November 2021
Serving Afghan Refugees
by Jack Mason, ASC parishioner
A few weeks ago, I had fun helping receive packages for Afghanistan refugees, with Shireen David. This sparked my desire to serve others in need of support. I want to help others and volunteer because I believe God is calling me to do this. I know this is my purpose and passion. I think another good way to help Afghanistan refugees would be to go to their homes and talk to them and ask them personally what they want. That way they can receive exactly what they need. I cannot imagine what it is like having to come to a new country and have very little. Thank you to everyone who supported this cause. I was amazed at how many people donated!
For more information about mission and outreach at All Saints, please contact Shireen David, Director of Mission & Outreach.
The Fall Festival Returns
by Rev. Matthew Kozlowski
This year's Fall Festival was a smashing success! Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed fun for all ages. It was a truly an intergenerational gathering - folks young and old and in-between - from both the parish and the local community.
Special thanks to all our volunteers: from the Scouts to the thrift shop; the grillers to the bake sale; the pumpkins to the bounce houses, and so much more! It was a team effort.
Thank you to our angel sponsors and to our local business sponsor: Child's Play Toys & Books on Connecticut Avenue.
The event broke even, and then some(!) - with proceeds benefiting the ministry of All Saints Church & Preschool.
Click HERE to see more photos of the event!
Family Table "Turns" 100
by Gary Wieder
This Sunday - Nov. 7, 2021 - marks the 100th in-person Family Table service at All Saints Church! Although Covid-19 disrupted things for a while, we were still able to provide some 65 virtual offerings throughout the pandemic, in addition to the 100 live worship services in The Great Hall and outdoors. Thank you to all who have helped make this more contemporary, family-friendly offering a part of the permanent fabric of our community. Here are a few things people have said about the Family Table service:
“I want you to know how moving and wonderful the service was this morning. God is at work and I’m so grateful ...”
“My kids were engaged for the whole service. That never happens. And when they’re engaged, I am engaged. It was solid on all levels. For kids and adults.”
“My son was saying on the car ride home how much he enjoyed it. Which he has literally never said about church. It was smart to have the kids participate and the sermon was multi-level and spot on for the audience. Great work!”
“You know I’ve said before that this type of thing is not my gig – but I was moved by this service. You hit it out of the park. Well done!”
“Usually the full 24 hours before Sunday morning are a battle of ‘why do we have to go to church?!’ After this past Sunday, they all said how much the loved the Family Table Service and were asking if that was going to be every Sunday and if they could go again!”
“Thank you so much for this wonderful family service. And thank you all for being so welcoming to us this year. I appreciate this more than you all can know.”
“What a wonderful, spirit-filled service! I Loved it!”      
I’m happy to report that the family service table is connecting for our family. …And not just for our kids, but for me as well. The music, sermons and the overall environment have been warm and inviting — it truly feels as if All Saints is building a table where ALL are welcome.

“As one who has attended all of two Family Table services, the phrase that comes to mind is “Surprised by Joy”! As a rather stodgy, hidebound lover of Rite I and all thereto, I really did not expect to be so taken with this informal mode of service. It was the singing that immediately drew me in, and the sweetness of the presentation and its assembly.

I found it affecting in a new way – authentic and participatory, in a relaxing and undemanding yet inviting atmosphere redolent of the Holy Spirit. The combination of different generations works to good and spontaneous effect. Moving and dear.”

“Family Table is like a good Disney movie – the kids AND the adults are all engaged and enjoy worshipping TOGETHER!”
Initial Family Table Service
December 2018
Outdoor Service
May 2021
New All Saints Members
July - October 22, 2021
Baptized at All Saints
Caroline Dey
Grace Hample
Lowell Hample
Amelia McAdam
Eloise Quintana
Lake Syers
Caroline Threadgill

Letter of Transfer
Frederick (Rick) Rolandi
Mary Rolandi
Declaration of Baptism
Ignacio Quintana
Paris Quintana
Matthew Syers
James Trotta
It is with the greatest joy that we welcome and celebrate these individuals and households who have recently become official parish members of All Saints Chevy Chase. We give thanks for their devotion, commitment, and faithfulness.
Of course, membership is not required to worship, participate, and give at All Saints. But being a member is a wonderful thing. Parish members may vote at the Annual Meeting, serve on the Vestry, and are accounted for in our congregational reports.
Most of all, we want everyone at All Saints – regardless of membership – to experience God's grace and grow in the faith and love of Jesus Christ.
Ready to become a member? The process is simple, but deeply meaningful. Please fill out the attached Membership Form or contact one of the clergy or our Parish Administrator Lois McDonald.
The Living Church Partner Spotlight
by Teri Ballou
All Saints Church was featured in the "partner spotlight" section of The Living Church magazine's September 5 edition. We highlighted our century-plus of serving God in the community, with a photograph of the laying of the cornerstone 100 years ago, and one of our outreach today through Little Lights in Washington, D.C. Click link below to see the magazine; article on page 31.
Previous issues of the Connect! - celebrating God's faithfulness to us and His work among and through us - are available on the church website HERE.

Please join us in continuing to celebrate the good news of God working in our midst - ideas for the Connect newsletter are always welcome! You may submit possible topics, photos, or short (1 - 3 paragraph) articles to Communications Manager Teri Ballou.
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