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November 3, 2017

Dublin High School principal Maureen Byrne sent a message to the DHS Community on Thursday, responding to an on-campus incident that has been widely reported in the media in the last two days. We wanted to share her  important message with  the entire community. We support DHS' efforts to continue an ongoing dialogue on campus regarding these critical issues.

Dear Dublin High Community,
Many of you are aware that an incident occurred on campus recently that began with a racial slur. One of the things I have always been proud of is that DHS is diverse and students feel safe and included. This was not the case in this incident. While our legal obligation to protect student privacy means I cannot speak directly regarding consequences, I can assure our community that the actions of the students involved were appropriately addressed and consequences were assigned.
DHS always strives to be a diverse and inclusive community. An incident like this is a painful reminder that we continue to have important work to do.
We are continuing an ongoing dialogue with our students to ensure they feel safe and supported. Our students will also be surveyed to assess how they feel on campus. This will help us take an honest look at our issues of safety and climate. We will continue to work with our clubs and organizations who represent all students. We are committed to continued education for our entire campus community and will look for additional opportunities to bring in programs and speakers to bolster those efforts.
Today, in our morning announcements, I reminded students the following:
"ANY language or words that make a person or groups of people feel unsafe or targeted could be considered a hate crime. This includes derogatory comments regarding a person's race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual preference and identification. We should not tolerate others saying this. We cannot tolerate this. Any time this is reported to administration, we address it. I ask the same of everyone. As a school, if we let such terms or words be said unaddressed we are giving our silent approval. We need to, as a community, stand up and make sure others know this is not who we are. Dublin High, we are not OK with any language or actions that make others feel unsafe or unwelcome. We are better than that and I ask that we move forward making others feel accepted and included."
While this incident has been heartbreaking on many levels, I hope that this encourages conversations both at school and at home. I want our community to be assured that we take this incident seriously and responded with immediate action. Let us continue to remind each other to speak out against hurtful words and actions.
Please feel free to contact me with specific questions or concerns
Thank you.
Maureen Byrne, Dublin High Principal

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