JULY 2021
CONNECTIONS is here to provide cultural resources and activities to those who are caregivers of Indigenous, Metis & Inuit children and youth and we hope the kids and teens enjoy it as well! Some of you will be less familiar with cultural teachings than others, but there's always something new to learn and what better way to experience it then by sharing time learning together with the kids you care for! You don't have be a formal caregiver or individual in care; anyone of any age who wants to learn more about cultural awareness will benefit from these great resources. If you are a supervisor or service provider offering kinship/foster/group care, don't forget to remind the caregivers that CONNECTIONS is here to assist them in their efforts to ensure Indigenous, Metis & Inuit children and youth are learning about their traditions and culture while in care.
Enjoy and share!
This month's SPOTLIGHT is on the role that language plays in the CONNECTION to culture. This edition includes useful tools, fun activities and informative resources to assist caregivers to encourage and support Indigenous, Metis and Inuit children and youth to enhance their knowledge, awareness and appreciation of their traditional language.
LEARN NATIVE AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE! CBC Video - Plains Sign Language camp a new spin on an old way of communicating on the Prairies. Plains Sign Language is a historical means of communicating between Indigenous groups if they did not speak the same oral language.
This website offers kids the opportunity to hear how to pronounce words in nearly 60 Indigenous languages – including Cree, Dene, Mi’kmaw, Huron-Wendat, and many more.The kids’ portal includes phrases, songs, and games to review the language and words you’ve been learning.

Some Native American words are in use around the world. Find out which ones!
Did you know traditional Indigenous naming of months was based on the moon. Names were given to each of the full moons to keep track of the passing year. July in Cree is opaskwuwipizun or the moon when ducks begin to molt. In Haida it is chiin kungáay or salmon moon. View Native American Moons to learn about the different names of the moons.

Visit Calgary Central Library to meet with Elders, share stories under a night sky installation, view traditional items, and learn Treaty 7 languages.

Strong Nations has a great list of children's Indigenous Astronomy books and they highlight ones with Canadian content like Byron Through the Seasons

Make a calendar using CANVA but use the traditional names of the month (edu), even include your own photos. Kids, youth and caregivers will enjoy making and receiving these!
ANFCA’s Youth and Elders’ Gathering (YEG) is an annual four-day event which brings together youth and Elders from ANFCA member Friendship Centres. The connection formed between youth and Elders through this event enriches lives and contributes to the development of cultural pride, self-esteem, and the preservation of Indigenous cultures.
The Dicourse.ca - Indigenous kids need better access to culture while in government care ‘Generic’ Indigenous teachings aren’t good enough, say Indigenous youth Excerpt - Walkus spent the next seven years in and out of government care, bouncing between foster homes and relatives’ homes. In the process, he says he lost access to his culture and his extended family. He believes urban Indigenous kids growing up in care, like he did, deserve better support when it comes to connecting with their culture...

Now available as an online experience. Meet virtually with an Elder to explore topics relating to culture, history, and reconciliation. Virtual meetings with Elders and Knowledge
Two Spirit is the term that reflects Indigenous traditions and honours the diverse nature of gender and attraction and its connection to community.
Indigenous Arts & Stories winner Gabriel Castilloux Calderon from Edmonton won first place for her story Ishkode (Fire) a young man, named Cody who learns to accept himself as a two spirit, or ayakwe..

“Two Spirits, One Voice” – a video by Egale. This video attempts to educate the general public on the history and barriers that impact Two Spirit people in Canada
Creating a Family Online Courses For Kinship, Foster and Adoptive Parents $10.00

What are the losses that foster children and foster parents feel, and what are ways to cope with this loss?

Marriages or relationships are particularly challenged when we are parenting kids who have been exposed to trauma..

Foster kids and kids adopted from foster care or internationally have often experienced trauma and require a different type of parenting.

We know that families with children can make great foster families but they face special challenges integrating the new child into their family.


Eagle Speaker Publishing Active Ally Campaign Show the world that you're more than just a silent observer, you're an Active Ally of Indigenous peoples. Active Ally T-Shirt proceeds benefit the new Active Ally Campaign - which provides schools and youth programs throughout North America with free books by new Indigenous authors.