Community Shred Days

In addition to keeping your company information secure with on-site shredding, COPS also participates in community shred events hosted by numerous businesses in Illinois!

Tell your friends! Each person is welcome to bring up to 5 boxes of paper.

Check out our website for more information on dates, times, and locations!

Reach a Service Professional at (309) 452-0064, or contact us online!

Staff Recognition      

A good team is essential when providing
the most secure level of document destruction!

We would like to recognize Security Specialist, Parrish Kincy, for his excellent work in on-site shredding since 2012! 
Keeping your Wallet or Purse Safe from Identity Thieves
Jerri Ledford, The Balance

"...The truth is that the majority of identity theft-nearly 75 percent-happens in the real world."

Shred Biz Blog

Why Outsource Shredding?
"Have you fed documents through an office shredder with a glazed expression, watching each single piece of paper descend down into the narrow slot and disappear?"

Shredding Resources

From shredding tips to informational guides, COPS provides the following on-line resources:

Green Calculator
What to Shred
On-Site vs. Off-Site
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