In New Orleans, the Liberty Place monument was vandalized sometime over the weekend. 

On one side, vandals threw red paint on the monument which sits outside of Canal Place.  On another side of the monument, vandals painted "Take em all down now."

The effort to remove the Liberty Place monument is being handled separately from the three other confederate monuments that the city is attempting to remove. 


Statues of Confederate military leaders could be staying in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia. 

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Monuments and Public Spaces voted 6-3 Tuesday evening to let the statues remain in place.

Commission members have been tasked with recommending to city officials how to best handle the issues surrounding statues of General "Stonewall" Jackson in Court Square and General Robert E. Lee in Lee Park, as well as other landmarks and monuments.

Having voted, the Commission will next put together a draft proposal. The public will then get a chance to preview that draft during a forum scheduled to take place at Walker Upper Elementary School on November 10.

The final meeting for the Commission will be held on November 28.  The official presentation to Charlottesville City Council will be on December 19.


York Technical College says they will not allow the Confederate flag to be displayed at the upcoming Sons of Confederate Veterans annual national meeting scheduled on its campus next May. Monday's announcement comes after the school was criticized about the event.

In an hour-long press conference, York Tech 's administration explained they are legally obligated to allow the event to happen on their campus, but made it clear the Confederate flag will be banned.

"I denounce the use of the Confederate flag and all of the negativity, racism and hatred associated with the flag," York Technical College President Greg Rutherford said.

Rutherford heatedly admonished local media for implying that Confederate flags will be allowed on campus for the event. "This is irresponsible journalism," he pressed. "Do you not have ethics? Who holds you accountable? Apologize on the front page, where you condemned us."

Rutherford claims that the school has spent $30,000 on legal advice to see if they could terminate the contract with the SCV only to discover they could not. But Rutherford made it clear they will not allow the group to display the Confederate flag. "I will personally go around, pick them up and put them in the trash myself," he said.
Local NAACP leaders responded that they expect that to be enforced.

On Monday evening, the SCV issued a statement to NBC News that this was news to them and that the school had told them nothing about the ban.


Earlier this week, at a press conference in Rock Hill, South Carolina,
NAACP Jaques Days said, "We respect heritage....but there's also been a lot of things that have come out of that group that indicate division, racism and hatred."


Several students at Bloomington High School North wanted school officials to know what they think of a recently imposed ban on the Confederate flag in school.
So they simply ignored the school decree issued Wednesday and donned Confederate clothing anyway to protest the decision. 

We reported the ban last week that was instituted because some students wore Confederate flags as capes, arguing the display is constitutionally protected free speech. Principal Jeffry M. Henderson disagreed, and issued a ban on the symbol last week Wednesday night, as well as a prepared statement outlining his reasoning for the censorship in a letter sent home to parents.

This week, students defied the ban and wore clothing with Confederate symbols and were immediately confronted by school officials, who demanded that they change or go home. Two students opted to comply, the remaining students took option two.

The Indianapolis Star points out that Confederate symbols are also drawing the attention of North Central High School. 


Delta State University on Thursday evening joined the state's other public colleges in lowering the Mississippi flag. 

William N. LaForge, Delta State University's president, made the announcement in a news release, adding that the flag would would be retired to the university archives.

"I wish to make it clear that this university is making an institutional decision on this issue because the state government has declined to change the flag.... in the absence of state action, we are making a decision" LaForge said in the release.

If Hillary Clinton wins next week's election, the United States will immediately be plunged into a constitutional crisis the likes of which we have not seen since at least Watergate. Perhaps not since the War Between the States.
In truth, this current situation is far worse than Watergate because you would have a presidential nominee coming into office under criminal investigation for the highest of crimes that could be committed by someone who will then take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.
All the millions of Americans who voted against her - and even many who voted for her - will not believe a single word of her oath. She will begin her presidency with zero credibility.
From there, things will only get worse.
If she wins, President Obama will pardon her before he leaves office. I predict he will pardon her late on the Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving Day, when America has gone shopping. She will be the third turkey Mr. Obama pardons at the White House that week.
After all, Mr. Obama has said repeatedly that Mrs. Clinton has merely committed honest and simple mistakes with her email. She is being held to a higher standard because she is a woman. It's all a vast right wing conspiracy against her.
He and the Clinton mafia and an alarming number of loyal Democratic voters summarily dismiss the mounting evidence that Mrs. Clinton shows stunning disregard for national security, lies with impunity and used her position as secretary of state to enrich herself to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.
The depth of her dishonesty and the breadth of her corruption is unmatched in history.
In the case of Watergate, President Nixon was cast out of the White House and then pardoned.
In this case, Mrs. Clinton would be pardoned - and then cast INTO the White House.
When Nixon departed the White House, he was heeding bipartisan political will. Hillary Clinton will be clinging to power amid acrid partisanship.
The explanation Mr. Obama will give for pardoning her is that she cannot have all these charges and accusations and investigations hanging over her as she assumes the mantle of commander in chief.
Mr. Obama himself has displayed a cavalier disregard for the constitution and the rule of law and a bold willingness to push partisan politics where no president before him has. Pardoning Mrs. Clinton would be as easy for him as signing his name.
Even if by some wild twist, Mr. Obama failed to pardon her, how long do you think it would take President Hillary Clinton to pardon herself? She would then proceed to take the Justice Department - already politicized like never before under Mr. Obama - and further turn it into a political operation to protect herself and her cronies and pursue her enemies.
Meanwhile, a Republican congress would be forced to begin the process of impeaching yet another President Clinton.
America, buckle up!


At a campaign event in Iowa, Ted Cruz told a large crowd:  "This election has been one wild ride, but the stakes in this election have never been higher." He noted that maintaining GOP control of Congress and "putting a Republican in the White House" amounted to the "whole enchilada."

Standing at a podium with a Trump-Pence logo, Cruz praised several Iowa Republicans, including Rep. Steve King and Sen. Charles Grassley. 

On Thursday, Cruz made another campaign stop for Trump, this time in Michigan, telling the crowd, "You oughta vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence and Republicans up and down the ticket." 

In Iowa and Michigan, Cruz delivered his pitch to the base. Cruz is scheduled to actively campaign for Trump up until election day. This election just gets more and more interesting. 


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General Spanky is a full-length (not a short) comedy film released to theatres on December 11, 1936.
Spanky (George McFarland), Alfalfa (Carl Switzer), Buckwheat (Billie Thomas) and others form an army called "The Royal Protection of Women and Children Regiment Club of the World and Mississippi River." The group sees unexpected action when Union troops approach, engaging in battles more farcical than fierce. Using clowning tactics instead of military tactics, the kids stop the advance...and later save an adult friend from the firing squad.

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Major League Baseball teams have a roster of 40 players, 25 of which will be active at any given time. 
When you eliminate the 8 foreign-born players on the Cubs 40-man roster you have 32 American-born players and 16 of them are good ol' Southern boys.
Here is the breakdown:
From Florida:
  • Albert Almora
  • Addison Russell
  • Javier Báez
  • David Ross (raised)
  • Anthony Rizzo
  From Arkansas:
  • Travis Wood
  From Texas:
  • John Lackey
  From Missouri:
  • Pierce Johnson
  • Jake Arrieta
  From South Carolina:
  • Jason Hammel
  • Carl Edwards
From Bristol, Tennessee / Virginia:
  • Justin Grimm
From Georgia:
  • Dexter Fowler
  • David Ross (born)
From Maryland / Mississippi
  • Chris Coghlan
  From North Carolina:
  • Jake Buchanan
From Oklahoma:
  • Dallas Beeler
All 8 of the foreign-born players are from countries south of the Mason Dixon Line. So the 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs are an overwheminngly Southern team. 

After the World Series Win, 1st Baseman Anthony Rizzo told reporters, "Rizzo said. "Everyone back home in Florida... it's just, it's what dreams are made of."

The Cubs 2nd Baseman told stories of playing High School ball in Jacksonville, Florida. All of the Florida players turned huge plays during the game which was kicked off by a Georgia boy who hit a lead-off Home Run on the game's 4th pitch. 

This picture dates back to the 1960's. It was taken at Wrigley Field. Back then, the Cubs had a star catcher named Randy Hundley. When the Virginian came up to bat, a Battle Flag would be waved in the bleachers. 

In one of our early weekly newsletters we began a conversation about baseball during the War Between the States. Early forms of baseball had already become High Society's pastime years before the first shots of The War were fired at Fort Sumter, but it was the mass participation of everyday soldiers that helped spread the game's popularity across the nation. 

During the War Between the States, countless baseball games were organized in Army Camps and prisons on both sides of the Mason Dixon Line. Very little documentation exists on these games and most information has been derived from letters written by both officers and enlisted men to their families on the home front. 

For the hundreds of pictures taken during The War there is only one photo in the National Archives that clearly captured a baseball game underway. Several newspaper artists also depicted primitive ballgames and other forms of recreation devised to help boost troop morale and maintain physical fitness. Regardless of the lack of "media coverage", military historians have proved that baseball was a common ground in a country divided, and helped both Union and Confederate soldiers temporarily escape the horror of war. 

Some soldiers, both Northern and Southern, actually took baseball equipment to war with them. When proper equipment was not available the soldiers often improvised with fence posts, barrel staves or tree branches for bats & yarn or rag-wrapped walnuts or lumps of cork for balls.

In 1863 the 24th Alabama records playing daily baseball games while awaiting the advancing Federal Army led by General William Tecumseh Sherman. 

In 1864, as the war was winding down, POW's from the 11th Mississippi played a game against their guards at the Union Prison Camp in Sandusky, Ohio. They played 9 innings and beat their captors 19-11.  

On the same day Yankee POW's played their guards at the Confederate Prison Camp in Salisbury, North Carolina. The Yankees won.   

Following Lee's surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, soldiers from both sides played a series of baseball games. Was the first "World Series," or at least the first national championship series, a contest between The Army of the Potomac "Invaders" and The Army of Northern Virginia "Defenders"? The "Invaders" won the war. But the "Defenders" went home with baseball's first pennant. 

Baseball Cards are a Southern Invention

Baseball cards, a favorite of children of all ages, which, as we all know, are purchased in packages with chewing gum, were first sold by Southern tobacco companies and packaged with pouches of chewing tobacco.  

On behalf of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Jarrell Plantation Historic Site, 16th Georgia Regiment Company G and The Camp of the Unknown Soldier #2218. We invite you to attend attend this Annual Memorial Service of the Battle of Griswoldville.
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