Hello COOS Friends!

We had a festive Faith Friday this morning followed by a Cinco de Mayo parade, dance and special snack prepared by the teachers!

Our teacher appreciation lunch this afternoon was fabulous, as well as the whole teacher appreciation week!  Thank you to everyone who gave gifts, donated money for foods and donated time.

Our Wine Event is coming up May 19th at 6:30pm.  Please stop by the preschool office if you have not purchased tickets yet.  Beverly and Sasha will be outside the school selling tickets, Tuesday, May 9th from 8am to 9am.  Have your check books and credit cards ready, you all know how Ms. Sasha is selling tickets!!  This wine event will be a nice casual way for parents, teachers and Church members to get to know one another.  We have a two piece Jazz band, Good Pizza is catering the heavy appetizers and Westchester Bakery Donated the desserts!

We need a few volunteers for the wine event, follow this link if you have the time.
Thank you all again and have a blessed weekend!

Ms. Beverly 

PS. Church is at 10am on Sunday and we have a lovely Sunday School program!