August 2020
Congratulations to June & Todd Miller -
Celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary!
June Miller gives us some background on and highlights of their 50 years of marriage.

To begin at the beginning - Todd and I first met as graduate students during our first week (#1) at Duke University. We married two years (#2) later, on August 1, 1970. We have been blessed with three (#3) wonderful children, and four (#4) beautiful grandchildren. Finally, this year we are celebrating our 50th (#5) wedding anniversary.

We have so many happy memories of these past 50 years. Since we worked in such different fields (Todd in tax law, and me in medical research) many of the special times include vacations and holidays. We will always remember our outstanding trip - BC (Before Children) - when the two of use spent one whole month touring England and Scotland.

All Saints Church has been a big part of our lives for the past 44 years. We have regularly attended the lovely and inspirational Episcopal services and we have treasured the fellowship of our fellow ASC members. Indeed, some of our best friends we met at church! We love and admire our always friendly, helpful, smart, and faithful clergy and staff. Todd has gotten great satisfaction serving over the years on Vestry (13 years) and as Senior Warden (5 years, including when the Great Hall addition was put on.) Now semi-retired from his law practice, Todd volunteers 3 days a week at church as Business Manager. June was on Altar Guild for years, and has spent decades working in the Thrift Shop and as an active member and officer (she is currently President) of the Women of All Saints.

What an accomplishment and inspiration! We wish June and Todd many more happy years together. We are glad they are part of All Saints!
Voices from the Parish
Join us in giving Juan and Carlos a big “THANK YOU” - and virtual hugs or "high fives" - for all their hard work and their commitment to All Saints during this time.  They have been doing deep cleaning of the entire church, daily sanitizing of the spaces used by those few who must come in occasionally to work and to tape worship services, and are preparing the church for our eventual reopening. They  even water the plants (near the window) for all of those who are not working on-site during this time apart!
What a blessing to get to know each other - even during this time of physical distance. Do you have someone you'd like the parish to "meet" through our Voices from the Parish ? Please contact Teri Ballou , All Saints Communications Manager. We'd love to hear from you!
Kingdom Moments!
As our clergy and staff enter the fifth month (!) of working almost entirely from home, we thought you would be interested in seeing some of their –  ahem  - offices:

Lois (Parish Administrator) has two new supervisors, known to sometimes add their own valuable thoughts to meetings as they tiptoe across her keyboard.

Father BJ has taken over a dining table, and sports the official black shirt and collar ... plus PJs!

Helping him concentrate on the job, Father Matthew has a variety of important desk ornaments, such as his Book of Common Prayer, a shell, a small rosary, and … Dwight from “The Office” and a Bob Ross’ paintings calendar!

And, Smythe (Parish Comptroller) has not quite gotten the hang of what a "vacation" means, as she spends as much time online in Zoom meetings as she does at the beach!
Playground & Preschool Auction Highlights
Thinking back to a time that was “normal, here are a few photos (below) from the Preschool Auction in February 2020, and a plan for the renovation of the playground (above). Seems a lifetime ago! The Auction was the final big event to raise the money needed for this investment in our future. Construction is expected to proceed once we determine the best time, considering our needs and when we can safely proceed.
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