As CONFERS continues its technical and industry development work, the Consortium will take part in satellite industry events and outreach activities. During the next six months, CONFERS plans to participate in panels or discussions at the following events:

  • Sustainable Space Logistics Digital Symposium: Feb. 16-18, 2021
  • 6th Symposium on Ensuring Safe and Sustainable Use of Outer Space: March 4, 2021, hosted by the Japanese National Space Policy Secretariat
  • Satellite 2021: July 26-29, 2021
  • 4th Annual Global Satellite Servicing Forum (GSSF): Planned for late 3rd quarter or early 4th quarter of 2021. Details on the GSSF will be announced in the coming months.
CONFERS will also continue to hold member-only workshops throughout the year on a quarterly basis. Workshop 11 will be held virtually on March 9 and 11, 2021. Further details will be distributed to our members as they are available.