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International Women's Day - 8th March (Theme: Inspire Inclusion)

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination - 21st March

International Transgender Day of Visibility - 31st March

Some countries also observe Women's History Month

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MCC Commission on Rites & Sacraments


The 2019 MCC General Conference authorized the incoming Moderator Rev Elder Cecilia Eggleston and the Governing Board to appoint a special commission to review, renew, and update the MCC Sacraments and Rites in Article III. A and B of the UFMCC Bylaws. This commission is called the Commission on Rites and Sacraments (“CRS”).



Due to the pandemic, the original scheduled timeline has extended. The commission began its work about a year ago. The work of the CRS will be presented to the 2025 General Conference. The work of the Commission is ongoing and any recommendations of the Commission would then need to be approved by 2/3rds of the Clergy House and of the Lay House of the General Conference of MCC.



The members of the commission are (alphabetically by last name):

Rev. Cathy Alexander (Washington DC, USA)

Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey (Florida, USA), representing Board of Governors

Rev. Mario Bonfanti (Pescara, Italy)

Sam Carwyn (Minnesota, USA), co-chair

Rev. Dr. Brett Degoldi (Toronto, Canada and NY, USA), co-chair

Rev. Elder Margarita Sánchez De León (Mexico City, Mexico), representing Elders

Rev. Dr. Axel Schwaigert (Stuttgart, Germany)

Brent Stanfield (Massachusetts, USA)

Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson (Florida, USA), previous member representing Elders.  


Over the coming weeks we will share information about the commission members. We will also post updates of the work of the commission, including a survey of the worldwide MCC community. 



We are meeting regularly twice a month on Zoom: to develop specific topics on the agenda; to strengthen the relationship among the commission members; to develop a process for reaching out to survey the worldwide MCC communities for input; and to write recommendations/amendments to the Bylaws to be put to the vote during 2025 General Conference.

Please join us on our Facebook page

If you have any questions for us, we would like to hear from you at [email protected] 

Latino/a/e/as/xs Survey

¡Queremos saber de ti!

Latino/a/e/as/XS Conference Survey

Metropolitan Community Churches is looking to be more dedicated to seeking, forming, instructing, and empowering Latino ministry within our local congregations. Our primary goal is to spread the radically inclusive message of the gospel to all Latinx communities. We believe in the importance of your input to guide our response to this initiative and to the project we are planning to undertake. Las Iglesias de la Comunidad Metropolitana buscan estar más dedicadas a buscar, formar, instruir y empoderar el ministerio Latino dentro de nuestras congregaciones locales. Nuestro objetivo principal es difundir el mensaje radicalmente inclusivo del evangelio a todas las comunidades Latinas. Creemos en la importancia de sus aportes para guiar nuestra respuesta a esta iniciativa y al proyecto que pretendemos emprender.

We are MCC Latino/a/e/as/xs Core Team leaders who bring robust life, faith, and social experiences called to:

  • Provide training, mentoring, and resources
  • Enhance strengths and skills while embracing cultural heritage
  • Cultivate a culture of holistic wellness to uplift our Latino/a/e/as/xs identities

Somos líderes del Equipo Central Latino/a/e/as/xs de la MCC que aportan una vida, fe y experiencias sociales sólidas llamadas a...

  • Proporcionar formación, mentoría y recursos.
  • Mejorar fortalezas y habilidades al abrazar el patrimonio cultural.
  • Cultivar una cultura de bienestar integral para elevar nuestras identidades Latino/a/e/as/xs.

While it is true that many churches are increasingly presenting themselves as inclusive, MCC not only celebrates but also honors and takes pride in all individuals, embracing their diverse identities and celebrating them for who they are and who they love. Si bien es cierto que muchas iglesias se presentan cada vez más como inclusivas, ICM no sólo celebra sino que también honra y se enorgullece de todos los individuos, abrazando sus diversas identidades y celebrándolos por quienes son y a quienes aman.

We kindly request your participation in this survey, which will play a crucial role in shaping the path we intend to follow to establish a robust Latino ministry. Le solicitamos amablemente su participación en esta encuesta, que desempeñará un papel crucial en la configuración del camino que pretendemos seguir para establecer un ministerio latino sólido.

Are you a leader in an Affiliated Church, Emerging Church or Spiritual Community and would like to connect with others in your geographic area for support, communication, celebration or embodiment of MCC’s Core Values? Then contact the Network Co-Leader for your area by clicking here:

Network Leaders Contact Emails

Additional Network Co-Leaders are still being sought to help encourage local MCC leaders, ensure effective communication, celebrate ministry successes, and facilitate the embodiment of MCC’s core values. Contact [email protected] to find out more about serving in this ministry role.


Ministry Hubs are an opportunity to showcase one of the ministries that really makes a difference in our world while also creating a resource for those who are interested in focusing on that particular ministry. Do you have an idea for a Ministry Hub; a ministry that you or your congregation does really well or a ministry focus that you would like to try? We are particularly interested in spotlighting ministries that have been very effective or innovative or responding to an imminent need. Send your ideas to [email protected]


PS I need help from one or more technical aficionados to help produce/record these podcasts!

Congregations in Transition Update

MCC Amarillo, Amarillo, TX USA

The congregation, led by their Board, is entering into a covenant for the next three months with a Circle of Support that includes Huey Lee, Rev. Mary Cantrell, and Rev Mel Martinez.


King of Peace MCC, Pinellas Park, FL USA

Rev. Ray Simms has been elected to serve as their next Senior Pastor. Stay tuned for details about the celebration of this new relationship!


MCC of Greater St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, USA

The congregation has called Rev. Lauren Bennett to serve as their Lead Pastor.


New Light MCC, Hagerstown, MD USA

Rev. Pat Monahan has been appointed to serve as their Interim Pastor.


Resurrection MCC, Houston, TX USA

Applications continue to be received for the position of Senior Pastor. Visit the job openings tab at or for more information about this ministry opportunity.


MCC Richmond, Richmond, VA USA

Applications are being accepted through March 15th for the position of Senior Pastor. Visit the job openings tab at for more information about this ministry opportunity.


Approximately 10% of MCC congregations are in the midst of pastoral transition at any given time. Please include these additional congregations who are in the midst of change in your prayers:

MCC Baltimore, Baltimore, MD USA

Imago Dei MCC, Aston, PA, USA

Love MCC, Las Vegas, USA

Open Arms MCC, Pahoa, HI USA

MCC of the Palm Beaches, Palm Beach, FL USA

MCC of the Rockies, Denver, CO, USA

MCC San Antonio, San Antonio, TX USA

MCC Sydney, Sydney, NSW AU

Valley Ministries, Stockton, CA, USA

Vision of Hope MCC, Montville, PA USA

Courageous Leadership: Sexuality, Consent, & Boundaries

You are invited to participate in Courageous Leadership: Sexuality, Consent, & Boundaries. The purpose of the course is to support MCC congregational leaders in building cultures that balance unique expressions of sexuality with boundaries and consent. This course is intended for clergy and boards of directors and other ministry leaders.

Goals/Objectives for this course is:

·      Affirm sexuality as an element of spirituality,

·     Develop a shared understanding of the nuances related to sexual positivity, trauma, and boundaries,

·     Become more comfortable and confident talking about personal boundaries, 

·     Recognize the skills to support folks in identifying their needs and beliefs, 

·     Acknowledge the need for a grievance policy for your community, and

·     Practice coaching skills with individuals who have overstepped. 

This is a two-session course.

Session 1: April 10th, 2024 1:00-3:30pm ET / 6pm- 8:30 pm GMT

Session 2: April 24th, 2024 1:00-2:30pm ET / 6pm - 7:30 pm GMT

Select the link below to register for this training. A confirmation email will be sent with the link to the training 24 to 48 hours prior to the training.

More Money, More Justice Course (Save the Date)

All of the things making your church meaningful requires money! Keeping your church facility safe and ensuring you have resources for visioning and engaging in ministry is crucial.

Come, learn, and create.

Join us for a three-part virtual training beginning in May. Don't miss this opportunity!


Wednesday, 1st of May;

Wednesday, 8th of May;

Wednesday, 22nd of May

All sessions are held 1:00pm EST - 3:00 EST.

Who should take this course? YOU! Plus, all leaders (within your congregation) who recognize how challenging asking for money can be!

Select this link to register: https://forms/gle/n/nFCmxSyBLmAQHswa7


The 2024 Easter Offering will be designated to support translation services. MCC is a global movement of churches. We send our communications in three primary languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Inclusion is one of MCC's Core Values, and our translation services play a vital role in effectively allowing MCC to communicate across languages and culture to connect, share ideas, and collaborate.

Will you help ensure that MCC is able to continue our translation services so that we can expand MCC's reach and enhance MCC's global connection?

Want to contribute to the MCC's Translations Fund?

MCC PAD (People of African Descent) - The Next Generation

PAD: The Next Generation will be featuring monthly reflections throughout the year.

In recognition of Women's History month, Reece Whitaker wrote the following reflection:

PAD Women's History Month Reflection

Living Well with Differences 2024 Course

Would you like to feel more confident when engaging on difficult issues?

Would you like to tackle hot topics with open, honest, and loving communications?

Have you struggled to have a meaningful conversation with someone who opposes your views?

Would you like to respond more positively when a conversation gets heated?

The Living Well with Differences course helps participants learn how to recognise and understand the signs of potential tensions and sources of conflict earlier and respond with confidence. We will explore what conflict ‘looks’ like in our faith communities, explore different approaches and responses that can help develop your skills in transforming relationships and navigating tricky conversations. Please click the links for course information.

The Europe, Africa, and Australia cohort starts the 12th of June.


Transgender Day of Visibility, Sunday 31 March 2024

Our Tribe is hosting a Transgender Day of Visibility Event on Sunday, 31 March 2024, 2pm - 4pm (doors open at 1:45pm).

Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 1EL

Join us for a celebration of transgender joy.

Voices, music, poetry, craft activities, social time.

Celebrating the first birthday of Resisting Transphobia in Edinburgh (RTiE).

We will be joined by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and Scottish Trans.

Refreshments will be provided.

Changing space is available.

For more information, please click here:

Trans Visibility Day 31 March 2024

2024 Parent & Family Summit

Q Christian Fellowship will be hosting a virtual Parent & Family Summit on April 21st, April 28th, and May 5th. The theme for this year is Interwoven: Uniting Kids, Parents, and Community. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain the support, resources, and education you need to connect with your LGBTQ+ child or family member in healthy ways. For more information

Gay & Quaker: The Shaping of Activist Bayard Rustin

Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 5pm PT | 7pm CT | 8pm ET

The LGBTQ Religious Archives Network is hosting a webinar reflecting on the shaping of activist Bayard Rustin. To register or learn more about this event, please click here:

Bayard Rustin has recently become prominent in public awareness in the United States as an iconic figure and architect of the 20th century Black Civil Rights Movement. This webinar will reflect on how that activist-organizer was formed, particularly in relation to his sexual identity and his Quaker faith. How did these deeply personal elements of Rustin’s being inform—or hinder—his development as a change agent? Religious historian and Rustinian scholar Quincy Rineheart will lead this conversation with Rustin’s long-time partner Walter Naegel and activist-organizer Mandy Carter.

Join SunCoast MCC and other MCC'ers for a 6-night Fundraiser Cruise 

September 30 - October 6, 2024 (Departs from Tampa) 

Prices start at $638  

Contact MCC members:

Dan Mullins 1-407-731-7704 or Lorna Hunter 1-941-220-9849

Prayers for Peace

Wednesdays 8pm EEST / 6pm BST / 1pm EDT

Living Water MCC in Helsinki Finland offers this time of prayer. The sessions are bilingual: Finnish and English. The prayer sessions last about 15 min and are over Zoom. The link for them is:

LGBTQ Religious Archives Network Seeks a Communications Coordinator & an Administrative Assistant

The Communications Coordinator position is 10 hours per week. The Administrative Assistant is 5 hours per week. The application deadline for both positions is the 1st of April, 2024. You can learn how to apply by going to the following link

MCC Kinship Groups

PAD | API | LatinX | Trans | God-Talk

If you have any questions, are interested in a particular Kinship group, or interested in forming another Kinship group, please email Rev. Hector Gutierrez at: [email protected]

Trans Kinship Group

The Trans Kinship group is taking a short break to review our meeting time and how we can best serve our community globally. If you would like to be involved in future online meetings please contact Rev. Elder Maxwell Reay by email at: [email protected]

PAD: People of African Descent

This group is for People of African Descent only.

For more information and the link to attend, please contact [email protected]

API Kinship Gathering

Promoting connection, visibility, celebration & diversity through monthly online conversation of the global Asian Pacific Islander MCC community.

For more information, contact [email protected]


If you are interested or have any questions please contact:

[email protected] or [email protected].


Latinx Kinship Gathering

Tuesday, 19th March at 4pm PST / 5pm MST / 6pm CST / 7pm EST

Hola, how are you? Let's talk! Join a virtual space to engage in community and explore questions around social identity, how we identify as Latinx people, what it means to be Latinx in MCC, and much more. New questions will be explored each month.

Meeting ID: 831 8721 6000 Passcode: 426447

For more information, please contact Rev. Nilsa Irizarry at 

[email protected]

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