September 2020
Congratulations to Dean & Donna Payne -
Celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary!
August 24, 2020
Donna tells us about the Payne's 50 years of life and marriage together:

Dean and I met at Wheaton College, Illinois. Our first date was when he invited me to the varsity soccer banquet. I didn’t know who he was, but probably would have gone with anyone who asked, since the athletic banquets were a big ticket invite back then! As it turns out, that invitation set the course for our lives and, with marriage after graduation in 1970, fifty years of joy together. 

I was a P.K. (preacher’s kid) and Dean was a M.K. (missionary kid, born in Morocco). Between that connection, and our common love for the sciences, literature, and sports, we have found lots to talk about and share over the years. We both went to grad school at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Dean in math and physics, I in the biological sciences. Eventually we moved to Columbia, MD, where we have lived for 40 years –– working, cherishing times with friends and colleagues; raising our daughter and son; welcoming a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and three grandsons; and enjoying many adventures together as a couple and as a family. 

Through it all, Christ has been the mainstay and center of our lives, and the source of all the love we have experienced. Fifteen years ago, after our kids were on their own, we found All Saints –– a church, people, pastors, staff, and friends who have been blessing upon blessing in our lives. We thank God for that also. 

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20,21)

What an inspiration! We wish Dean & Donna many more happy years together. We are glad they are part of our community here at All Saints!
Voices from the Parish
Our New Senior Warden, Cindy Wade
by Rector Ed Kelaher

Parishioner Cindy Wade has been appointed by me and approved by the Vestry to serve as your new Senior Warden. I have chosen Cindy because God led me to her. For many months (even more than usual due to the delay of our Vestry election), I have prayed and prayed earnestly and with a listening posture. There were a few names that arose, but Cindy’s was clear, sure, and true. She is a woman of deep scriptural reliance, godly wisdom, spiritually gifted intelligence, sober prayer, and graceful and loving relations with all who know her. Cindy and I began meeting and talking in 2016 about our broken hearts and concerns over the sharp and bitter cultural, social, and political divisions in our country. We spoke out loud about our kindred spirit sense of calling to employ the Gospel as the missing approach to strife and enmity. The notion of a Kingdom path came up again and again as I articulated my own heart. 

Two years later, in 2018, Cindy was elected to the Vestry. At that time I told her that it might be necessary for her to serve as Senior Warden one day. If the Parish is to embrace and carry out what we both saw as its calling to be servants of Jesus to heal and unify the world around us, leadership and vision such as Cindy’s would be necessary. We were inspired and convicted to explore the path of her leadership without ever expecting the sad and difficult events of this past 6-months or so. I guess her vision and direction are now even more vital than I had anticipated years ago. God’s Kingdom must come, on Earth as it is in Heaven. And Cindy holds that hope with me as assuredly as anyone I know.
Andrew Lazo, Seminarian

We are blessed this fall to have Andrew Lazo working with us 10 hours a week, specifically on spiritual formation opportunities for All Saints parishioners. Andrew is a second-year seminarian from Virginia Theological Seminary and a Postulant for Holy Orders from the Diocese of Texas. In addition, he is a well-known speaker and scholar on the life and writings of C. S. Lewis. 

Before entering the discernment process for ordination, Andrew spent more than a dozen years teaching English and literature classes at the college and high school level. Andrew loves to cook, and is devoted to reading (especially poetry and mythology) and art (Van Gogh is a particular favorite). He and his wife, Christin Ditchfield Lazo, herself a popular conference speaker and prolific author, love to travel, and spent their 2017 honeymoon enjoying a literary mini-tour of England. They “love attending All Saints and look forward to a wonderful year of ministry” with us. Welcome Andrew and Christin!
What a blessing to get to know each other - even during this time of physical distance. Do you have someone you'd like the parish to "meet" through our Voices from the Parish? Please contact Teri Ballou, All Saints Communications Manager. We'd love to hear from you!
A Special Thank You from Dr. Silvia
Below is an update from Dr. Silvia and The Luke Society in the Dominican Republic. All Saints has sent $5000 to the D.R. during these tough months.

“Looking not only to our own interests but also
to the interests of the others.”
 (Philippians 2:4)

Dear All Saints -

We want to thank all of the people who have helped us bring much needed food, medicine and hygiene supplies for our people here through this pandemic.

Since some of you have been asking us, here's a little update:

None of our kids (as of now) have been infected by the virus, neither have their parents. However, some of the first cases were diagnosed in the past weeks and some people have died from it. So please keep praying for the community of El Cacique and for our kids from the feeding program and the school.

There are new government officials starting next week (new president) but since COVID-19 cases have escalated this last month it’s already been decided that schools will not be opening for classes, instead classes will continue to be online. For the kids that don’t have access to computers or phones or internet we have opened the school so their parents can go and get the lessons the kids need.

The feeding program at El Cacique is not yet opened but we are making sure that all the kids get the food they need by bringing grocery bags to their families. We are planning on opening again in a few weeks, so please pray so that God May guide us in how to safely do this.

We have also been able to send food to the bateyes in Barahona. The feeding program is still open, the kids go with their homemade face masks, get their food and return home. There’s some reported cases in the bateyes so please keep praying for our people over there.

The clinic is operating. All of the staff is using protective equipment to keep everyone safe. 
Please pray for them as they continue their work during this pandemic.

Even though these have been difficult months God has always been faithful and we trust that with His help we will be able to keep doing the work we do here.

We thank Him for people like you who have been such blessing during this time, and we pray that He blesses you all and that He keeps you safe.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers.
God bless you.

Dr. Silvia Ricardo de Martínez 
Serving people in Jesus’ name

Kingdom Moments!
Notes from a Hospital Stay
by Richard Ranger

If you spend a couple of unanticipated nights as a recovering surgical patient in a major metropolitan American hospital, you witness an America at work that is profoundly different from the vision of our nation and its society than what you hear from many politicians and commentators. In fact, you depend upon that America at a time of deep personal vulnerability.

I want to pay tribute to my caregivers from that America, and celebrate the image that I found of the true Kingdom of God.

Parishioners Richard and Catherine Ranger, serving with SAMS (Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders) have answered God's call to take their legal and development expertise to Uganda Christian University - teaching, advising, and mentoring students in the law department. They had hoped to be in Uganda by now, and are in a time of waiting during this uncertain time, as the country remains closed to foreign entry.
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