Guiding with EXPECTATIONS!
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Ms. Wanda
No Guidance | No Expectation  
. . .  from a humanistic and educational perspective
Society is no longer able to gratify Mother's Day over Father's Day   be
cause the reality of our children are now forcing both parents to become accountable for guidance and honest leadership.  I enjoy working with youth and young adults.  As parents, we can take it or leave it, agree or disagree, but "hypocrisy" is hard for teens to accept.  Parents giving "discretionary"  res
pect is a turn off!.  Believe me when I tell you that our children and young adult are very intelligent beings.  They understand and enjoy respect, honesty, faithfulness, and straight talk - from someone who actual takes the time to talk to them (not at them) and listens to them.  Children and young adults are so forgiving toward adult they love and trust!  Speak "REAL TALK" and you will have their attention. 
Single parenting is a physical, social and emotional status that words cannot describe, especially when you and your child have experienced  "loving discrimination" due to the loss of your traditional family presence.  Life is an equalizer!   It was difficult as a single parent to share events or visits a few traditional, insensitive married coupled families whose focus were to project the image - rather than being.  Goal oriented single parents taught their children respect, to smile and to hold their head up; you were not a lesser person.  Limited, not lesser!   When we ask him, God always ordain our path to include many strong, positive leaders and mentors to help teach / reinforce: life skills, chores, restrictions, supervision, family engaged  activities, etc. in our children.   To my surprise, I have come to realize that there were many married couples who enjoyed show casing the traditional family image (all living in the same home environment),  but had not modeled positive guidance nor taught their children life skills.  The expectations for their children were  left undefined.  Many children who grew up in homes with both parents were not prepared for adult life skills outside of the home.  If parents are not intentional in modeling  and teaching  the expectation to their own children, then children may become resentful and have no desire for personal success.  
Three (3) Quick Holiday Questions:
  1. Which parent do you feel is more vulnerable to Children's Needs?   Children's Wants?
  2. Are parents ever guilty of providing Children's Wants to manipulate a relationship in luau  of parental negligence?
  3. In the end, who suffers most from this compromise?
Do you feel that one day our nation may agree to recognize a "Parent Day?"    I can assure you that both parents have failed children at some point in life, but as we become more truthful to ourselves and become intentionally respectful to the gift God has given us (our children) my hope is that we will acknowledge and value our children  during dark and lonely moments, with little finances, during emotional struggles, when nobody knows their little name,  . . . .Just as we will when the day comes . . .  everyone else is calling them famous!
                          Happy, Happy Father's Day!

Portrait of happy African American parents with children in swimming pool 
Cool Dads ...  Take  Lemons and Make Lemonade !
  • A Disciplined Man is so COOL !  His behavior, reaction, and smile are what turn everything around. 
  • A "Confident Man" (not egotistical)  is a Sexy Man.
  • He is able to say "No" and mean it , with a smile and love.
  • He makes his children feel that "HE" is so blessed to be their dad.
  • The community respects and honors him  for his helping hands.
  • Step Dads are really cool, they didn't have to.  Moms must realize this!         Remember  Joseph?                                                                lemon            

     Father's Day is not the "Day for Comparison," but simply            a day of  encouragement  . . to BECOME  the very  BEST YOU!     

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