Selection of Procurement Type during Bid Posting Process
December 10, 2021

As announced in the June 16, 2021, Compliance Advisory, the Operational Services Division (OSD) is analyzing Procurement Level III Agency COMMBUYS compliance and is providing agencies information to manage their procurement activity through the monthly COMMBUYS Compliance report. 
Consistent with COMMBUYS compliance policy, all Executive Agencies must utilize COMMBUYS to post, respond, and award every Agency bid. Effective December 13, 2021, Executive Agencies additionally will be required to classify bids posted to the system. As part of the bid posting process, purchasers will select the appropriate Procurement Type from a dropdown menu and, depending upon the option selected, will be prompted to enter an Estimated Award Date. Buyers will find the Procurement Type selection field on the bottom left of the General tab, just below the SBPP eligibility selection.

The table below specifies the available Procurement Types and whether an Estimated Award Date is required.
Procurement Types
The selection of Bid Procurement Type for Executive Agencies is part of the COMMBUYS enhancements OSD is implementing this quarter. Buyers may find a complete list of this quarter’s enhancements on COMMBUYS as of Monday, December 13, 2021.

We appreciate every Agency’s effort to continue advancing the Commonwealth’s fair, equitable, and transparent procurement policies.
If you find that additional Procurement Types are needed or if you have questions, please contact the OSD Help Desk.