Quarter 4 - In This Issue:
San Bernardino Council of Governments Work Plan

During this month's Board of Director's meeting, COG staff presented a 3-5 year work plan that identified a vision for the future that spends the $1.4 million of fund revenue balance from the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) fund. In order to create structure and a justified foundation for proceeding with the projects, COG staff looked to the Countywide Vision to provide focus for as a guideline to the COG's Work Plan.  

Using the Countywide Vision as the guiding principles for directing the COG activities provides a foundation for consistency with the priorities of the local jurisdictions. Our goal is to support the Countywide Vision, to capitalize on the diversity of our people, our geography, and our economy to create a broad range of choices for its residents. For more information on the COG Work Plan and budget, view the October Agenda Item here.
SBCOG Welcomed CivicSpark Fellow 

CivicSpark is a Governor's Initiative AmeriCorps program dedicated to building capacity for local governments to address community resilience issues such as: climate change, water resource management, and access to opportunities. Each year, CivicSpark recruits 90 Fellows, who serve with local governments for 11 months. In collaboration with local government staff, CivicSpark Fellows implement a needed sustainability project, while also building long-term capacity to ensure the work is sustained after their service year is completed.

SBCOG is excited to welcome the CivicSpark Fellow to the team to spend the next several months working in partnership with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) to complete research on the correlations between Active Transportation and Public Health. The Fellow will help staff with data gathering, public outreach, data analysis, and reporting that will allow SBCOG to identify metrics to measure the public health benefit of active transportation projects. The research conducted will inform staff recommendations to the Board that are consistent with the Countywide Vision and have a positive impact on our community.
Inland Empire Complete Count Committee

SBCOG will be working with several member agencies and many local agencies in the county of Riverside to form an Inland Empire Complete Count Committee. The main purpose of the Complete Count Committee is to assist in the development of a state Census strategy for a complete and accurate count of California's population. Members help develop a targeted outreach campaign focused on hard-to-count communities, including individuals and families living in hard-to-find housing units, people who speak limited or no English, disabled and elderly residents, homeless communities and new immigrants.

As members of the Inland Empire Complete Count Committee, our role will be to communicate and raise awareness of the importance of Census campaign efforts, to provide expertise and insight to develop an outreach strategy leveraging existing community partnerships, identify effective outreach strategies and provide recommendations, and to collaborate with public and private partners and community-based organizations to support Census outreach.
Grant Writing Workshop

We will be hosting a Grant Writing Workshop on Tuesday, October 30, 2018 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Santa Fe Depot in San Bernardino. Discussion topics will focus on general information and tips regarding transportation and planning related grant programs and applications. For additional information, see below flyer and agenda.

Planning for 2019 City/County Conference

Planning has started for the 2019 City/County Conference that is tentatively scheduled for April 18-19 at the Lake Arrowhead Resort.

The City/County Conference is a forum for all elected officials and appointed leaders from local government across San Bernardino County to discuss issues that cross city limits, to share ideas about best practices for addressing those issues, and to come together to find ways to cooperate and work together for the benefit of the region.

If you have any suggestions for program topics or speakers, please contact Duane Baker.
Holiday LED Light Exchange and Complimentary Energy Efficient Starter Kits

The San Bernardino Regional Energy Partnership (SBREP), a program between SBCOG, Southern California Edison (SCE) and SoCalGas, is hosting its fourth annual Holiday LED Light Exchange and Free Energy Efficiency Starter Kit events.

At the events, SCE customers have the opportunity to exchange up to two incandescent holiday light strands for energy efficient LED holiday lights, and SoCalGas customers can receive a complimentary energy efficiency starter kit. This opportunity is available at NO COST to all SCE and SoCalGas residential customers in San Bernardino County. 

To participate in the holiday light exchange, SCE customers must bring a copy of their monthly bill, photo identification matching the customer address and their old incandescent holiday lights. To receive the complimentary energy efficiency starter kit, SoCalGas customers must bring a copy of their monthly bill and photo identification matching the customer address. Supplies are limited and are first come, first serve.

Event Dates & Times:

November 26th 
City of Upland Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony 
460 N. Euclid Ave. 
Upland, CA
6 p.m. - 8 p.m. 

December 1st 
City of Chino Hills Tree Lighting Ceremony
14250 Peyton Drive
Chino Hills, CA 
5 p.m. - 8 p.m. 

December 8th
City of Rialto Holiday Parade and Vendor Fair
150 Palm Ave.
Rialto, CA 
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

December 14th
Winter Wonderland at RC Family Resource Center
9791 Arrow Route 
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

For more information on the Holiday Light Exchange, please contact Nicole Soto
Morongo Basin Broadband Connectivity

The Morongo Basin Healthcare District has convened a group and initiated an effort to address the lack of broadband connection in the Morongo Basin. The lack of access amplifies concerns related to public safety, education, economic development, and medical attention.  This has impacted cities and towns such as Yucca Valley, Twentynine Palms, and a large swath of unincorporated San Bernardino County.

SBCOG is partnering with this sub-regional group in an attempt to address the subregion's need of
  • Becoming economically competitive 
  • Provide telemedicine attention
  • Ensure students have all the tools needed to succeed
  • Ensure law enforcement has the necessary tools 
We look forward to continuing to support Morongo Basin Healthcare District in this matter of addressing the lack of broadband connection.

Bi-County Climate Adaptation Plan

Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) together with SBCOG have kicked off a the Bi-County Climate Adaptation plan. The plan will address the potential effects of climate change in both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Climate Adaptation strategies reduce the vulnerability of life, property, and natural resources to climate change effects. Our goal is to begin implementing strategies that help the subregion thrive in a variety of future conditions.
City of Fontana Recognized for Energy Efficiency

The City of Fontana was recognized by the San Bernardino Regional Energy Partnership (SBREP) at their July 24th City Council meeting for implementing various energy efficiency projects, which included converting streetlights throughout the city to LED and participating in a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Optimization program for city owned facilities.

Through these efforts, the city received $1.2 million in incentives and saved more than 2,500,000 kWh, advancing them to Silver as part of Southern California Edison's (SCE) Energy Leadership Partnership (ELP) model. SCE's ELP model is a four level tiered approach in which all participating cities start at Valued and have an opportunity to advance to Silver, Gold and Platinum for achieving a combination of kWh reductions, implementation of demand response programs and community outreach.

The overall goal of the SBREP program is to support cities with implementing energy efficiency upgrades within their facilities by offering free resources and technical assistance, energy efficiency programs and encouraging them to lead by example. For more information on the SBREP program, click here
Zero Emission Vehicle Readiness and Implementation Plan Update

SBCOG held its first informal working group meeting on July 24th for the creation of a county-wide Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Readiness and Implementation Plan. Development of the Plan is being funded through a grant awarded to SBCOG from the California Energy Commission. The goal of the Plan is to create a roadmap identifying ZEV infrastructure deployment sufficient to support the County's anticipated number of ZEV's adopted, based on Governor Brown's Executive Order to have 1.5 million electric vehicles on the road by 2025 and 5 million by 2030.

Fourteen cities and various stakeholders throughout the region participated in the first working group meeting who were able to help identify opportunities, locations and overall strategy for the region. Working group participants have the opportunity to learn about ZEV's, funding opportunities and contribute to the roadmap of potential "shovel-ready" projects that can be used to seek future grant funding for implementation of ZEV infrastructure.

The next working group meeting is scheduled for October 24th at SBCOG's offices, for more information contact Nicole Soto.

Monique Reza-Arellano
Council of Governments Administrator
San Bernardino Council of Governments