VIL is Spring Cleaning!
Come check it out!
Believe it or not spring is almost here. How do we at VIL spring clean?
By switching out our light fixtures of course!
You have to come by and see what is NEW!!!
You may or may not know, besides our 1,000+ square foot light lab, our entire building is a show room! Each office and area shows off different fixtures from many of our manufacturers. Why? Inspiration! What a better way to experience these fixtures but through real life installations?!?!

If you haven't been here in a while... YOU SHOULD COME!
Have an end user that needs some direction... YOU SHOULD BRING THEM!
If there is a group of you... LUNCH AND LEARN ANYONE?!?!
The coffee is always on and Dave always has a story ready to tell.

Want a sneak peek? Keep scrolling!
We have everything below installed and much more!
Nora PRISM RGBW Retrofit Downlights
Bloom in our Conference Room
Simply pop in this retro fit trim and you can completely transform a space. Make it warm, cool, or any color with a remote control or your smart phone. The best part, the economical price my surprise you. Contact us today for our quote! See ours in action in the video to the right.
Prima's Contor IV, with it's many finish and glass options now welcome you in our lobby. We can change the color the glass appears with interchangeable colored disks. Change for the season or however the mood hits you.
We brightened up our copy area taking out the old T5 linear and replacing them with Metalumen's Rail. These are available recessed, surface, suspended, wall... the possibilities are endless!
Quickship options too!
Want to see more?
We also recently installed the following.
Click on each for more info or visit our office to experience in person.
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