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for children, adults, and the whole family

This season be ready for when VIRUSES come knocking with evidence-based
preventative strategies.
This season's COLD & FLU KIT includes the following evidence-based preventative strategies:
  • anti-viral herbal formula including elderberry and echinacea
  • vitamins including A, C & D
  • minerals including zinc
  • nutraceuticals including quercetin and melatonin
PLUS: a user manual complete with dosage recommendations, specific dietary suggestions, and detailed lifestyle tips to help support your immune system in keeping viruses at bay.

Please note that the kits are invoiced as naturopathic services, thereby eligible for private insurance coverage, where applicable.

As the cold & flu season progresses, should you wish to re-order individual items of the kit, simply complete our online order form (individual items will be invoiced at standard clinic prices).
CHILD KIT (2-16 yrs old) :
  • includes 5 products in liquid / powder form which can be combined in any liquid / soft food taken at meal time
  • lasts 7-10 weeks for a single child, (depends on dose recommendations based on the child's age)
  • costs $190 +tx which represents a saving of over $50
ADULT KIT (17 yrs old +) :
  • includes 5 products in liquid / capsule form taken at different times of the day depending on the supplement,
  • lasts 6-7 weeks for a single adult, and
  • costs $205 +tx which represents a saving of over $50
FAMILY KIT (2-99 yrs old) :
  • includes 7 products in liquid / powder / capsule form, some of which can be combined in any liquid / soft food taken at meal time, while others are to be taken at different times of the day,
  • lasts 4-7 weeks, depending on the number of family members, as well as the age(s) of your child(ren), and
  • costs $260 +tx which represents a saving of over $70
ALL sales are final (no replacements / returns/ reimbursements/ exchanges)

To place your order today,
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Should you experience symptoms of COVID-19 or have any further questions, please contact your local health authoritities by dialing 8-1-1 or by consulting Quebec's Institute of Public Health.

If you have any of the following conditions, take any of the following types of medications, or have questions regarding your personal health situation, then I suggest scheduling an appointment to discuss matters further prior to ordering the COLD & FLU KIT.

  • Pregnancy | Breastfeeding
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Undergoing cancer treatment
  • Undergoing immune-suppressive therapy
We wish you all much health, compassion, and strength for the coming months.
Be well.