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OCTOBER 18, 2017

Dear Dublin families:

Yesterday's fire in Dublin and the devastating wildfires still burning in our region have heightened our awareness of fire danger close to home.
While many of our schools were already out for the day at the time we first got reports of the fires and none of our campuses were located directly in the area evacuated later in the afternoon, Fallon Middle School did cancel afternoon and evening activities out of an abundance of caution when the Dublin Police Department notified us that evacuation orders were issued for nearby neighborhoods where many of Fallon families live. Other campus sites in the area were also prepared to implement procedures to secure their campuses as the incident progressed.
We are very relieved this morning that our community escaped unscathed. 
As we have for the past week, we continue to monitor air quality and current conditions in our area daily and have authorized our school principals to apply modifications and procedures to protect students and staff during the course of the school day, as well as after-school activities, such as athletics.
In addition, school sites will be conducting our annual review of school safety plans. We will be working together with site and district leaders as well as local emergency response agencies in the coming weeks to refine, communicate, and practice our school safety procedures, with a particular eye toward keeping our kids safe should wildfires spring up close to home or school.
Thank you to Fallon site leadership for their quick action and to parents, staff, and emergency responders who worked to help us secure and evacuate the Fallon campus safely yesterday and those who assist with safety on a daily basis.

Michelle McDonald
Public Information and Community Relations Officer

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