NEWSLETTER - Volume 2 - Issue 8 - August 6, 2019
O ur Mission: To provide, with reverence, practical karmic astrological information to help our readers with significant life issues concerning relationships, work and personal/spiritual growth.  We encourage you to send your stories and/or questions to:

  1. YouTube Contribution from Brazil - The Universe Within Us by Priscilla Lima
  2. ANNOUNCEMENT - From the Mountains to the Underworld Online Workshop
  3. Getting the Most from Mercury Retrograde in Cancer by Linda Brady
  4. Q & A by Linda Brady
  5. On My Mind - A Day in the Life / Ditch the Life Preserver by Michael Brady
  6. Poem - The Flock by Carol Thigpen
  7. Inspiration Point by Karen Krull
  8. Suzanne Bellavista Murray - Life Coach & Karmic Astrologer

Priscilla Lima says: My talk was presented in San Paulo, Brazil. It provides reflections on how to live well in our modern world utilizing astrology as a language capable of elevating our collective consciousness
beyond our individual minds.

I will discuss how soul consciousness needs to be integrated into our personality
and how to transform old patterns into new behaviors.

From the Mountains to the Underworld Online Workshop
Harnessing the Power of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn Going Direct

In July, we offered a powerful teleconference on how to get the most out of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn that we are moving into. It has been 500 years since the last time these two planets joined each other in the sign of the mountain goat, as they will do in January 2020. What awaits?

We received so much positive feedback on this two-hour experience, which prepares you for the next 9 months leading up to Saturn's transit into Aquarius, that we have decided to make it available, with bonus features, in a new and exciting online format to other Aquarian leaders who were not able to attend the live teleconference. Stay tuned for more details in the September newsletter , and if you'd like to be added to the wait list for this one-of-a-kind self-improvement and leadership experience,
please send an email to
with Saturn-Pluto Wait List in the Subject Line.  
Getting the Most from Mercury Retrograding in Cancer
by Linda Brady

On July 19 at 5:30a, Tampa time, Mercury retrograded into the sign of Cancer. It went direct in Cancer on August 1st and stays in Cancer until 8/12. Mercury in transit retrogrades for 3 weeks three times a year giving us an opportunity to review, reflect and resolve situations we have already dealt with. It is a do-over and an important one. And it is true Mercury in retrograde has been seen as a major problem in communication and travel and now technology. All of us use it as an excuse when things go awry, some of us make fun of it. I know I have... Mercury retrogrades can cause irritation, frustration, accidents, poorly written contracts and many missed appointments and car problems. We do not ask ourselves why irritants happen, yet serendipity occurs in retrogrades too. We want to move ahead when Mercury says wait. We want to start new projects and wonder why there are so many challenges...
by Linda Brady
QUESTION: Linda, you’ve mentioned the inner child in many of your
articles. Could you give me some tools to help me understand mine?
ANSWER: I rely on the Moon sign in an astrological chart to give me valuable information concerning the inner child’s personality. The Moon represents our emotional life, which is built on instincts, moods, feelings and early mothering. The Moon also shows us the probable nature of the earliest imprints that create our unique inner child. Understanding the Moon sign in our astrological chart helps us to know and help our little ones. We cannot parent – or re-parent – a child that we do not know. If you’d like a list of the twelve different Moon signs and a brief paragraph about each one, email me at This is a starting point. I would suggest you become a master of the sign your Moon is in so you can become the best parent you can be to your little child.
On My Mind - A Day in the Life - Ditch the Life Preserver!
by Michael Brady

...Recently, I had a really wonderful experience with a client called Gustav. Gustav has been doing “the work” for about two and a half to three years now. He’s applying the work to his career, his family, relatives, marriage and his own experience of his life. In other words, “the whole Monty.” Gustav’s wife brought him to the work. And she is impatient for him to be emotionally present and forth coming. Gustav says, “aren’t I doing better than I was…6 weeks, 6 months…ago?"
POEM - The Flock
by Carol Thigpen
by Karen Krull
Change Your Career, Start Your Business
Are you tired of working in a job you hate? Do you have a career you dream of, but fear has stopped you from pursuing it? Have you always wanted to start your own business, but you don’t know where to start?
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~ Suzanne Bellavista Murray, MS, Life Coach & Karmic Astrologer