More to Come...

It has been just under 2 weeks now since we opened the first phase of our NEW facility! We are so grateful for the overwhelming support and kind words from members in our community. We could not have done this without YOU!

The fun isn't over yet - phase two has just begun! We have roughly 6 more months of construction until the final project is complete. Phase two includes our 7 court Squash Complex, which we anticipate to be completed by the end of this year!

With that said, there are some items we would like to address:

  • PARKING: If you have visited the Y in these past two weeks, you've seen how limited our parking is right now. This is because more than half of our parking lot is undergoing renovations, and we are hopeful that the new parking lots will be open in the fall! With Summer Camp in progress, drop-off and pick-up times can be super busy. If you are having a hard time finding parking, we suggest using any of the open lots in Aquidneck Corporate Park. All Y staff have been instructed to park in our neighboring lot to allow for more member parking.
  • BATHROOMS: When the project is completed, we will have easy access to bathrooms all over the facility. However, these bathrooms won't be available until phase one and phase two connect together. In the meantime, bathrooms are available in the Women's, Men's, and Universal Locker rooms for general member use. Children in our youth programs have separate bathrooms.
  • MISSING ITEMS: There are a few items that are still on their way! Items include mirrors to be added in the Wellness Center, window shades for the Wellness Center and Group Ex studio,sound-suppressing platforms for each squat rack, 5 Arc Trainers, miscellaneous free weights, and the Ninja-rig indoor playscape for our Child Watch center.

REMEMBER: our operations will shift once the project is complete, and this is all TEMPORARY. We sincerely appreciate everyone's support and cooperation as we navigate through our new facility.

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