Pumpkin Pie, along with EIIL

We had to make some tough decisions this week.

Due to the health situation and the new Dane County ordinance, we canceled the December Drive Thru Donuts, and we scrapped plans to open the sanctuary for small groups of people before Christmas. These decisions make me sad, but they are necessary.

But we continue forward. As I've said for months: "the building is closed, but the church is open." See below for info on opportunities for worship, youth, children & families, and education. And jigsaw puzzles! Church is more than a building.

And we continue forward with new officers--four people called as Ruling Elders, and five people called as Deacons to help lead us in 2021 and beyond. As Presbyterians we value the ministry of all the people, so our officers are vital to the church.
Yesterday I met via Zoom with most of these incoming officers for training and orientation. We opened with Bible study and introductions, asking everyone to share a favorite Thanksgiving food. FYI, many of your soon-to-be Elders and Deacons are fond of stuffing and pumpkin pie!

We discussed the Book of Order (one of two parts in the constitution of the Presbyterian Church). We spent time on what the BOO says about the Ministry of Members, i.e. what each of us is called to do as a faithful church member. And we discussed the Ordination and Installation Questions that we ask of Elders, Deacons, and Pastors.

One of those questions is a good one for all of us right now:
Will you pray for and seek to serve the people with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love?
Let me invite you to pray for one another as we continue in this challenging season. Make a list of up to five people. Pray for them, with something as simple as "Dear God, please bless ____." Keep that list with you this week.

And then pray for yourself, asking God to give you what we ask of our church leaders: energy, intelligence, imagination, and love.
  • Dear God, give me energy. I've been getting weary lately. Help me to eat well and rest and exercise, so I can do what you need me to do.
  • Dear God, give me intelligence. Help me to separate truth from falsehood, and open my eyes to the big picture, to common sense, and the perspectives of other people. Show me good things to watch and read and do.
  • Dear God, give me imagination. Inspire me with a vision of new life and new hope and new possibilities. Show me something new and surprising today. Give me something I can do today to make this world a better place.
  • Dear God, give me love--love for neighbors, for enemies, for family, for strangers, for politicians, for everyone. Help me to never forget your great love in Jesus Christ. Hear my prayer. Amen.
So we won't have donuts together in December. I hope you get some pie over Thanksgiving, wherever you are. And I hope you open yourself to a healthy serving of energy, intelligence, imagination, and love.

And please remember: If you are struggling (with money, in confusion, in weariness, in spirit, whatever) please reach out to someone from Covenant or another trusted friend. You are not alone. God is with us and we are in this together.

Generosity Campaign 2021
Please try to send in your pledge cards (or simply call the church office with the information) as soon as possible! Session will be meeting soon, and they rely heavily on the information supplied from these pledges for budget planning purposes.

While it is still very early, we have received 166 commitment cards totaling over $711,387 (combined operating and per capita totals). Amazing! Thank you, Covenant!
Words of Wisdom, Words of Faith Congregational Devotional

Click here if you need to revisit the sign-up form for information. Don't forget to submit your devotionals to Lexie Ofe by November 30!
The Great Puzzle Exchange:
A Lending Library of Puzzles for Adults and Children!

We've got a long, cold winter ahead of us. Why not cozy up with some cocoa and a puzzle?

Stop by the church courtyard to take a puzzle and leave a puzzle.
Look for the cabinet under the overhang by the picnic tables. 

Contact Donna Monson with any questions.
Advent Flameless LED Candles & Artificial Greenery

Start a new family tradition by ordering Advent candles for your home worship space. Five flameless LED candles and artificial greenery are provided. You just supply a favorite plate for the candles and greenery. Light the candles as you watch Covenant's virtual Sunday morning worship, or use the Advent Candle Lighting Family Worship booklet of scriptures and prayers provided. The first Sunday of Advent is November 29.

●Order your FREE Advent candles online HERE
●Watch your email for pick-up times.
●Contact Donna for more information (dmonson@covenantmadison.org)
Middle and High School Youth Connections Sunday, November 22 & November 29

MSYC will meet on Zoom beginning at 4:00
HSYC will meet on Zoom beginning at 6:30
Steve Royalton will send out the Zoom links, but please contact him if you have any questions.
"How to Read the Bible"
Adult Education
November 22 at 10:00 am
Adult Ed is using the BibleProject for a series called "How to Read the Bible" that will last throughout the 2020-2021 program year.

Sunday, November 22

  • Thanksgiving Sunday
  • Chelsea Cornelius preaching "Seasons of Love" on Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8
  • Cindy Lovell (and Nemo) presenting the Children’s Time

We'd love to see you at the Sunday morning