What does PCUSA mean?

Do you know what PCUSA stands for?

Yes, it is the acronym for our denomination, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
But according to a 20/20 task force of our church, PCUSA is an acronym. This task force believes that God is calling our church to be 

That's a good acronym and a good calling. Click on the bracelet photo to learn about the task force.

I'm glad to be part of a church that is prayerful, courageous, united, serving and alive.
These cool P.C.U.S.A. bracelets were given to the 4,000 youth at the Presbyterian Youth Triennium this week.

At that same event, former General Assembly co-moderator Denise Anderson is helping the church learn and grow, specifically about race relations.

Events of the past week remind us that we need to persevere in resisting racism. Click on her photo to read about her hope that this generation can be the one to end racism.
I'm glad to be part of a church that recognizes the reality of racism and works for better race relations. 

And, I'm glad to be part of the PCUSA, where we value diverse skills and gifts.

And I'm very glad to be here at Covenant, a congregation that is well-connected to the PCUSA. Over the years, dozens of Covenant people have served John Knox Presbytery, the Synod of Lakes and Prairies, and the PCUSA General Assembly with their individual skills and gifts.

If you want to learn more about the PCUSA's mission and form of government, click on any of those links. Or talk with (and thank!) any of the people currently serving the church right now:
PCUSA, General Assembly
  • Deb Cohn, Permanent Judicial Commission
  • Gordon Enderle, Board of Pensions (Board of Directors)

John Knox Presbytery
  • Charlie Berthoud, Committee on Preparation for Ministry
  • Larry Collins, Permanent Judicial Commission reserve class
  • Bette Duff, Permanent Judicial Commission
  • Jeff Fox-Kline, moderator of Christ Presbyterian, Madison
  • Laurie Jones, Presbytery Council
  • Raleigh Jones, Permanent Judicial Commission reserve class
  • Sue Melrose, Committee on Ministry
  • Sandy Nuernberg, Presbytery Council
  • Carol Philipps, Committee on Preparation for Ministry
  • Doug Poland, Personnel Committee
  • Clara Thompson, Committee on Ministry
We are the church together, following Jesus Christ, and doing our best, with God's help, to be prayerful, courageous, united, serving, and alive!

On the journey together,

PS--In the next week or so, the church office is sending out mid-year contribution statements via email (and USPS as necessary). Watch your inbox for your statement, and contact Steve Webster in the office if you have questions.
In the midst of our Madison heat wave, it's a great (?) time for a solar panel update!
Our solar panels have been generating energy since December 2017.

Our best single day was June 13, 2019, with 146.24 kWh.

And last week was our best 7-day period. From July 7-13, with 903.44 kWh, an average of almost 130/day.

Click on the photo to get a live update!
Sharing Photos!
We want to see your photos! Please send in your favorite summer photo (just one or two, not all of them!)—from Madison to Mongolia, or anywhere in between. 
Click on the photo of John G at Notre Dame to see the others, including one of Pastor Charlie and his oldest son at the Brewers-Braves game on Monday.

If you have photos to share, please send print and/or digital copies to Pastor Jeff Fox-Kline ( ) or the church office.  
Blood Drive
Wednesday, August 14
1:00-6:00 at Covenant
Click on the "GIVE BLOOD" logo to sign up. Our sponsor code is Covenantpresmadison.

Volunteers are needed for hosting as well. Contact Pastor Jeff Fox-Kline if you'd like to help!
Sunday Worship
9:30 Single Service
Sunday, July 21
Sermon: "What the Fool Forgot"
Scripture: Luke 12:13-34
Preacher: Lisa Hermann, Chaplain at UW Children's Hospital
Pianist: Ben Welch
Sunday, July 28
Sermon: "The Humility Award"
Scripture: Luke 18:9-14
Preacher: Charlie Berthoud
Organist: Doug McNeel