Fall 2021
"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives."- John F. Kennedy

Connecting to Care would like to take this time to thank the families, providers and community partners dedicated to improving children's behavioral health in Connecticut.
We are grateful for your work and collaboration!
This issue focuses on a few accomplishments of that work.
Services that Work!
Care Coordination Corner
What does Care Coordination look like in real life?
This is the story of a family and youth who used Care Coordination and the positive outcomes they experienced.

When fifteen-year-old Charlie came into Care Coordination he was not able to connect socially with his peers. Charlie had to attend class virtually which was very difficult for him. Charlie’s father Stanley was concerned about the time Charlie was spending on video games due to not being able to do after school activities and businesses being closed. [...]
WrapCT Care Coordination Trainings
The Wraparound initiative is a holistic approach to delivering services to families with children experiencing mental health or behavioral changes. Wraparound puts the child and family at the center, surrounding them with a team of friends, family members, providers, and members of the community to provide support and help them achieve their goals. Trainings are offered to share the philosophy and teach practical skills needed for Wraparound.

Wraparound Training Data for Fiscal Year 2021
Wraparound Practice of Care modules include the following topics:

  • Introduction to Wraparound
  • Engaging Families
  • Strengths-based Documentation
  • Needs and Benchmarks
  • Crisis/Safety Planning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Transition Planning
740 providers and families were trained in one of the Wraparound Practice of Care modules showing an increase of 69 participants compared to the previous year.

In addition, 684 families received an orientation to the Wraparound practice model.
155 of those were in Spanish. This was an increase of 32 families compared to the previous year.
Youth/Family Spotlight

A Family Story at a National Conference

Written by Taylor Ford, Statewide Youth and Family Coordinator, FAVOR, Inc.

 “Can you see yourself in my shoes?” “No ma’am.”

In the beginning of November, FAVOR, Inc. presented at the National Federation of Families’ virtual conference on Building Community-Based Advisory through Innovative Research and Family Engagement Technical Assistance. The presentation team (made up of Maguena Deslandes, Taylor Ford, Lisa Girard and Jenny Bridges-Hightower) spoke about the work they have done to date to promote the National CLAS (Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services) Standards, the benefits of facilitating community conversations and focus groups and highlighted their Support Group Facilitation Guide. To close out the presentation, Lisa Girard shared her family’s story and how she embarked on the journey from a parent struggling with her child’s school to working as a change agent in the Eastern region. [...]
Data Stories
CONNECTing to Care Data Stories are short, easy-to-read reports that tell a story about information collected during the CONNECTing to Care initiative. They are designed to share data with interested community members, families, youth and professionals to help facilitate a collective understanding of aspects of the network of care. Data Stories are created by The Consultation Center at Yale, our evaluation team for the CONNECTing to Care grant.

Data Story Highlight: Collaboration in a Network of Care (NOC)
Data Story Highlight: Practice Standards in Child and Family Team Meetings
Resources - helpful websites
Plan4Children website relaunched with a new look, a calendar of meetings and events, and fresh content. The site features information on the State of Connecticut's vision, plan, and current work for creating a behavioral health system that meets the needs of all children in Connecticut. It offers policymakers, families, providers and community members opportunities to get involved in system change efforts, connect to behavioral health resources and find information on trainings.  This work includes Connecticut’s Behavioral Health Plan for Children and Connecting to Care, two statewide initiatives working together since 2014 to improve care options for families. 
HealthyLivesCT website offers information and self-screening tools for emotional, physical, holistic and financial wellness, and recovery from addiction issues. Consider utilizing these resources as you plan for a new year and setting goals for yourself!
ConnectingtoCareCT website is designed to help families understand care options, find local community collaboratives, and connect to care coordination and appropriate services. The site now features regional resource lists under a new Supports & Services section.
Feelings stressed, anxious, alone?
Let's take care of ourselves and each other!
Upcoming Meeting Dates:
The Children's Behavioral Health Advisory Committee (CBHAC) meets on the first Friday of the month, from 10am-12pm. The next meeting is December 3, 2021
CBHAC's mission is to promote and enhance the provision of behavioral health services for all children in Connecticut. Appointed members and community guests attend monthly meetings to address these needs across the state. This committee must submit an annual report that provides recommendations concerning behavioral health service delivery.
CBHAC is open to the public. If you are interested in attending or receiving email communications from the CBHAC, please contact your regional Network of Care Manager or Family Systems Manager.
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