Volume 3 | Issue 4 | March/April 2022
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Amigos Member Conference 2022
Building the New Library Team
Motivating and retaining staff. Recruiting new staff. Navigating new ways of working. And developing the skills for new services. Changes in the workplace and workforce have made building the new library team more important than ever. This is the time for managers, staff, and job seekers to think together about what will be needed for the future.

The call for proposals is open through March 11. Submit your proposal today!

Save the date! The 2022 Amigos Member Conference takes place May 11.
Amigos Community Conversations
Controlled Digital Lending
Join us March 23rd for a discussion on controlled digital lending (CDL) with Perry Collins, copyright and open educational resources librarian at the University of Florida (UF), and Susan Garrison, director of access services and interim director Business Information Center at Rice University's Fondren Library.

Register today for this Amigos Community Conversation to discuss CDL with peers and colleagues!

This event is free and open to Amigos members.
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All Amigos online conferences are free of charge to the staff of Amigos member institutions!

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Transparency in Library Communication

Transparency in communication is critical at all levels. It is necessary for an equitable and inclusive workplace as well as for library stakeholders to understand changes as they occur.

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Know & Go: Wakelet and Padlet for Libraries

Learning how to use Wakelet and Padlet for your library can boost patron engagement.  With Wakelet, libraries can save, organize and share content from across the web and organize them into collections.

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Streamlining Library Workflows and Processes

Could processes in your library run more smoothly? Are there areas where an inefficient process is followed "because that's how it's always been done"?

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