firm, will be held at the Hilton Branson Convention Center and is a great opportunity for Campground owners to network and learn from seasoned professionals. COE’s goal is always to improve the bottom line of your campground. They want to help you make more money, avoid costly pitfalls, and learn and grow through networking. 

A full schedule of events over the four-day conference can be found on their website.

There will be several CalOHA Supplier Partners in attendance including CampersCard, BookOutdoors, Campspot, ResNexus, and Wild Energy, Inc.

CalOHA President and CEO, Dyana Kelley, will also be in attendance, and we will be sure to report back on how it went!

For more details, or to register, please click below:

COE Full Schedule
Park Owner Registration

Making AI Work for You When it’s Hard to Find the People Who Can

Meet Campy, an AI Chatbot specifically created with Campgrounds & RV Parks in mind, he’s here to help cover where staffing issues continue to prevail.

Struggling to staff your parks? You’re not alone. Many parks around California are having a hard time finding people to work. This leaves emails, phones, and voicemails unanswered and customers frustrated. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an assistant you didn’t have to train? That’s where Campy helps out.


Brian Searl, of Insider Perks, created Campy earlier this year with the intention of giving parks some relief with their customer service questions. When you add Campy to your website it offers a 24/7 automated chat service. Campy can answer questions, assist with amenity inquiries, and even be a personal website tour guide.


Utilizing Campy can provide a better experience for anyone visiting your website which should cut down on customer service calls and allow your staff to better manage your guest's expectations for a more positive guest experience.  

To figure out what Campy is all about, we here at CalOHA went straight to the source.

“Why do you exist, Campy?”

“I exist to be your 24/7 customer service powerhouse for your RV park or campground. I'm always ready to assist, from late-night inquiries to early-morning bookings, providing instant, accurate responses. I'm not just a chatbot, I'm a tireless team member that enhances your guest experience and drives revenue. I'm always on and ready to enhance your guest experience with instant answers, saving your staff valuable time from answering repetitive questions.

Moreover, I'm like a digital concierge, providing instant answers to any question about

your campground and even the local area. I'm equipped with detailed knowledge

about everything from refunds and cancellation policies to the amenities your

guests love, and the specifics of each cabin.

I help your staff focus on what really matters – providing an exceptional guest

experience. By handling the routine inquiries, your staff can focus on the more

complex tasks, the personal interactions, the little details that turn a good

stay into a great one. With me, you’re not just saving time, you’re

transforming it into a tool for enhancing guest satisfaction and driving your


There’s no doubt he is thorough.

If you’d like to learn more about Campy and all the Insider Perks offerings, please check out their website. Searl is happy to meet people about their park needs and offers No-Cost Strategy Sessions to ask your questions without commitment. 

Insider Perks - Campy

Thank You for Your Loyal Membership

Thank you to all the wonderful members who paid their 2024 membership dues this week! We appreciate your continued support!

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