COOS NEWS April 23, 2020
The teachers and I made paper hugs (above) to give you the hug we wish we could! We miss you all so much!

COOS re-opened, Monday April 20th for children of essential workers. We had planned on re-opening April 20th because originally that was when the health order was over. Even though the health order was extended until May 15th, California Community Care Licensing that licenses preschools gave us additional new regulations to follow through June 30th. Our preschool will remain following the health order rules and the additional licensing regulations through June 30th.

Some of these regulations are:

  • Children of essential workers only
  • 10 children per classroom
  • Siblings must remain in groups
  • No mixing groups
  • Bleach sanitizing everything: table, chairs, faucets, toilets, toys, counters, after every use
  • Adults must wear masks outside the classroom and in close contact with children
  • Parents may decide if their child is able to safely wear a mask
  • Foods can not be served family style
  • Temperature taking at sign in for the whole family
  • Families sign in at the gate, they cannot enter classrooms
  • We added shoes off in classrooms

We are happy that these new regulations should be lifted by July 1st for the beginning of our summer fun! However, the teachers and I really like some of these new cleaning practices and will be keeping practices that will keep children even healthier.

I want to thank the families who have returned for being so kind and patient with this new process. It takes a little longer to sign in and out but it's worth it. So thank you!!

I hope everyone had a joyous Easter Sunday on April 12th! Our Savior Lutheran Church began using facebook live and youtube to share church services. Pastor Duling and Laura have also been using facebook live for Chapel Wednesdays. They are continuing to use these social media formats to share services with you until the health order tells us we are allowed to meet in person again.

I know everyone has been enjoying seeing teachers in their private facebook groups. This has slowed down a bit because the preschool is open again. To those of you that are still safe at home, don't thing we have forgotten about you. The live circle-times, etc will continue, they will just be a little different. We will figure out a routine that works soon. One of the classes had a facebook live circle time, recorded during an actual circle time.. I focused the camera on teacher Emily as not to make the children at home to feel left out and ask why their friends are at school and they cannot be. It's and uncharted time we are navigating through right now.

Please let us know if there is anything you need through email or give us a call! Even if you just need to talk or need one of us to pray for you. The teachers and I would love to pray for you!! Staying home can be difficult on people so give yourself some credit. You are all doing an amazing job!! This is such a stressful situation and we all need to give each other the extra love and space we all need.

I'm going to share a few photos and links to chapel and church services below. We are also having a t-shirt fundraiser. As it is with many places, we are having a difficult time financially, so if you are in a place where you can share, please consider doing so.

Thank you, Miss you all Muchly!!

Ms. Beverly