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Winter Edition 2021
January - March
Moving On: Migrating Library Content and Data
"This link worked yesterday – why doesn't it work now?" When it comes to integrated library systems and electronic resources platforms, the one constant is change. Migration processes can be daunting, but they don’t have to be scary.

Join Amigos Library Services February 11, 2021, for “Moving On: Migrating Library Content and Data” and explore ways to lessen the pain of migrations between library systems and platforms.

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RDA for Audio Recordings

From music CDs to digital audiobooks, library collections contain many types of audio recordings. Cataloging these items can be a bit different from working with print books. This workshop covers the RDA instructions relevant...

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Library Management: Everyday Negotiations

Managers and leaders frequently find themselves maneuvering through a variety of situations such as obtaining buy-in, defending library resources and services and resolving conflicts. An effective negotiating strategy can be...

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PDA: Collection Love through Patron Driven Acquisition

Library users want to feel loved. The best kind of PDA in a library is patron driven acquisition. We will look at the current role of this PDA in our library collections. This session will offer ways to celebrate and support patron requests.

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Introduction to Project Management

As most librarians and staff know, whenever you are involved with project work, the requirements will vary from project to project. However, the discipline commonly referred to as project management remains consistent and it is ...

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