Virtual Events and Programs for the Russian-speaking 
Jewish  Community
MAY 13-27, 2020

D ear friends!

Spring is in full bloom, and we are making the best of these challenging times.
The month of May was full of emotional days and events. We marked May 9th, the 75th anniversary of the Allied Victory in Europe in WWII. COJECO volunteers have been delivering care packages and flowers to our veterans, making sure that on this special occasion they're celebrated and honored. Our  community initiative, History in Portraits: 75 years of WWII Victory in Europe  - has brought together so many community members who share  the photos of their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents - the WWII Veterans, along with their amazing personal stories. Families with children have been creating and mailing post cards for WWII veterans. We're overwhelmed by our community's response.
At these challenging times organizations like COJECO need more support than ever. We're so  grateful to all our followers and supporters.  Nobody expected what Covid-19 brought. Without skipping a beat, COJECO transitioned to virtual programming:  we created innovative online content that engaged community members of all ages,  we partnered with grassroots initiatives to reach broader community,  we have mobilized volunteers to deliver care packages to WWII veterans and children to make hand-made cards, we launched a Virtual Academy of Russian Jewish Heritage.
Please make your donation today, it will help COJECO mobilize and support the Russian-speaking Jewish Community of NY/NJ and beyond.
In our newsletter we continue to share with you unique virtual projects, events and initiatives: Shabbat celebrations, COJECO Virtual Academy of the Russian-Jewish Heritage sessions, lectures, concerts, kids and teenagers activities, and even a virtual single mingle. 
Please stay healthy and enjoy these programs!
We are here for you!

Your COJECO Family
COJE CO Programs and Events
Shabbat in Bloom 
In Partnership with PJ Library for Russian-speaking Families in New York 
Every Friday in May, at 5PM

For the month of May, COJECO is proud to partner with the  PJ Library for Russian-speaking Families in New York  to bring to you Shabbat in Bloom. There is a limited number of spots available in this multi-sensory interactive program - so register today!
COJECO & RPNJ: Laila Tov Baby and Parents
Wednesday, May 13th, at 8:30PM

Regina Iut-Bensinger is a professional and certified children's sleep consultant. Regina will speak about an innovative Israeli sleep program called Laila Tov (Good Night). She will teach how to avoid the typical sleep mistakes of first time parents and how to teach the little ones healthy and safe sleep habits.
Weekly Torah Portion through the eyes of a Contemporary RSJ
Thursday , May 14th, at 7PM

Yigal Kotler, COJECO Director of Jewish Education, welcomes Yuri Tabak. Yuri has a degree in economic cybernetics, and is a well-known religion scholar, translator, and author of books and articles related to biblical topics and interfaith relations. In this live dialogue, Yigal and Yuri will take a fresh look at the weekly Torah portion, discussing its relevance for the Russian-speaking Jews today.
COJECO & RPNJ: Lag BaOmer Live Concert
Saturday , May 16th, at 9PM

Lag BaOmer is a Jewish holiday traditionally celebrated with a Kumzits- a musical gathering by the campfire.
Please join us for a Lag BaOmer live concert by our virtual campfire.
9:00PM - Aleksandr Akselrod
9:30PM - Gary and Leeza Katz
10:00PM - Vlad Trostin
10:30PM - Yan Partselan (Israel) 
COJECO & RPNJ: Believe in Music Studio 1st Virtual Tribute Concert
Sunday , May 17th, at 7:30PM

Believe in Music Studio will host its First Virtual Tribute Concert in collaboration with COJECO and RPNJ.
First virtual Tribute Concert for all essential workers who sacrifice their time and life during this pandemic. 
Jews and the Sunset of the Russian Empire (1905-1916)
by COJECO Virtual Academy of the Russian Jewish Heritage
 in partnership with Federation CJA
Tuesday , May 26th, at 7:30PM

The session will focus on the history of Jews in Russia in the last decade of the Russian Empire. We will trace the stories of different Jews: victims of the pogroms of 1905, emigrants to America and Palestine, Deputies of the State Duma, Anarchists, Bundists, Zionists, brilliant writers, scientists, lawyers, and adventurers.
COJECO BluePrint Fellowship Events
Russian Jewish Single Mingle Virtual Happy Hour
Thursday , May 14th, at 9PM
Project by Inna Shaulskaya

Please join this evening of fun and a chance at love!
On the menu:
*Virtual mingling with other Russian Jewish singles 25-45 yrs old
*Beverages - BYOB
Community Programs and Events
OpenDor Media presents
Game Changers - Live Shows with Jewish Thought Leaders

COJECO is partnering with OpenDor Media to bring thought leaders directly to our community. Twice a week, we'll introduce you to Jewish thought leaders who are breaking the mold and impacting the Jewish world.  Game Changers streams live on the Unpacked YouTube channel on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3PM. Each 30-minute episode features an interview with a leading Jewish personality. We will explore their background and learn about how they became Jewish change makers. 
Чай со Шпунтиком 
by PJ Library for Russian-speaking Families in New York 
Several dates and times

The Puppet Shpuntik will invite children and families into his home and discuss his favorite teas and foods from different countries. Children will enjoy an interactive PJ Library story in Russian. They will sing songs, and make crafts with Shpuntik, all while guided in Russian.
When Sonia Met Boris: Stories of Love and Family in Stalin's Soviet Union
by JPA - Jewish Parent Academy
Wednesday, May 13th, at 8PM

Singer-songwriter Psoy Korolenko and Anna Shternshis present a lecture/concert program featuring Soviet Jewish stories, anecdotes, songs and jokes in Russian and Yiddish. Sometimes sad, more often hilarious, always unforgettable, these narratives and artifacts transport us to the world of dilemmas, self-deprecating humor and controversies of the Soviet Jewish experience.
Ask MJH with Director of Collections and Research
Friday, May 15th, at 2PM

Susan Woodland, the Museum's Director of Collections and Research, answers your questions about the Museum's collection and your own family Jewish heritage objects.
For more information before the Q&A, please see the Collections page on the Museum website
The Paper Bag Players at Home - Virtual Family Performance
by The Jewish Museum
Sunday, May 17th, at 11AM

The Paper Bag Players at Home with the JM, will capture several members of the Bags sharing songs, stories, and luckily charming props which may be found in their homes. During the program families will also be invited to create with The Paper Bag Players using materials such as cardboard, paper bags, (of course) and more. For ages 3 to 8.
Sunday, May 17th, at 2PM

Experimental online theatre installation  with participation of actors and creators from Moscow, New York, Paris and Israel. Including Anya Zicer, Ashton Muniz, Dima Koan, Di Zhu, Rebecca Karpovsky, Gera Sandler, Anastasia Medvedeva, Pavel Shatu, Varya Shmikova, Miriam Sekhon.
Celebrate Israel
by Jewish Explorer and Zionist Organization of America
Sunday, May 17th, at 2PM

Mega event on Zoom and Facebook live. 
Join us in the show of Jewish solidarity and support of Israel and Zionism, as we celebrate Israel's independence together.
- words of inspiration from Rabbis
- greetings from community leaders and members of Knesset
- Jewish music to uplift the spirits.
Bible and Art: Evolution of Imagery Through Time
by Kibbutznik: JCH at Park Slope
Sunday, May 17th, at 5PM

Virtual May Salon Series with Artist in Residence Yulia Patrakova. How has the image of biblical heroes evolved over 1,500 years? How Rembrandt read the Bible? Let's try to answer these questions together.
Russian Story Time and Sing Along with Zhenya Lopatnik
by Kibbutznik: JCH at Park Slope
Wednesdays, May 20th and 27th, at 11:30AM

Join Kibbutznik virtually for story-time and sing along with host Zhenya Lopatnik. Classes with music, guitar, and stories in Russian for kids from 3 to 6 y. o.

L'Chaim! Instagram Live Conversation with Laurie Simmons
Thursday, May 21st, at 5PM

L'Chaim! is inspired by a series of exhibitions of commissioned artwork for the Jewish Museum lobby. Inaugurated in 2012 with an installation by Lawrence Weiner, a diverse group of artists presented their work in the most public-facing space.
Viral: Antisemitism In Four Mutations
Tuesday, May 26th, at 9PM

Mass murders, vandalism, social media abuse, propaganda, assault - by virtually every yardstick, the Antisemitism in the U.S. and Europe is rising and worsening in ways not seen since the 1930s. Filmmaker Andrew Goldberg explores its infectious behavior in his film.
Host Margarita Korol speaks with fellow Russian-speaking Jewish young professionals on their efforts to build community. In this second episode of Not Your Babushka's Russian Speaking Jew, she explores the "why" that drives RSJ young professionals, with and without recent immigration out of the FSU. 
Diarna - The Geo-Museum 

Diarna (דיארנא ديارنا "Our homes" in Judeo-Arabic): The Geo-Museum of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Life is working to digitally preserve the physical remnants of Jewish history throughout the region. We are in a race against time to capture site data and record place-based oral histories before even the memories of these communities are lost.
Center for Jewish History

Center for Jewish History and partner collections span five thousand years, with tens of millions of archival documents (in dozens of languages and alphabet systems), more than 500,000 volumes, as well as thousands of artworks, textiles, ritual objects, recordings, films, and photographs. 
All of YIVO's Shine Online courses are now free

These courses provide meaningful content to sustain our minds and soul during these uncertain times. You're invited to use this time to broaden your knowledge and learn about Jewish music, theater, literature, folklore and the history of our people and to access our many other free online resources.
  Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan VIRTUAL PROGRAMS  

During this unprecedented time, our friends and partners at  Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan are busy creating innovative opportunities for the community. This is in order to stay connected and engaged. In some cases, this will help to continue hosting programs previously scheduled by making them accessible to you in your home.  

 Especially today, the world of culture is more important than ever. Enjoy curator-led visits as well as virtual self-tours that open up new vistas of Archaeology, Fine Arts, and Jewish Art and Life.

Has social distancing or lockdown got you stuck at home? Take a virtual tour of some of Italy's most gorgeous historic Jewish heritage sites.  Online tours (in English and Italian) provide s elf-guided, room-by-room (and/or 360 degree zoomable) experiences. Navigation is optimized for a computer, tablet or smartphone.
Broadway is dark, but NYTF Will B ring the Stage to You 

Starting this week, Yiddish Theatre Company is launching Folksbiene LIVE! It's an online celebration of Yiddish culture featuring livestreamed theater, American Jewish performers, workshops, and other events. This is to entertain audiences of all ages. 
Tikvah Live: A Special Online Lecture Series

Jewish life, for the time being, has moved out of our public spaces of worship, learning, and community and into the private sphere. In this period of quarantine and social distancing, Tikvah is announcing the launch of "Tikvah Live": A Special Online Lecture Series.
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