Over 180 college programs and publications will be in attendance at the 2018 GymRat CHALLENGE on May 26-27.  For all college programs, entry to the event and access to all rosters and player information is controlled through your GymRat RECRUITING INDEX subscription . If your subscription for the 2018 calendar year is active, your all set.  If you need to renew your subscription or need more information, please CLICK HERE and follow the easy steps outlined below.

The GymRat CHALLENGE is the only event in the nation that creates RECRUITING PROFILES for ALL players competing in the event. Those profiles are contained in a system known as the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX where they can be searched by college coaches and evaluators across the country year-round.  The GymRat RECRUITING INDEX is the most targeted and effective basketball recruiting profile service in the nation.  

FOR THOSE THAT CANNOT ATTEND THE EVENT IN PERSON DUE TO NCAA RECRUITING CALENDAR RESTRICTIONS, GymRat RECRUITING INDEX subscriptions still allow access to our player database, communication tools, and post-event reports.  In addition, all GymRat CHALLENGE games will be streamed live on BallerTV. 

  1. GRRIGymRat RECRUITING INDEX subscriptions run on a calendar year basis and expire on December 31st of each year. 
  2. That annual subscription to the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX costs $99 (the BEST deal in sports) and gets your program the following:
    • The ability to search that database based on a number of demographics
    • The ability to view electronic rosters and player profile information on any computer, tablet, or mobile device for all players competing in any GymRat event.
      • All rosters for the 2018 GymRat CHALLENGE are already loaded and searchable in the system.
    • The ability to quickly and easily send bulk messages to players in the GymRat database
    • The ability to send and receive individual messages to players through the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX's internal messaging function.
    • Access to the comprehensive 50+ page annual GymRat Report detailing ALL-GymRat performers and event highlights from all GymRat events.
  3. Through your GymRat RECRUITING INDEX subscription, all of these functions are available to your program year-round....24 x 7 x 365 

    • If you cannot remember your username, do NOT create a new account. SImply click the FORGOT USERNAME link.
    • If you cannot remember your password, do NOT create a new account. Simply click on the FORGOT PASSWORD link.
    • Only your original account is linked to your program.  Creating a new account will prevent you from having access to your previous information.
    • The system was designed to save all of your data year over year in order to make player research and tracking easier for you each year. Log into YOUR original account each time to enjoy those benefits 
  1. Once logged in, click on the MY PROGRAMS link in the blue navigation bar on the left side of the screen
  2. To renew your subscription: RENEW
    • Scroll to the bottom of your RECRUITING DASHBOARD to the SUBSCRIPTION SECTION
    • In that section your subscription EXPIRATION DATE will be displayed
    • If that expiration date has passed, simply click on the RENEW link on the right side of the box and follow the prompts
    • The system will automatically e-mail you a receipt for your renewal.
 IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A GymRat account:
  1. Visit https://gymratchallenge.com/gymrat/ 
  2. Click on the Recruit @ GymRat link in the blue navigation area
  3. Click on Need an account? Click here.
  4. Follow the simple prompts on the screen to give your program full access to the GymRat RECRUITING INDEX.
  5. IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED THAT YOU CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT AND SUBSCRIPTION BEFORE THE EVENT in order to save time at the event and allow your program to have access to rosters prior to the event tip-off.
  1. GAME SCHEDULES have been released to http://gymratchallenge.com/boys-event/game-schedules/  on Monday, May 21st. 
  2. On each day of the event, doors will be open to all venues at 7:00 AM with games beginning at 8:00 AM
  3. COLLEGE COACHES CHECK-IN areas will be clearly marked at  all 11 Grade venues
  4. Our staff will check you in.  
  5. If you already have a GymRat RECRUITING INDEX subscription, our staff will locate that in the system and provide you with your Event Pass and Event Program, and you will be on your way. Your $99 annual subscription is all you need to gain entry to the event.  That subscription also gets you one Event Pass and one Event Program. For additional staff members,, Event Passes are $20 and Event Programs are $5.
  6. If you need to complete your GymRat RECRUITING INDEX subscription, there will be iPADS and laptops available for you to complete that process on site, however.
    in order to save time at the event and allow your program to have access to rosters prior to the event tip-off.

Out of thousands of grassroots basketball events across the country,  USA Basketball has selected the  GymRat CHALLENGE  as one of only 22 events nationally that will be an Official Qualifier for the USA Basketball U.S. Open Basketball Championships.  This unique endorsement is a testament to the quality and reputation of the GymRat CHALLENGE.

 Based in Colorado Springs, CO, USA Basketball is the national governing body for men's and women's basketball in the United States. As the recognized governing body for basketball in the United States by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), USA Basketball is responsible for the selection, training and fielding of USA teams that compete in FIBA sponsored international basketball competitions, as well as for some national competitions, and for the development of youth basketball initiatives that address player development, coach education and licensing, and safety.  For more information on the USA Basketball U.S. Open Basketball Championships, please visit https://www.usab.com/youth/us-open-basketball-championships.aspx