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November & December 2018
The Next Level of Healing is Helping
To all of our COPE families and supporters -

As COPE approaches our 20th year of helping grieving families, I'm sending a note of gratitude for your commitment to COPE.

With your support, we continue to impact the grief community. 

Every year more parents, siblings and children are helped by participating in one of many COPE support services. 

For all the families that COPE supports...

We are here for you.

You are not alone. 

-Adam Rabinovitch
Executive Director

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Words from Lilly
COPE President and Founder
Dear COPE Families,

Everyone experiences loss at some time in their lives. And holidays are a time when the absence of someone you love is felt most. 

Sitting at the Thanksgiving table, I felt thankful for everyone present while desperately missing those no longer here. I struggled to find a way to hold on to the past and everyone I've loved, and bridge the gap of separation.

How do we hold on when no one is speaking their names?

The Elephant in the Room
By Terry Kettering 

There’s an elephant in the room. 
It is large and squatting, 
so it is hard to get around it. 

Yet we squeeze by with, 
“How are you?” and, “I’m fine,” 
and a thousand other forms of trivial chatter. 

We talk about the weather; 
we talk about work; 
we talk about everything else— 
except the elephant in the room. 

There’s an elephant in the room. 
We all know it is there. 
We are thinking about the elephant 
as we talk together. 

It is constantly on our minds. 
For, you see, it is a very big elephant. 
It has hurt us all, but we do not talk about 
the elephant in the room. 

Oh, please, say their name. 
Oh, please, say their name again. 
Oh, please, let’s talk about 
the elephant in the room. 

For if we talk about their death, 
perhaps we can talk about their life. 
Can I say their name to you 
and not have you look away? 
For if I cannot, 
then you are leaving me alone 
in a room—with an elephan t.

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are behind us, Christmas and New Years ahead. There will always be holidays, birthdays and passing dates when we need to speak their names.

Wishing you safe and peaceful holidays,


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Grief can be compared to an emotional tundra. The frigid winter months coupled with already grey feelings can be challenging. Isolation, depression and poor self care are endemic to grievers, especially during this time of year. Here are a few reasons why the winter can be difficult and what to do to cope.

1.  Lack of Sunlight
A lack of sunlight, or the length of the night in some cases, can cause an increase in melatonin and a drop in the neurotransmitter serotonin and Vitamin D. All of this can throw your mind and body out of whack and leave you feeling tired, irritable and blue.
Tip:  Do what you can to get outside, open the blinds, and hold on until daylight savings time.

2.  Cabin Fever
Cabin fever is not a technical diagnosis but it is a well-documented phenomenon (think early US settlers who spent long winters alone in their cabins). Cabin fever describes a state of restlessness, depression, and irritability brought on by spending time in a confined space or remote area.
Where grief is concerned, being stuck inside provides you with ample time to spend ruminating, thinking of your loved one, focused on difficult emotions, and replaying unpleasant memories with little distraction.
Tip:  It’s okay to spend time focused on your grief, but also find constructive ways to occupy your mind like puzzles, movies, games, organizing, home repairs, calling a friend, creating art, or writing in your journal.

3. Social Isolation
The predisposition for grievers to withdraw combined with cancelations, problems with transportation, and a desire to avoid the cold and snow can amplify your risk of falling into a cycle of emotional and social isolation. Isolation and loneliness can have a negative impact on your physical and emotional health,  which we discussed in detail in this post.
Tip:  Get out and go to a mall, store, support group, or place of worship. When possible, push yourself to keep plans even if it means braving the cold.

4.  Not moving enough
You already know that  even a small amount of exercise can have a marked impact on your physical and emotional health.  Obviously, in winter your options for getting out and moving around are limited. Snowy roads, icy sidewalks, and the cold make it virtually impossible to find many opportunities for exercise.
Tip:  Even though taking an hour long walk outside might not be possible, look for alternative opportunities to get at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. Try walking outside for shorter intervals, get an exercise DVD, plan an indoor workout routine, or join a gym.

5.  Poor eating and weight gain
Thank goodness for bulky sweaters, am I right?  Studies show  that caloric intake tends to increase about 200 calories a day beginning in the fall. The rationale behind this increase is debatable as some researchers believe primitive impulses drive humans to stockpile calories in anticipation of short days and cold weather, while others think there’s just more opportunity to indulge in the winter (holidays, time spent inside, and the nostalgic connections associated with food). Regardless of why you eat, bad food can leave you feeling gross on many levels.
Tip:  Are you giving yourself permission to eat badly because you’re sad? Are you eating out of boredom? Are you eating certain foods because you associate them with the cold weather or holidays? Be careful and be mindful of what you’re eating and why.

6.  It’s cold
That’s all. Being cold is torture.

7.  You’re sad
For some, the holidays present a storm of grief triggers followed by months of feeling blah (see all of the above). It’s possible that the events of November and December have set you adrift on a long grief wave that won’t recede until the spring thaw.
Tip:  Believe that things will get better.

8.  You’re SAD
Winter-onset seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a subtype of major depression that is characterized by symptoms that emerge in fall or early winter and recede during the spring. These symptoms may start out mild and become more severe and include things like irritability, tiredness or low energy, problems getting along with others, hypersensitivity to rejection, heavy feeling in the arms or legs, oversleeping, appetite changes (craving carbs), and weight gain. It goes without saying that SAD can complicate one’s ability to cope with grief and other hardship.
Tip:  If you think you might suffer from SAD talk to your doctor about your concerns.

Michelle Graff, LCSW
COPE Foundation Clinical Director
(p) 516-274-0540

Source: whatsyourgrief.com
For those of you who are missing a loved one this holiday season, understand that you may experience a variety of emotions, and this is a normal part of the grieving process. Everyone handles grief differently: 

·     Family members dealing with the same loss can have vastly different reactions, and that is okay. 
·     Be true to yourself about what you need and let go of expectations that do not work for you. 
·     People dealing with loss, can often struggle with what they want to do versus what they feel they are expected to do by others. 
·     Listen to your inner wisdom and decide what is emotionally best for you. It is important to find an effective way to cope with grief and it is essential to take care of yourself. 
·     Don’t avoid the healing process, allow yourself to go through it, no matter how painful. 

Courtesy of Jennifer Shapiro-Lee, LCSW
Check out more about Jennifer at: https://www.jennifershapirolee.com/
17 Parent Support Group
East Meadow Library, 7:00 pm
17 Long Island Adult Sibling
COPE at Cedarmere, 7:00 pm


19 Parent Support Group
COPE at Cedarmere, 1:00 pm

20 Parent Support Group
Jericho Library, 7:00 pm


 28 Parent Support Group
United Methodist Church, Ronkonkoma, 7:00 pm

7 Parent Support Group
Babylon Library, 7:00 pm
7, 21 Parent Support Group
Mid Island Y JCC, 7:00 pm
14 Pregnancy and Infant Loss Group
COPE at Cedarmere, 7:00 pm
28 Parent Support Group
East Meadow Library, 7:00 pm
28 Long Island Adult Sibling
COPE at Cedarmere, 7:00 pm

8 Parent Support Group
Merrick Library, 1:00 pm

9 Parent Support Group
Chai Center, Dix Hills, 7:00 pm
16 Parent Support Group
COPE at Cedarmere, 1:00 pm
17 Parent Support Group
Syosset Library, 7:00 pm
3 Parent Support Group
Jericho Library, 7:00 pm
11, 25 Manhattan Sibling Group
Dasha Flagship, The Galleria 6:15 pm
18 Parent Support Group
United Methodist Church, Ronkonkoma, 7:00 pm
We are honored to share this eloquent  meditation  on grief from Nick Cave, the Australian singer, songwriter and author who recently lost his 15 year old son Arthur. We hope you will find it meaningful...

"...It seems to me, that if we love, we grieve. That’s the deal. That’s the pact. Grief and love are forever intertwined. Grief is the terrible reminder of the depths of our love and, like love, grief is non-negotiable. There is a vastness to grief that overwhelms our minuscule selves. We are tiny, trembling clusters of atoms subsumed within grief’s awesome presence. It occupies the core of our being and extends through our fingers to the limits of the universe. Within that whirling gyre all manner of madnesses exist; ghosts and spirits and dream visitations, and everything else that we, in our anguish, will into existence. These are precious gifts that are as valid and as real as we need them to be. They are the spirit guides that lead us out of the darkness..."

Read the full text on his website:

And as long as your spirit soars
There are endless possibilities……………..
Camp Erin NYC is thinking of everyone during the holidays.

What used to be a joyous time, may be overshadowed by sadness.

Pull out your drums, your feeling stone, a picture, a memory, your Camp Erin bracelet and close your eyes and think of the lake, the memory board, luminary ceremony, your bunk buddies and cabin mates or take a look at your summer video!

Remember the support and strategies that are helping you on your journey. One step at a time.

I saw this quote and thought of all of you.

As long as we have Memories,
yesterday remains.
As long as we have Hope,
tomorrow waits.
As long as we have Love 
today is beautiful,
-Author unknown

Sending love and hugs from the Camp Erin Family - Ann & Jamie
We welcomed almost 100 family members for our Fall dedication of more than 30 new memorial bricks on Sunday November 18th which began our second circle of love and remembrance.

The COPE Labyrinth is dedicated to our children, siblings, and loved ones.

Stay tuned for new brick memorial opportunities and dedications in 2019.
Many thanks to everyone who was able to join us for a Worldwide Candle Lighting Day on December 9th.

We gathered to honor our children, siblings and loved ones who have passed and to support the COPE families and community.
The COPE team is so proud and grateful to welcome Isabelle Gross, our extremely committed volunteer intern.

Isabelle is a senior at Bellmore-Merrick Central High School - and as part of her “Senior Experience Program”, she is volunteering her time and talent with COPE this school year, helping with administration, marketing, communications and hands-on support including at this year’s COPE Walk.

For information on how you can volunteer with COPE, please visit our website at:
November & December Passings & Birthdays
Please click here to help us honor and remember the November and December passings and birthdays of loved ones who were taken from us before their time.


Justin Carlo (1994, birthday), son of Al Carlo
Brayden Anthony Carr (2010, passing), son of Alexandra Carr
Phillip Clemens (1992, birthday), son of Frieda and Phillip Clemens
Joshua Levine (2010, passing), son of Myron Levine
Taylor Matthews (1991, birthday), daughter of Sue Matthews, sister of Ryan Matthews
Kelly Dinonno (2008, passing), daughter of Sally Ryan
Jessica Safran (2017, passing), sister of Elizabeth Safran
Michelle Scandali (2013, passing), daughter of Louis Scandali
Dylan Woods (2002, passing), son of Dina Woods
Angelo Collazo (2017, passing), son of Angie Collazo
Jeffrey Ryan Buchignani (2013, passing), son of Jill Buchignani-Calwhite
Mark Yudin (2008, passing), son of Brenda Yudin
Brandon Peykar (2013, passing), brother of Jennifer Kamin Peykar
George Crowley (1980, birthday), brother of Thomas Crowley
Ava Hecht (1991, birthday), daughter of Karen Gang
Jonathan Glasgal (1976, birthday), son of Judith Long, brother of David Glasgal
Jonathan Staudigel (1996, birthday), son of Sharon Gunther
Erica Halpern (2011, passing), daughter of Jacque Halpern
Michael Madigan (1978, birthday), son of Marisa Madigan
Craig Mangino (2010, passing), son of Carol & Mike Mangino
Jonathan Roth (2016, passing), son of Alexis & Ely Roth, brother of Rachel Roth
Sean Cody (1987, birthday), son of Kathleen Cody
Jason Coriaty (2016, passing), father of Matthew Coriaty
Brian Curci (1997, birthday), son of Christina Franklin, brother of Lisa Franklin
Michael Wolkis (2008, passing), son of Amy & Jerry Wolkis
Diana Laraine Gordon (1961, birthday), sister of Laraine Gordon
Alexandra Barbel Roberts (2011, passing), daughter of Andrea Roberts
Jay Jimenez (2007, passing), son of Liz Barbera
Douglas Caracappa (2014, passing), brother of Denise Caracappa
Clarissa Amanda Mackmayers (1992, birthday), daughter of Caroll Mackmayers
Patric Martin (1995, birthday), son of Niamh Martin
Scott Pollock (1989, birthday), son of Mady & Scott Pollock
Christopher Colella (2015, passing), son of Stephanie & Frank Colella
Daniel MacDougall (1991, birthday), son of Nancy MacDougall
Ori Rom (1983, birthday) son of Henry & Dalia Rom
Julie Rosen (1972, birthday), daughter of Terri & Neal Rosen
Rick Prince (1966, birthday), brother of Tracey Sherman
Billy Garceau (2012, passing), son of Debbie & Larry Garceau, brother of Christina Garceau
Steven Grauer (1964, birthday), son of Susan Grauer
Taranjit Parmar (2017, passing), daughter of Kulvinder T. Kaur
Nayyira Tahaba Amatul-Majid (1994, birthday), daughter of Kalia Loper
Regina Denon Franco (2013, passing), daughter of Mary Anne Denon
Ori Rom (2015, passing), son of Henry & Dalia Rom
Brenton Kristoffer Smith (2015, passing), son of Stacie Snider
Ryan Anthony Boll (1986, birthday), son of Rose & Randy Boll
Michael DeSolano (2014, passing), father of Kylie DeSolano
Brittany Brophy (1989, birthday), daughter of Edward Brophy
Nicholas Ferrante (2012, passing), son of Jayne & Enrico Ferrante
Mary Quinn (1998, birthday), daughter of Kathleen & Thomas Quinn
Zachary Weltz (2001, birthday), son of Kerri Weltz
Valerie Bedziner (1960, birthday), daughter of Lisa Bedziner
Dr. Gabriel Goodwin (1981, birthday), son of Carol Goodwin
Fran Sharp Auslander (2009, passing), daughter of Robert & Arlene Sharp, sister of Ari & Elissa & Shaun Sharp.
Rishi Prasad (2010, passing), son of Diana Allie
Sonia Dubey (1994, birthday), daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G Dubey
Taranjit Parmar (1998, passing), daughter of Kulvinder T. Kaur
Christopher F. Elshamy (2007, passing), son of Haydee Santiago
Eric Doll (2012, passing), son of Lisa & Daniel Doll
Michael Ferrato (2008, passing), son of Mary Ferrato
Evan Lerner (1972, birthday), son of Lois Lerner, brother of Courtney Jacobs
Markus Kotnik (2001, birthday), son of Christine & Frank Kotnik
Michael Castellano (1984, birthday), son of Nanette Loweree
Cairo Brown (2015, birthday), son of Shanet Outing-Brown
Jay Schneider (2014, passing), son of Bonnie Bowes
Taylor Cavaliere (1994, birthday), daughter of Dale & Ray Cavaliere, sister of Andrea, Ray, & Jillian Cavaliere
Saida Anselma Ann Mendoza (2006, passing), daughter of April Mendoza
Myrna Quesada (2012, passing), sister of Mario Quesada
David Silverstein (2010, passing), brother of Bari & Adele Silverstein
Sarita Robinson (1972, birthday), daughter of Eticia & Ron Sosnick
Bryan Coyle (1983, birthday), son of Gail Coyle
Zachary Fazekas (1998, birthday), son of Sara Fazekas
Michael Grosvak (2011, passing), daughter of Donald & Kim Grosvak
Andie Orlen (1970, birthday), daughter of Joan Orlen
Eric Schalet (2014, passing), son of Sandra Protass
Rick Prince (2004, passing), brother of Tracey Sherman
James Totans (1982, birthday), son of Priscilla Apicella
Rachael Montalbano (2015, passing), daughter of Annette & Paul Montalbano
Peter K. Rurhy (1987, birthday), son of Angie Rurhy
Evan Artz (1986, birthday), son of Beverly & Bill Artz
Douglas Bird (2017, passing), husband of Jamie Bird 
Elissa Rita Bradley (1975, birthday), daughter of Dolores Bradley
James Gentry (2017, passing), son of Theresa Gentry
James Hall (2017, passing), son of Mary Jo Hall
Robert Julien (1944, birthday), husband of Lilly Julien, father of Michelle, Spencer & Greer Julien
TJ Kelly (1980, birthday), son of Janice & Tom Kelly
Maeve Grace Maguire (2011, birthday), mother of Jennifer Maguire
Gina Memoli (1980, birthday), daughter of Barbara & Mike Memoli
Cheryl Turoff (2009, passing), daughter of Sylvia Rassell
Matthew Stanski (1989, birthday), son of Millie Stanski
Jennifer Tummineri (2011, passing), daughter of Annette Tummineri
Justin Weintraub (2013, passing), son of Bonnie Weintraub
Maurice Cauthen (2016, passing), father of Matthew Cauthen
Nicholas J. Churillo Jr. (1970, birthday), son of Anita Churillo
Jeffrey Feldman (2008, passing), son of Michael & Harriet Feldman, brother of Jennifer Feldman
Lauren Conde (2017, passing), daughter of Maria & Rich Fietz
Jake Sporn (2012, passing), son of Russell Sporn
Bobby Celentano (1978, birthday), brother of Alyssa Celentano
Joseph Philip Hoehn (2003, birthday), son of Philip Hoehn
Delbert White (1997, passing), son of Howard & Annie White
Alycia Cimino (1987, birthday), daughter of Michael Cimino & Melanie D’Angelo
Brian Harris (2006, passing), son of Aaron Harris
Katie McLaughlin (1976, birthday), daughter of Maggie McAuliffe, sister of Maureen Timlin
Jodie Niehoff (1988, birthday), daughter of Ruth Rubin
Lee Hirsch (2015, passing), son of Guistina Schiano
Adam Michael Zdunczyk (1981, birthday), son of Kathy Zdunczyk
Dr. Julia Zelmanovich (1971, birthday), daughter of Helena & Victor Zelmanovich
Susan Capanelli (1968, birthday), daughter of Michael & Rhoda Bender
Joseph Nickel (1968, birthday), brother of Donna Chaloupka
Russell Ciolli (2011, passing), son of Gloria & Bruce Ciolli
Brittany LaGrega (1988, birthday), daughter of Dyane LaGrega
Scott Magid (2014, passing), son of Helaine & Monte Magid
Alex Serpico (1984, birthday), son of Jane Serpico
Dayana Lizeth Angulo (1997, birthday), daughter of Maritza Vargas & Brian Giordano
Jesse Weinstein (1988, birthday), daughter of Marci & David Weinstein
Anthony Biuso (2013, passing), son of Barbara Biuso, brother of Nicole Biuso
Michael Ditchik (2015, passing), son of Florence & Bernie Ditchik
Bailey Ginsberg (1986, birthday), daughter of Phran & Bob Ginsberg
Alisha Moore (2013, passing), daughter of Janette Moore
Marc Prussein (2015, passing), son of Linda Prussein
Erick Rattinger (2014, passing), son of Anne Rattinger
Alex Serpico (2012, passing), son of Jane Serpico
Thomas Bidell (1991, birthday), son of Maryanne Bidell
Eloy Conrad Duran III (1984, birthday), son of Conrad Duran
TerriAnne Clarke (2016, passing), daughter of Terry Hoffman
Christopher J. Eisele (2009, passing), son of John & Kathy Montoya
Pamela Ramoutar (1988, birthday), sister of Christina Ramoutar
Felice Schoenbrun Ahrens (1960, birthday), daughter of Roberta Schoenbrun
Steven Belviso (2016, passing), son of Donna Belviso
Matthew Kuzmiak (2003, birthday), son of Debbie Kuzmiak
Clarissa Amanda Mackmayers (1999, passing), daughter of Caroll Mackmayers
Danielle Peress (2017, passing), daughter of Julie Peress
Christina Angelo (1989, birthday), daughter of Aileen & Joseph Angelo
Tara Celli (1984, birthday), daughter of Geraldine Celli
Nicholas Dempsey (2011, passing), son of Jennifer Dempsey
Cherilyn Duca (1990, birthday), daughter of Emily & Dennis Duca
Jordan Anthony (1987, birthday), son of Anna Margareta-Ruoccomonares
Ty Desmarais (2008, passing), son of Kristen Desmarais
Louis DiGregorio (1986, birthday), brother of Dana DiGregorio
Vincent Mascoli (1991, birthday), son of Melissa Mascoli
Stephanie Nathanson (2011, passing), daughter of Donna Koslosky, sister of Robert Nathanson
Vanessa Algios (2017, passing), daughter of Maureen T. Morrow
Joseph Oliva (2010, passing), son of Theresa Oliva
Chase Tailer Willis (2011, passing), son of Albiona Willis


Steven Montes (1977, birthday), son of Lucy & Earnie Montes
Michael Kwartler (1988, birthday), son of Jeff Kwartler, brother of Jessica Kwartler
Michael Fodera (2016, passing), son of Marie Fodera
Jeanine Pucci (2015, passing), daughter of Bernadette Marino
Christine Manuel (2016, passing), mother of Jessica Manuel
Linda Biondo (2011, passing), daughter of Phyllis Biondo
Scott Mazzio (2009, passing), son of Dawn Occhiogrosso
Aaron Robinson (1993, birthday), son of Rachel Robinson
Michael Bradley (1966, birthday), son of Kathleen Dwyer
Courtney O’Bryan (2011, passing), daughter of Diane & Bill O’Bryan
Larry… (2017, passing), son of Leona Lubitz
Jamie Burch (2012, passing), daughter of Joanne Burch
Chika Okoronkwo (2015, passing), mother of Marizu Okoronkwo
Holly Gallo (2004, birthday), daughter of Denise & Daniel Gallo
Bobby Beauregard (1989, birthday), brother of Shannon Beauregard
Aaron Gardner (1985, birthday), son of Sarah Gardner
Justin Raja (1980, birthday), brother of Dana Raja
Marc Prussein (1982, birthday), son of Linda Prussein
Holli Haymes (2008, passing), sister of Ellen Heller
Joseph “Joe Bear” Adams (2016, birthday), son of Sherry Adams
Peter Cannon (2014, passing), brother of Roman & Frank Cannon
Mitchell Lippman (2014, passing), son of Mona Zenke
Aram Chowdhury (1994, passing), son of Ellen & Faizur Chowdhury
Raven Colon (1980, birthday), sister of Melissa Eberlein
Sharon Gallucci (1978, birthday), daughter of Patti & Dave Greenberg, sister of Ben & Cheryl Greenberg, Robbie & Melanie Gallucci, Marne & Alexander Smyles
Michael John Pina Jr. (2011, passing)
Carmine Ambrosino (2013, passing), son of Martha & Michael Guarini
David Berg (1976, birthday), son of Judy & Richard Berg, brother of Erica Gavin
Michelle Alessi (1983, passing)
Keith O’Malley (1977, birthday), son of Barbara O’Malley
Linda Stasio (1968, birthday), daughter of Linda Stasio
Phillip Barlow (2012, passing), son of Lydia Barlow
Chava Swerdlik (2014, passing), daughter of Hadassah Swerdlik
Kevin Lee (1999, passing), son of Suenette Lee
Ashton Wayne Yates (2010, passing), son of Kimberlee Yates
Michelle Julien (1971, birthday), daughter of Lilly Julien, sister of Spencer & Dana Julien, & Greer & Billy Slovin
Owen Sheridan (2002, passing), son of Jim Sheridan
Ross Michaels (passing), son of Catherine & John Michaels
Justin Kolmer (2014, passing), son of Lee Kolmer
Alexandra Dimenstein (2010, passing), daughter of Lisa & Gary Dimenstein
Matt Sciacchitano (1990, birthday), son of Ron & Elizabeth Sciacchitano
Anthony Latorre (1988, birthday), son of Vito & Gina Latorre
Desiree Frantino (1994, birthday), daughter of Viola & Paul Frantino
Sammy Cohen Eckstein (2000, birthday), son of Amy & Gary Eckstein
Quenten Tromaine Favors (1995, passing), son of Maxine McKenzie-Materowski
Cody Taddonio (2013, passing), son of Susan Taddonio
Evan Lerner (2012, passing), son of Lois Lerner, brother of Courtney Jacobs
Brittany LaGrega (2010, passing), daughter of Dyane LaGrega
Christopher Morales (1986, birthday), son of Elizabeth Morales
Christine Manuel (1964, birthday), mother of Jessica Manuel
David Cooperman (1995, passing), son of Donna Cooperman, brother of Jason & Lindsay Kaufman
Michael Trichter Grauer (2007, passing), son of Teddi Grauer
Holly Gallo (2015, passing), daughter of Denise & Daniel Gallo
Liz Closter (1999, passing), daughter of Marion & Bob Closter
Craig Lewis (2015, passing), father of Courtnie Lewis
Kaite Gallagher (2015, passing), daughter of Nancy Gallagher
Tracey Young (2011, passing), sister of April Young
Christopher Simpson (2005, passing), son of Kenny & Kathy Prisco
Ryan Sims (2012, passing), son of Michael & Melinda Sims
Peter K. Rurhy (2010, passing), son of Angie Rurhy
Stephanie Nathanson (1986, birthday), daughter of Donna Koslosky, sister of Robert Nathanson
Robert Reilly (2015, passing), brother of Meagan Reilly
Samantha Lazazzaro (2015, passing), daughter of Maria Lazazzaro
Brian O’Connor (1968, birthday), father of Stephanie & Nicole O’Connor
Martin Belonsky (1959, birthday), son of Medline Belonsky
Nicole Theresa Russo (1975, birthday), daughter of Janice Russo-Mescia, sister of Melanie Russo
Milo Ferrara (2015, passing), son of Nicholas Ferrara
Jesse Barnett (2013, passing), son of Nancy Rossetti
Andrea Levine (1987, passing), daughter of Phyllis & Mel Levine
Scott Pollock (2005, passing), son of Mady & Scott Pollock
Isabel Alessi (1980, birthday), daughter of Alla Bas
Michelle Alessi (1980, birthday)
Daniel Carroll (2008, passing), son of Kim Carroll
Michael Lombardo (2011, passing), son of Fran Jennings
Lance Hirsch (1970, birthday), son of Diane Hirsch
Jeffrey Vanchiro (2014, passing), son of Sylvester Vanchiro
Dave Greenberg (2016, passing), father of Ben & Cheryl Greenberg, Ron & Melanie Gallucci, & Marne & Alexander Smyles
Liam Barry (2012, passing), son of Matthew & Andra Barry
Jimmy (2013, passing), son of Linda Piedmont
Philip Stein (1962, birthday), son of Shelly & Michael Stein
Phillip Starr (1962, birthday), son of Shelly & Michael Starr
Laura Elizabeth Giampino (1986, birthday), daughter of Caryn Pesce
Ricky Britten (1955, birthday), brother of Dana Britten-Stein
Tristan Turnier-Baez (1995, birthday), son of James Baez, brother of Tatiana Turnier-Baez
Charlie Porazzo (1990, birthday), son of Susan Porazzo
Jaclyn Weil (2016, passing), daughter of Korinne Weil
Sue Coben (2011, passing), daughter of Esther & Larry Wynn
Tom Boyle (2017, passing), brother of Sara Boyle
Paul Peter Regan (1993, birthday), son of Maryanne Campbell
Michael Lassig (2010, passing), son of Lisa Lassig, brother of Chelsea Lassig
Sarita Robinson (2013, passing), daughter of Eticia & Ron Sosnick
Brad Rauber (2013, passing), son of Stephanie Rauber
Brayden Michael Smith (2010, birthday)
Thomas Sutton (1969, birthday), son of Betty & Nick Conides
Josephine Avolio Kovacs (1961, birthday), sister of Cathy Avolio
Kerri Marie Jackowski (2013, passing), daughter of June & Keith Jackowski
Paul Knopf (2002, passing), son of Norma & Michael Knopf
David Bleichfeld (2008, passing), son of Harriet Bleichfeld
Michael Gonzalez (2013, passing), son of Alberto Gonzalez
Peter Gschweng (2017, passing), husband of Sherly Gschweng
Dominick Triolo (2017, passing), son of Maria Triolo
Anthony Paige (2015, passing), son of Melissa Paige
Douglas Caracappa (1956, birthday), brother of Denise Caracappa
Pamela Posen (1988, passing), daughter of Bonnie & Marty Gregge
Jean Stout (2006, passing), daughter of Ellen Stout
Douglas Webster (2006, passing), son of Margery Webster
Ashlee Rae Wolk (2012, passing), sister of Daniella Bonfanti
Bonnie Brafman (2008, passing), daughter of Sandra & Stuart Brafman
Donna Hope (2005, passing), daughter of Ellen & Jack Krampf
Barry Drebin (1987, birthday), son of Shlomo & Rivkah Drebin
Jordan Schuman (2015, passing), son of Peri & Peter Schacknow
Nick Cibelli (1992, birthday), son of Pam Cibelli, brother of Jen & Michelle Cibelli
Jubin Kochummen (1978, birthday), brother of Julian Kochummen
Gary Lichtenstein (1978, birthday), son of Adam Lichtenstein, brother of Adam & Eric Lichtenstein
Shawn Santo (2012, passing), brother of Stephanie & Steven Santo
Phillip Bach (1986, birthday), son of David & Mindy Bach, brother of Matthew Bach
Amy Eberhart (2012, passing), daughter of Gail Blume
Joshua Kuchmeister (2008, passing), son of Gary & Linda Kuchmeister
Sean Egan (2002, passing), son of Ellen Seibert, brother of Paige Seibert
Bryan Lohr (1991, birthday), son of Barbara Lohr
Ethan Murphy (2016, passing), son of Robin Murphy
Douglas Ciullo (2007, passing), son of Eileen Simone
Stephanie Lagis (1980, birthday), daughter of Audrey Lagis
Lori Dudutis (1980, birthday), daughter of Maria & Joseph Dudutis
Lauren Wilkinson (2009, passing), sister of Jesse Wilkinson
Thomas Falzone (2015, passing), son of Karen Pickel
George Crowley (2015, passing), brother of Thomas Crowley
Andrew Burrous (2001, birthday), son of Kathy & Bob Burrous
Yaacov (Jake) Soffer Levy (1971, birthday), son of Barbara Levy
Leslie Protzel (1957, birthday), daughter of Monica Protzel
Jonathan Roth (1992, birthday), son of Alexis & Ely Roth, brother of Rachel Roth
Liz Closter (1970, birthday), daughter of Marion & Bob Closter
Raven Colon (2011, passing), sister of Melissa Eberlein
David A. Levine (1973, passing), son of Shelly Balanoff
Steve Weingard (1939, birthday), husband of Bonnie Weingard
Angelo Collazo (1999, birthday), son of Angie Collazo
Harrison Horowitz (2012, passing), son of Susan Weiss-Horowitz
Alexa Cardone (2015, passing), daughter of Nicole Cardone
Alycia Cimino (2016, passing), daughter of Michael Cimino & Melanie D’Angelo
Phillip Bach (2013, passing), son of David & Mindy Bach, brother of Matthew Bach
Mary Eleni Lazarus (2008, passing), daughter of Eleni Lazarus
Andrew Gary Latanich (2008, passing), son of Rose Mary Latanich
Steven Shankman (2003, passing), son of Mickey Shankman
Thomas Yates (1970, birthday), son of Lillian & David Yates
Russell Ferber (1980, birthday), brother of Jordon Ferber
Shane R. Simcox (1985, birthday), brother of Sarah Dinan
David Michael Guzman (2011, passing), son of Sonia Lopez
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