Volume 06| June 2021

On Thursday June 3rd, more than 50 employers participated in the McLean County Chamber of Commerce Walk-Up Job Fair representing over 1,200 jobs in McLean County.

If you missed the event, make sure to see a list of the employers who participated on the Chamber website. Click on the company logos to see open positions.

The Job Fair is part of the Chamber's BN Back to Work campaign to raise awareness of the multiple employment opportunities available in McLean County.
Stacy Bile ~ Resource Development VISTA
Rebecca Forsythe ~ Community Engagement VISTA

The COMPACT AmeriCorps VISTA project is wrapping up in June! For the past 12 month COMPACT has hosted two AmeriCorps VISTA members to support McLean County’s overarching goal to have 60% of the population with a postsecondary credential by 2025 while focusing on equitable access to success. The VISTA members service focused on COMPACT’s ability to serve more people and new populations, while also expanding the types of workforce development services provided.

Stacy Bile and Rebecca Forsythe served as our Resource Development and Community Engagement VISTA members. While this year was a unique service experience COMPACT would like to congratulate both these women on their dedication to service in McLean County.

Both will be focused on continuing their education,. Stacy will be pursuing her Masters Degree from ISU this fall in College Student Personnel Administration and will hold an assistantship in the office of International Programs at Heartland Community College.

Rebecca will be serving another VISTA term through Heartland Community College and will assist with the development of a new Office of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement while working to publish her thesis and apply for Ph.D. programs.

Congratulation to Stacy and Rebecca!

Learn more about AmeriCorps VISTA

The U of I Extensions is hosting Summer AITC Workshop for Teachers June 8th- 11th, 2021.


The events include 4 Days of field trips, tours, and hands on lesson ideas. Geared toward pre-K to grade 12 educators.

Find out more about the Ag Institute here.
  • To broaden the resources that students can use to plan for life after high school, Network Organizers introduced students to the ISAC Student Portal and the Illinois Postsecondary Profiles. Read More Here.

  • To support the creation of innovative team-based challenges, the Illinois Work-Based Learning Innovation Network (I-WIN), a project of EdSystems, is providing a statewide resource bank with ideas and examples from Illinois schools. Explore the resources here.

  • The link is open to apply for PNC First Grant! The PNC First Grant program provides teachers the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to $750 to assist in the implementation of innovative and creative classroom projects that otherwise would not occur due to lack of funding. The application will close Sunday, September 19, 2021. Read More Here.

  • The challenges of a pandemic economy are evident in the labor market outcomes of 2020 college graduates, who have experienced a downturn in employment and labor force participation, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of data from January to October collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read More Here.

  • A growing number of higher education and scholarship institutions are offering incentives to students who have earned the new College and Career Pathway Endorsements. These incentives are designed to help attract high school students into secondary to postsecondary pathways and increase college completion rates. Read More Here.
  • Check out the Chamber's event calendar to learn about opportunities to get involved with the Chamber!
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