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SEPTEMBER 28, 2017
At the September 26, 2017 Board of Trustees meeting, Trustees voted unanimously to adopt a map that moves the Dublin Unified School District to "by-trustee-area" elections beginning with the November 2018 election cycle.

The adopted map, labeled "Pink A", is a revised version of a map generated by a member of the community using the toolkit provided by the District. The adopted map and its corresponding demographic information can be found at this link on the District website:

Adopted Map 9.26.17

The map divides the District into five "by-trustee-areas". The areas are divided based on population - using the 2010 Census and more current 2017 population data as sources - with a variance of no more than 10 percent between the largest and the smallest population areas. Board members will remain in their elected seats through the end of their prescribed terms. The seats currently occupied by Trustees Megan Rouse and Dan Cherrier are up for election in November 2018.

As Trustee Rouse resides in Trustee Area 2 on the adopted map, and Trustee Cherrier resides in Area 5, those two areas will be voting to elect Trustees in the November 2018 election. The remaining areas will vote to elect Trustees in November 2020. Voters in Dublin will vote once every four years to elect a Trustee representing their trustee area. And "by-Trustee-area" maps will be revised based on the results of the 2020 Census and adjusted every 10 years thereafter.

The District's adopted map will be submitted to the Alameda County Board of Education, serving as the County Committee on School District Organization for approval.  Following the County Committee's approval and the State Board of Education's approval of the anticipated District's waiver request, the map will be submitted to the County Registrar of Voters for use during the November 2018 election.

"I'm proud of the process the District engaged in to address this issue," said Board President Megan Rouse. "The process was independent, transparent and inclusive of the community. Although we are changing how trustees are elected, I'm confident every Trustee will remain committed to serve all Dublin students, families and the entire community."

The origin of this transition was a legal demand letter from a Southern California attorney, who requested the Board act to make this change under the CVRA. Cities and school districts throughout the state have been facing legal challenges to "at-large" systems. More than 140 school districts in the state of California have switched from at-large systems to the "by-trustee-area" model since the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) was passed in 2001.  The intent of a "by-trustee area" system is to provide greater opportunity to members of protected classes to elect candidates of choice or influence the outcomes of elections in a way that an "at-large" system may diminish.

On July 24, 2017, at a Special Meeting, the Board of Trustees approved a resolution to initiate the process of transitioning the District to "by-trustee-area" elections. The Board expressed its view at the time that the transition would reduce the District's risk of costly litigation.
That approval began a 90-day, legally prescribed process in which community input was taken through a series of meetings and Board public hearings. The District has held a total of nine community input meetings/Public Hearings since August 8. Map options - which divided the District into five 'by-trustee-areas' - were developed by both an independent demographer and members of the community. Maps that were compliant under CVRA and federal election law were publicly presented to both the community and Board and revisions were made based on community feedback and the acquisition of additional data.

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