Cranberry Pake and Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know things are very different this year, but my hope is we can still be thankful. Let’s start with food.
What's your favorite Thanksgiving food?

My mom used to make a cranberry "pake" at Thanksgiving--sometimes at Christmas as well!

It's half pie and half cake, and it's really good with vanilla ice cream. She died in 2014, but I'm glad we still have the recipe!
Along with some turkey and mashed potatoes and green beans, I’ll be eating cranberry pake today. And hopefully tomorrow. (I would invite you over for a piece, but hey there’s a pandemic, so I guess I’ll just eat it all.)

Unlike pretty much every other year, our family won't be in person with any extended family or friends this Thanksgiving. But we can still be thankful, especially for the simple blessings of each day.

In times of hardship and scarcity, with the eyes of faith, we can see more clearly our daily blessings. So I invite you to be thankful for
  • whatever food you have to eat today,
  • a place to sleep and clothes to wear,
  • air to breathe and people who care about you,
  • a wonderful church community,
  • and most of all for a God who loves you very much. 

Happy Thanksgiving! God bless you.

PS--Sunday is the beginning of ADVENT, with a new sermon series. See info below.

PS#2 If you want to do some coloring to help you be thankful, click on my "masterpiece" below to print your own blank coloring sheet.
Advent Begins!
Sunday, November 29

  • Lighting the Candle of HOPE (the Barden family)
  • New sermon series, REDISCOVERING CHRISTMAS: Who Is Jesus?
  • Charlie Berthoud preaching on Micah 5:2 and Matthew 2:2, "Jesus is King"

We'd love to see you at the Sunday morning

Advent Carol-a-Day
Here We Come A-Caroling!

Join the musical ministries of Covenant, Westminster, Christ and the Pres House as we celebrate the carols of Advent and Christmas! Every day in Advent, there will be a video of a carol posted to a playlist on Covenant's YouTube channel with links on our Facebook page. The music will be presented by the music ministry of one of the four churches listed above, and will include a brief history of the carol as well as the carol text so that you may sing along. We pray this collaborative music project will be a blessing to you as you celebrate this Advent and Christmas season! O, come let us adore him, Christ the Lord!
Adult Ed: Random Acts of Advent
This Advent, the Sunday morning Adult Education classes will teach us how the Bible integrates themes of hope, peace, joy and love. Adult Ed created a "Random Acts of Advent" calendar to encourage us to put the themes into action throughout Advent. All are invited to participate! See a full calendar here, and a weekly version below.
10:00 Sunday morning Adult Ed Zoom link:

You're also invited to check-in at 1:00 pm M-W-F via Zoom with Jeff Fox-Kline for short, weekly Acts of Advent activities. On Mondays we'll be journaling, on Wednesdays we'll have scripture readings, and on Fridays we'll share a prayer together:
Keep us in your Christmas plans!

Watch out for the December Caravan (in the mail, in our special monthly Caravan email, or on our website) for details on our Blue Christmas Zoom Prayer & Fellowship on December 20th as well as THREE different at-home worship options for Christmas Eve! We can't wait to celebrate this season with you!