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COPE Newsletter July 2018
The Next Level of Healing is Helping

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Words from Lilly
COPE President and Founder
Dear COPE Families,

Navigating your way through grief.

You lose your mind. 

You find your senses.


Listen for guidance.

Compassion for self.

Heart is where the peace is.

Step out of the mind into the heart.

You don't get over grief. You just learn to have it as part of your life.

If you're drowning, you can't help anyone else, least of all yourself.

Find your passion.

Live Life.

Enjoy Summer.

COPE President and Founder
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Mindfulness (see Workshop below)
By Clinical Director, Michelle Graff    

So what is this mindfulness everyone is talking about, and what does it have to do with grief? Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing, and not overly react or be overwhelmed by what’s going on in our heads or around us. When we are grieving we are, often times, on “auto pilot,” getting through each second of the day as best as we can. All of this while experiencing intense thoughts and emotions.  
Mid-IslandY JCC, 7:00pm

Mid-IslandY JCC, 7:00pm

East Meadow Library 7:00pm

Merrick Library 1:00pm

COPE at Cedarmere 7:00pm

Chai Center in Dix Hills, 7:00pm

COPE at Cedarmere 1:00pm
For established parents at Syosset Public
Library, 7:00pm

For established parents at Jericho Public Library, 7:00pm

DASHA Flagship, The Galleria in NYC

United Methodist Church in Ronkonkoma

As we finish planting your favorite colored flowers, where your body rests, I hum “You’re Always In My Head”, Coldplay. 

“Life is a bittersweet symphony”, The Verve. (Songs Jaclyn loved)

The pain in my heart makes me unable to breathe but then I do and I hate myself. How can I breathe when my daughter can not?

In this club we have learned we have no choice; we wake, we must take a breath, and so go on. We’re not “strong”. I’ve had words said to me, “I can only imagine your loss. If I lost my child I couldn’t go on”. I answer with a smile, “yes you would”.  

In memory of Jaclyn Scarabino
- daughter of Diane & Robert Scarabino and loving sister of Ricky & Michael. 

HEALING WORKSHOP - Save The Date - Saturday, August 4th
Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop

Please join The COPE Foundation along with James D'Aconti from The Mindful Place for Walking Meditation and Mindfulness. James is a Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher who has intense training in the practice of mindfulness.  

August 4th, 2018 at 9:30am  at Cedarmere  225 Bryant Ave, Roslyn, NY 11577.

Please RSVP to Michelle Graff, LCSW, Clinical Director at  516-274-0540
COPE Walk 16

Sunday, September 30, 2018
at Long Beach Boardwalk

An opportunity for all our local families to come out
and meet and support one another. A great day for connecting our paths.  We hope to see you then!
In the month of July, we remember the following loved ones
who were taken from us before their time.
July Passings & Birthdays
Harley Bruce Jr.  ("Dub") (2005, Birthday) son of Harley Jesse & Codi Dornan
Samantha Karolin  (1988, Birthday) daughter of Mara Karolin
Paul Purcaro  (1989, Birthday) son of Josephine Purcaro
Thomas Urraro  (2011, Passing) son of Linda Amodio
Jennifer Taylor Bell  (2009, Passing) daughter of Jane & Jonathan Bell
Frank Berin  (2010, Passing) son of Diane Berin
Russell Ferber  (2002, Passing) brother of Jordon Ferber
Michelle Nourmand (2014, Passing) daughter of Simin Nourmand , sister of Joseph Nourmand
Naomi Popper  (2009, Passing) daughter of Alex & Ronnie Popper
Christopher Procci  (2012, Passing) brother of Kim Procci
Rosie Rafickrullah  (2016, Passing) sister of Calvin Rafickrullah
Jared Kalensky  (1979, Birthday) brother of Jana Diamond
Bryan Enczelewski  (1969, Birthday) brother of Heather Enczelewski
Beth Adams  (Birthday) daughter of Becky Garduno
John Sopack  (2013, Passing) son of Rosanna Sopack
Ariella Weiss  (2007, Passing) daughter of Annette & Robert Weiss
Melissa Sue Bakker  (1987, Birthday) daughter of Donna Bakker
Shana Kay  (2005, Passing) daughter of Jane & Randy Kay
Gina Memoli  (2015, Passing) daughter of Barbara & Mike Memoli
Luis Schwartz  (2016, Passing) brother of Jen Schwartz and Matthew Schwartz
Rebecca Goldstei n (1991, Birthday) daughter of Rachel Goldstein-Florio
Corey Govier  (1988, Birthday) son of Debbie Govier
Stacey Beth Kessler (1979, Birthday) daughter of Ronnie & Ira Kessler
Victoria Gaines  (2012, Passing) daughter of Paul Gaines
Jeffrey Goldstein  (1998, Passing) son of Sharon Cutler
Michael Mulhall  (2010, Passing) son of Peggy Mulhall
Gabriel Pierro  (2015, Passing) son of Fabian Pierro
Heath Bogin  (1977, Birthday) son of Esther Bogin and son of Jerry Bogin
Robert Carpinelli  (1990, Birthday) son of Linda Carpinelli
Nicholas Dempsey  (1997, Birthday) son of Jennifer Dempsey
Victoria Gaines  (2004, Birthday) daughter of Paul Gaines
Michael Isaacs  (1991, Birthday) son of Cheryl Isaacs
Christopher Simpson  (1977, Birthday) son of Kathy & Kenny Prisco
Nathan Allyn Sherman  (1982, Birthday) son of Deborah Sherman
Chloe Weil  (2014, Passing) daughter of Dina Weil
Jeff Reczkowski  (1965, Birthday) brother of Rita O’Neill
Phoenix Anderson  (2005, Passing) son of Linda Anderson
Rhonda (Reeva) Levine  (2013, Passing) daughter of Carole Levine
Louie Manzella  (2011, Passing) son of Nancy Manzella
Brian Pupke  (2011, Passing) son of Robert & Heather Pupke
Hunter Wolfe  (2011, Passing) son of Tony Wolfe
Luciano do Vale  (1984, Birthday) brother of Lucimara Aguirre
Andrew Weiner  (1969, Birthday) brother of Leslie Glick
Steven Kovacs  (2009, Passing) son of Wayne & Elaine Kovacs, Joni Howe,
Michael Howe and Debra Mochado
Michael Klinofsky  (2015, Passing) son of Jill Klinofsky
Dana Solomon  (2010, Passing) son of Giovannina Leto
Gabrielle Azzarelli  (1992, Birthday) daughter of Camille Azzarelli
Keith Costigan  (1971, Birthday) son of Kathie Costigan
Samantha Blacharski  (2015, Passing) daughter of Nancy Blacharski
Maureen Brack  (2013, Passing) daughter of Anne Brack
Anna Finkelstein  (2009, Passing) sister of Katherine Finkelstein
Kevin Naccary  (2009, Passing) brother of Meredith Van Schuyler
Michael Litchford  (2011, Passing) brother of Mollie Vigardt
Robert Julian White  (2008, Passing) son of Cassandra King
Michael Salerno  (2014, Passing) son of Patricia Salerno
Eric Strauss  (2011, Passing) son of David Strauss
Patrick Joseph Carney, Jr.  (1969, Birthday) husband of Dora Carney
Patrick Curley  (1972, Birthday) son of MaryAnn Curley
Joshua Levi  (1979, Birthday) son of Suzanne Levi
Frederick Drey Meine  (1993, Birthday) son of Denise Meine-Graham
Mitchell Bauman  (2005, Passing) son of Pearl & Leo Bauman
Wayne Lipinski  (2010, Passing) son of Sue Lipinski
Paul Jacobson  (2015, Passing) son of Diane Parini
Evan Spiegel (2017, Passing) son of Jessica Spiegel
Alexa Cardone  (1999, Birthday) daughter of Nicole Cardone
Kevin Gilday  (1955, Birthday) son of Eileen Gilday, brother of Kathleen Harten
TerriAnn Clarke  (1965, Birthday) daughter of Terry Hoffman
Cliff Leslie  (1970, Birthday) son of Yvonne Leslie
Victoria Lamorta-Baumann  (2009, Passing) daughter of Jean Germano
James Hall (1990, Birthday) son of Mary Jo Hall
Harriet Patronis  (1964, Birthday) daughter of Despina Koukoulas
Gwyn Sullivan  (1973, Birthday) daughter of Joan Marlow
Adam Pomper  (1993, Birthday) son of Bruce Pomper
Jim Connelly  (2011, Passing) father of Samantha Connelly
Genovieve Soumia  (2013, Passing) daughter of Ann Rickmeyer
Jaclyn Scarabino  (2012, Passing) daughter of Diane & Robert Scarabino
Adam Spizz  (1986, Passing) son of Alex Spizz and son of Marika Spizz, brother of Jack & Kim Spizz
Hope Freed  (1959, Birthday) daughter of Harriet & Bernard Shurgan
Monica Valencia  (1976, Birthday) sister of Julianna Valencia
Diane Laraine Gordon  (1979, Passing) sister of Laraine Gordon
Ross Micheals (1997, Birthday) son of Catherine and John Micheals
Jennifer Jimenez  (1987, Birthday) sister of Julianne Jimenez
Abigail Trent  (1990, Birthday) daughter of Amy Persaud
Michael Bloomberg  (2013, Passing) son of Sandi & Jerry Bloomberg
Kelly Burton  (1985, Birthday) daughter of Cathy Burton
Jordyn Fisher  (2011, Passing) daughter of Beth & Dick Fisher
Nathan Allyn Sherman  (2003, Passing) son of Deborah Sherman
Jonathan Pohlen (Birthday) brother of Michelle Pohlen
Dominic Amodeo  (1988, Birthday) son of Jayne & Howie Goldberg
Jason Dacorta (2011, Passing) son of Joan Dacorta
Brittney Shulman (2015, Passing) daughter of Susan Shulman
Marci Reller (2009, Passing) daughter of Florence Weil
Dominic Amodeo (1988, Birthday) son of Jayne and Howie Goldberg
Russell Ciolli  (1972, Birthday) son of Gloria & Bruce Ciolli
Michael DiMaria  (1987, Birthday) son of Patti & Joseph DiMaria , brother of Jennifer DiMaria
Brendon Redmond  (1989, Birthday) son of Dori Redmond
John Sopack  (1975, Birthday) son of Rosanna Sopack
Uzziah Taylor  (1993, Birthday) son of Audrey Taylor
Victor Orlando Woolson  (1993, Birthday) son of Teresa Woolsen
Justin Kostoff  (2013, Passing) son of Lisa Alter
Scott Lundgren  (2011, Passing) son of Anna & Ronald Lundgren
Kendra Bowers  (1994, Birthday) sister of Kayla Bowers
Anthony Maletta  (1969, Birthday) son of Eleanor DeFalco
Nicholas Ferrante  (1992, Birthday) son of Jayne & Enrico Ferrante
Walter Allen Hardy, III  (1984, Birthday) son of Delores Mower
Kaitlyn Dougherty  (2013, Passing) daughter of Denise Dougherty
Sonia Dubey  (2010, Passing) daughter of G and Mariam Dubey
Allison Jamie Schwart z (2010, Passing) daughter of Christopher Ihm
Tyler Pine  (2011, Passing) son of Kathy & Craig Pine
Aidan Seeger  (2004, Birthday) son of Elisa Seeger
Nikki Kontor  (2010, Passing) daughter of Joann Lombardi
Cindy Behrmann-Veeder  (2008, Passing) daughter of Sheila Behrmann
Amanda Henderson  (2015, Passing) daughter of Denise Henderson, sister of Jeanna Henderson
Shaun Singh  (2014, Passing) son of Renoka Singh
Justin Kostoff  (1992, Birthday) son of Lisa Alter
Seth Fink  (1974, Birthday) son of Arlene Orth
Allison Morales  (2004, Passing) daughter of Marsha Calderon
Taylor Hirsch (2017, Passing) son of LaRue and Barry Hirsch
Rishi Prasad  (1984, Birthday) son of Diana Allie
Barry Silverstein  (1968, Birthday) son of Brenda Litzky
Sydney Gros s (2009, Passing) daughter of Lori Duckstein
Vanessa Algios (1979, Birthday) Daughter of Maureen T. Morrow
Billy Garfield  (1978, Birthday) son of Roberta & Richie Garfield
Eric Licurs i (1985, Birthday) son of Donna Licursi, brother of Lorraine Licursi
Brendon Bittner  (1980, Birthday) brother of Jessica Markus
Eric Perrin  (1979, Birthday) son of Barbara & Steven Perrin
Matthew Ravner  (1988, Birthday) son of Louise & Jody Ravner
Nicholas Maniscalco  (2014, Passing) son of Deborah Gibson
Caroline Swift  (2014, Passing) daughter of Freddie Swift
Joseph Capalado (1989, Birthday) son of Eric Capalado
JoAnna Falbo  (1983, Birthday) sister of Juliana Falbo
Ariella Weiss  (2005, Birthday) daughter of Annette & Robert Weiss
Adam Oberlander  (2015, Passing) son of Carol and Norman Oberlander
Pam McKelvey (2016, Passing) sister of Joan McKelvey
Kyra Franchetti  (2016, Passing) daughter of Jaqueline Franchetti
Mikaela Tick  (2013, Passing) daughter of Jeffrey Tick
Gilad Vaday  (2000, Passing) son of Sara & Shalom Vaday
Michael Zombeck  (1984, Birthday) brother of Ricci Zombeck
Robert Egan  (2014, Passing) son of Carla Egan
Vanessa Borg  (1982, Birthday) daughter of Alice & Michael Borg
Howard Safir  (2006, Passing) son of Lucy Safir
Tony Del Rio  (1966, Birthday) son of Linda Marino
Mike Yedid  (1990, Birthday) son of Elyse Yedid and Robert Yedid, brother of Alan Yedid and David Yedid
Tyler Heelan  (1990, Birthday) son of Leslie Heelan
Vanessa Borg  (2006, Passing) daughter of Alice & Michael Borg
Peter Fedden  (2013, Passing) brother of Jaimee Lee Fedden, Lee Fedden
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