April 2021
This is the 12th issue of our Connect! newsletter, celebrating the work that God is doing at All Saints - in us, among us, and through us for His Kingdom! Praise God for this new way of connecting, teaching, remembering, exhorting, laughing, and sometimes even crying.
Mother Brit's New Call
Speaking of tears … as you all know, Associate Rector Brit Frazier will be leaving us soon to answer God’s call to be Associate Rector of St. Marks in Philadelphia. Mother Brit’s last Sunday with us will be the week after Easter - April 11, 2021. As she said in her January email to the Parish, this is a “season of both lament and great hope.” We find ourselves glad for her and sad for us. But we know that she has carefully discerned this call on her life, and that St. Mark’s and their community will be blessed as we have been by her beautiful gifts.

Brit, we wish you well in your new position. God’s eternal blessings on you!
Can the Bible Make us Better Parents?
by Rev. Dr. Matthew Kozlowski
Can the Bible make better parents? At All Saints, we believe yes! These past two months, I had the joy and honor to once again offer a 7-week class on Christian parenting. We called it "Non-Anxious Parenting in Anxious Times." While the format was different than previous classes – Zoom instead of in-person – the content, learning, and fellowship have remained the same.

One of the best parts about the class was parents interacting with other parents. It's a huge relief just knowing that you're not alone. "You have bedtime struggles? Us too!" Often, parents will share what has worked for them.

The heart of the class is a brilliant book called The Christian Parenting Handbook by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller. I recommend this volume to any parent, grandparent, or caregiver - whether you have taken the class or not! Divided into 50 short practical chapters, the book is so easy to read. Replete with examples, advice, stories, and Scripture quotes, the book offers a comprehensive vision of parenting that is winsome and accessible.

As for our All Saints class, the participants were a mix of families from All Saints Church and All Saints Preschool. Some were parents of newborns or toddlers, while others have older children. We talked about topics from discipline to technology; mealtime to tantrums; virtues to prayer.

In addition to readings, discussions, and power points, we have one more tradition in the class. We ended each session with a funny video by a standup comedian talking about the joys and pains of parenting. As parents, sometimes you just have to laugh!
Welcome to our Newest Staff member
by Lois McDonald
We are pleased to announce the recent hiring of LaJeune Small (June) to the position of Parish Accountant. She joins Smythe Kannapell, our Comptroller, as they partner to ensure accurate and transparent financial processing and reporting. LaJeune has enjoyed being an accountant for many years. She specializes in non-profit accounting and systems integration. Most recently, she served for 16 years as accountant at Galilee Baptist Church in Suitland, Maryland.

She is an avid learner and seeker of truth. A budding genealogist, LaJeune spends her spare time researching and sharing family history for her extended family and for others. LaJeune currently resides in Maryland with her husband and best friend Walton.

LaJeune can be reached by email at lajeune.small@allsaintschurch.net or by phone at 301-654-2488, ext. 251.
New All Saints Members in 2021
Sarah Clapp (Letter of Transfer)
Oliver Clapp (Letter of Transfer)
Beth Davis (Declaration of Baptism)
William Eacho (Letter of Transfer)
Donna Eacho (Letter of Transfer)
Michael Emancipator (Declaration of Baptism)
Jessica Johnson (Declaration of Baptism)
Caroline Kenny (Declaration of Baptism)
Carter Kenny (Declaration of Baptism)
Catherine Kenny (Declaration of Baptism)
Chris Lawrence (Declaration of Baptism)
Kamis Lawrence (Declaration of Baptism)
Laurence (Larry) Long (Declaration of Baptism)
Marianna (Anna) Long (Declaration of Baptism)
Rodney Long (Declaration of Baptism)
It is with the greatest joy that we welcome and celebrate these individuals and households who have recently become official parish members of All Saints Chevy Chase. We give thanks for their devotion, commitment, and faithfulness.

Of course, membership is not required to worship, participate, and give at All Saints. But being a member is a wonderful thing. Parish members may vote at the Annual Meeting, serve on the Vestry, and are accounted for in our congregational reports.

Most of all, we want everyone at All Saints – regardless of membership – to experience God's grace and grow in the faith and love of Jesus Christ.

Ready to become a member? The process is simple, but deeply meaningful. Please fill out the attached Membership Form or contact one of the clergy or our Parish Administrator Lois McDonald.
Kingdom Moments!
Wave Your Palms, All Saints - Hosanna to the King!
This year, our Stations of the Cross are outside
and around our beautiful building.
Jesus is Alive - let all the world rejoice!
Did you miss the March issue of Connect? We called the Parish to a Holy Lent, and highlighted our virtual Pancake Supper with Dr. Silvia of the DR, and What Makes a Saint, well, a Saint.

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